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New Stories Added October 22, 2018

201-309-4062 - Tale of a bi-sexual succubus.
(704) 256-2464 - Batman and Wonder Woman meet unexpectedly.
Devil’s Night - Sex and Terror.
5053652748 - Frequency waves has mother crazy for son's cock.
Ghost Writer Ch. 01 - Katie's new typewriter opens up a whole new world.
936-687-5338 - The party travels back south.
Rhineura - We visit a swingers club with friends and meet new friends.
318-548-9584 - Larry plays with best friend then meets the right girl.
661-613-7578 - Scarlet gets a little pick me up from her favourite customer.
(484) 368-4161 - How two people's relationship is started by an app.
8043562944 - An older woman experiences a younger man.
7124679491 - He's using HER body but his imagination is somewhere else.
Gina and Cathy Pt. 02 - Alone together at last.
My New Life - How an older virgin eventually found love.
A Life Changing Ring Ch. 02 - Learning of the Ring.
Alexis the Dark Fairy Ch. 01 - Vanessa rescues a fairy who plays naughty.
Sexting Pt. 02 - Late-night messaging between want-to-be-lovers...
Anthony and Fran - Storeroom fun with a young married black couple.
9853758103 - Two men find themselves stranded on an island together.
The Stranger - Atheora is caught by her hermit neighbor trespassing.
Caught by Mrs. Hunt Ch. 02 - Mrs. Hunt starts punishing me.
La Contessa Ch. 08 - La Contessa's cross-dressing deception.
These Boots Were Made for Licking - A man brings his woman a pet to play with.
Inheritance Ch. 00(ii) - or sometimes you really don't see it coming!
Sacrilege - A detailed account of an encounter set in a place of worship.
7013661866 - Fashion with dad.
Giving In Ch. 03-04 - Guy starts fking his cousin. But his Mom wants some love too.
sexed - His little sister came to live with him.
That Trip to Topchanchi Ch. 02 - Young man impregnates mature lady in a secret forest grotto.
402-956-2572 - In der Schönheitsklinik.
5758686604 - A wife gets her weekly maintenance spanking.
8645541090 - A happy birthday surprise from a new friend.
249-961-2567 - Not the finale either was expecting...
Latrididae - Things get intense and complicated at the river park.
The Dragonborn Comes Ch. 03 - The Dragonborn finally gives into temptation.
2197466190 - Sabrina Carpenter is ready fulfill a longheld crush.
2 Broke Girls In Love Ch. 07 - Max and Caroline meet a familiar face.
Death in the Shell Ch. 06 - The culprit is revealed.
Dahlia Prynne Sorts My Sex Life - Right woman and mind control drug brings sex revelation.
(510) 799-6105 - Both Allison and Penelope must face new challenges.
Captured in Cosplay - The gorgeous vixen lures him in and torments her prey.
870-263-3416 - My wife mother-in-law and I are captured by rogue sailors.
The Mint - Day 05 - Katie and friends are conditioned to constant sexual need.
How I forced Mother Pt. 02 - Son forces mom into sex after she teases him with Lingerie.
A Night of Sex and Reaping - A Viking from hell uses sex to reap souls.
4347720947 - Domme shape-shifter fucks her way out of a desperate spot.
8155258601 - A first person story of your blind date spanning over years.
7272264895 - The price of fame is often steep.
Dahlia - Birth of an A.I. Ch. 02 - Rest of book one.
Cephalon's Champion Ch. 03 - A newborn goddess continues to grow and fight.

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