Canada is a good place to go if it's your first experience living abroad.

Meehan is kneeling.

Do you study Mandarin there?

Don't teach fish to swim.

We are both her girlfriends.

Have you ever brushed your teeth?

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Reid kissed Tahsin good night.


Kinch warned Sanjib not to go out by herself after dark.

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Only my seat is cut off from that bustle.

Jacques didn't eat anything.

We'll share.

We don't deserve this.

Tim is the only one capable of stopping them.


He wrote a story just now.

We've been invited to a costume party.

Few Indians live in Japan.

Ofer encouraged me to apply to Harvard.

That was an eagle owl.

They came early so they wouldn't miss the prelude.

The xylophone's piercing high notes have bloodied ears around the world.

We want them to know that.

You will see a red house over there.

Murray is an atheist.

I'm sorry that I can't be who you want me to be.


Jack was praying.

I can't delay my decision any longer.

Where is a vegetarian restaurant?

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

The Mexican government had grown even weaker.

Mike played a bad trick on his brother.

Dan didn't even share his pictures with Linda on Facebook.

I often wonder if he'll suddenly appear at that coffee shop on the corner.

You ought not to be cruel to animals.

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It sounds like you've been talking to Frederic.

There are three empty rooms. However, we can't use any of them.

Your explanation won't wash; it's too improbable to be true.

I guess you will be very busy tonight.

You should follow your teacher's advice.


This is my favorite pair of shoes.


Roy needs me.


I forgot to tell you that Guy is coming over for dinner tonight.

I want him to win.

All our money is gone.

Matthew can drive a car now.

It was very unreal.

We're feeling confident.

The food was delicious.

I'm Vic by the way and this is Vinod.

I assume you two know each other.


I thought it might be worth something.

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Am I disturbing you?

Things are looking great.

Why doesn't he help me anymore?

Look, he's approaching.

Were you just quoting Sue?

If anything should happen, please let me know.

I have been occupied in reading books.

They're traitors.

I am very pleased to receive this from you.


I think Alejandro is just confused.

That wasn't very convincing.

I am a Christian.


Nora is discreet, isn't he?


Floria wants to study in Boston.


I visited France twice, once when I was a university student, the second time during a stay in Morocco.

Where's the office for Ace rental car?

I have a round-trip ticket to Osaka.


Can you stay long?


A guest at an inopportune time is a heavy burden.

I want to wish you the best.

It's so warm in this room that I'm sweating.

We started in no time.

When will we reach a higher language level?

He counted to one hundred.

All of the dogs were alive.

Ferns won't grow in such a dry place.

You always work hard.

He will run for the next year's election.

Did you bake a cake?


Jong is really mad.

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Emma has been really unlucky, hasn't he?

We were trying to protect you.

You know I won't say anything.

I recommend this movie to one and all.

Mah is agoraphobic.

John arrives home after five every day.

Nathan has got a severe concussion.

You're going in the wrong direction.

I want Bertrand to make me breakfast.

It's as beautiful as you said it would be.

"Mata" means "eye" in Malay, "mata mata" is "an indefinite number of eyes"--or the police.

Loyd said he'd be happy to answer our questions.

We are not all that safe.

Do you think he is leading a double life?

He was regarded as a hero for saving his friend's life.

Judy wants me to help Bonnie with her homework.

Modern heroes are represented by rock stars.

Everybody looked around nervously.

He shouted at the top of his voice, "This is a battle we cannot lose."

Clifford went to bed very late last night, so don't wake him up yet.

Sundaresan speaks French so badly that he is often misunderstood.

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Do you know how old I am?

My granddaughter is skilled at photography.

The museum had to close due to lack of finances.


The sky is clear. Not a cloud in sight.

She doesn't actually live in Deal.

He wants an iPad mini.

We consider him to be honest.

It'll just be a minute.

I hope we never have this kind of problem again.

Do you subscribe to any magazines?

Did you feel an earthquake last night?

I would rather go there by bike than walk.

Now we have enough people to play mahjong.

Everybody laughed at us.

She gets up at seven in the morning.

Am I good or what?

I don't care what's going on.

"How old are you?" - "Forty ten."

It's not going to be cheap.

She lives in comfort now.

What did you like about it?

Marguerite is both intelligent and kind.

It was fabulous.

We're very serious.

I hope they were listening.

They have to figure out the cost.

It is very expensive to keep up with the latest fashions.

Let us know how it went.


My keys are gone.

Markus uses honey instead of sugar.

Do you think that's going to help?


Mr Kennedy was inaugurated as the President of the United States.


I could only take what fit into the suitcase.

George is at the club today.

Thuan didn't complain about anything.

I think that's for Heather to decide.

That plan still needed some finishing touches.

I was keyed up over her impending operation.

He died lately.

You had better read your teacher's comments on your compositions one more time.

It's easier to stay awake until six in the morning than to wake up at that hour.


Alexis talks as if he already knows the secret.

Panzer caught a mosquito between his thumb and first finger.

I started studying French when I was thirteen.

What time does the train arrive at Yokohama?

Ravindran and Ramsey's friends came from far and wide to attend their wedding.


Let's put off the meeting until next Friday.

I feel like going for a walk this morning.

Leith has granted me an interview.

Laurel cradled the baby in his arms.

If you don't understand, ask a question.

We need to know what Lar looks like.

I hope to get away from Tokyo for a few days.


Lately, we see crows everywhere.

I do not know.

Beautiful start.

She's German, so she must be lying!

Mr Hashimoto started the engine.

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The tide is low in the morning now.

He's looking at you.

Can you deal with it?

The night falls fast in winter.

Tovah heard everything they said.

There's no reason for you to apologize.

Do we have to be nice to Erik?


I don't want to tell them why I'm late.

Emmett understood exactly what Brian wanted him to do.

We need to find them.

Now I feel the same.

Some people say he was murdered, others say he killed himself.