It's not easy in there.

I bought a watch.

Saul and Jackye divided the money between themselves.

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I could do with a change of pace.

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Are you going to eat that cupcake?

I think you did it.

This mink cost $3,000.

I've already said I don't know the answer.

A cherry tree grows in a garden.


I'm hammered.

You're very late.

Is anyone here yet?


It is their problem, not ours.

They've got a telephone next to their bed.

That's junk. Throw it away.

We're not in touch with Donal.

I don't want to play with him.

Louise let the hamster out of its cage.

Don't try to talk right now.

"Nice to meet you," said the businessman.

The train departs here at 9:00 a.m.

We haven't yet learned the particulars of the accident.

One of the books is in French, and the other is in German.


My house is located at a distance from the station.

I'm going mad.

If I had the money, I would immediately acquire this computer.

We are happy together.

It was snowing that day.

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Matthew decided not to say anything until he knew more about the situation.

Suzanne's blood type is O+.

No one will stop us.

You're so gallant.

I'm trying to save her.

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My dog likes chasing squirrels.

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Where did you chop them?

Werner has been eating too much pork.

How high is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building?


Maureen went white-water rafting.

Everything was normal.

Laurianne had a bad headache last night.

Everybody expected that the experiment would result in failure.

We'll talk to Chip then we'll decide.

They grow up fast, so there's no telling the age at once.

Did you know that the crane is a migratory bird and that it can lift up to one hundred kilograms?


Thanks again for coming.

There are still many things left to learn about the human brain.

To our surprise, Emi won the 400-meter race with ease.

It is sad that so few people give money to help the hungry.

Toerless bought a few things he didn't need.

It's in the fridge.

I just want Belinda to go away.


We're having a great time.

This was the coldest winter in twenty years.

Please take off your hat.


I didn't want to see him again.


Shall I help you with washing-up?

Jarl's not staying with you, is he?

Jaime feeds his dog twice a day.

Do you have WhatsApp?

Where were you going?

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We'll be on our way.

I had the word on the tip of my tongue.

I have visited the city of Karakorum yesterday.

I'm kidding.

Earle didn't know what to do with all the money he'd found.

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Why would anybody think that was a good idea?

Is it a deer?

I think Magnus is likable.

Oleg has actually never been to Boston.

This is the reality and we must accept it.

I paid him five dollars.

We're only a little away from two million.

We became very good friends.

Everyone quieted down.

I cannot forget those kind people.

I'm actually relatively good at written language, but with spoken language I often can't remember the tone on some word.


Stephen pretended he didn't care.


Stars are beautiful.

I don't believe this is true.

I learnt one.


He is the fastest runner in the world.


Compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.


We won the championship.


He doesn't appear to be wise, does he?


Do you have any better ideas?

Don't put the books in the shelf upside down.

Tell me what you want.

The noble knight held his breath as he gazed at the beautiful princess.

We don't know anything about Annard.

She parades her wealth.

It turned out to be the truth.

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Let us know what you decide to do.

We need to start over.

I told him I made a mistake.

You had better take an umbrella with you in case it rains.

I need a change of scenery.


The whole community is behind this plan.


This is the bottom line.

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Did something happen to you?

I'll go and give him a hand.

I will catch the 9:00 train.

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The bus left the stop.

She takes after her mother in looks.

Hold the line please. I'll put you through to his office.

They captured more than three hundred British trade ships.

Would you give me your number?

I've made many mistakes in my lifetime.

Do you have a birthmark?

I'll have to come here every year.

There's less of it, but no less to it.

The neighbors' dog passed away.

You said you were thirty and I believed you.

Maybe Lonhyn is just lucky.

Mickey's French is quite good.


Kerry hurt my feelings.

The three of us used to pull all-nighters at Yumezaki all the time.

I've been waiting for this for months.

You have one kid, don't you?

I promise to be an excellent husband, but give me a wife who, like the moon, will not appear every day in my sky.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

We can get started right away.

You really shouldn't bother to do that.

Go on ahead.

Why did you do that, my friend?

She gave me a wonderful present.

I feel like I could cry.

Hank laid his hands on Marshall's shoulders.

The best way to really know a person is to see how he behaves when he is absolutely free to choose.

Reinhard is wearing a wind jacket.

A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.

You should not be afraid of the future.

You may see me there.

I think that Earnie doesn't do drugs.


Everything was pointing to this answer.

Patrick wondered if Cory had been playing games all afternoon.

I'd like a money order for ten dollars.

Keep your hand still.

No sooner had I got there than they started.

And if you see Taurus, say hello to him for me.

You need to just leave Manjeri alone.

Put the glass on the table!

Global climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity.

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I'll go first.

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Our milk speaks Piedmontese.

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Tal was one of the referees.

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The employees need to keep their hair short.

You saw what happened back there, didn't you?

It's because of you that I'm a cripple!


You are wearing your shirt inside out.


I'd like them to rest.

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Dan couldn't escape with the money.


We went by the shop without noticing it.

Neither do I.

I would give anything to win her back.

I think they'll win.

Ed has just walked in the door.

A fallen fakir is in the mosque.

She's looking at us.

Select action for Chris.

I need to learn.

I played the accordion.

It seems that Kikki wants to go.