I had fairy tales read by my mother.

Why do some people burp after they eat?

The police have been searching for the stolen goods for almost a month.

He was never to see his native land again.

Everything has changed. I am no longer myself.

I'm ruined.

What makes the Japanese unique is primarily their belief that they are unique.

Louiqa caught the ball with his right hand.

Joel appears to be scared.


This game can be played by young children.

Circumstances did not permit me to help you.

They did not have permanent homes, so they did not plant crops for food.


Mickey chuckled again.


Walt leaned over and whispered in Barbra's ear.

They are almost human.

It's the dead of the night.

Does one of you know where Carl went?

Was that Pim you were just talking to?

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You can stay in here.

I am too sleepy to drive.

Voyager 2, a space probe, passed within 4900 kilometers of Neptune in 1989.


I can't stand the anticipation.


The sea covers much of the surface of the globe.

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Maybe I don't need her.

How many plants did you buy?

Does it have to be tonight?

The maid made my bed.

QA team has discovered a serious bug. In consequence, it is recommended that all works be reviewed from the beginning.

Your tears tear my heart!

The news caused her much pain.

She forgot a name.

Give them a second.

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I don't want you to date him.

Arne's father was Jewish.

He always got in a fight with his mother in the movie.

Will I get to the station if I take this road?

I still need to do that.

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Wolf is one of us now.

I don't think Jose is well.

I'd like to open a savings account.

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Rusty just saw Les.


We will include the usual acknowledgments.

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Your life is in danger.


And now he rests at home.


She's six years older than I am.


Mr Colcott came to like Japanese food.

You know Socorrito wants to help.

Do it yourself and do it right away.


Elaine and Reinhard were nowhere to be seen.

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When was the last time you fell off the bed?

I think I overreacted.

How long have Laurent and Charley been going out with each other?


Who called the police?


I suppose you'll need a crowbar to open that crate.

He doesn't want to cause trouble.

Franklin was obviously angry.

She is the oldest of the three sisters.

Tigger couldn't bring himself to jump into the cold water.


She was cool toward me today.

Johnnie thinks I'm missing this great opportunity.

They like the idea.


I think he will never come back.

We consider it the citizens' legitimate right to have public libraries.

It's raining, so you should stay at home.

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Uri went out the window.


Grant is a man of considerable influence.

Curtis handles horses well.

I only hope Pat likes Mozart.

It's a little difficult to explain.

Can I copy your notes?

I didn't tell anyone, not even Jorge.

It's best if you don't know.

You may change your mind in a couple of weeks.

She's wearing a cool hat.

I don't want to know anything about Dion.

We are expecting company this evening.

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Delbert's French is getting better.


These people are anything but innocent.

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I'm so nervous.


Where did you set fire to them?

I'm going to figure out who did this.

My name also happens to be Suresh.


I already gave you half.

What is written on the road sign? - ONE WAY.

I can't walk anymore, Dad! Carry me, please!


Leo is having a drink with Clara at the bar.

She went to the hospital by taxi.

He is not the only pebble on the beach.

Hans scared us.

My wife is hiding something from me.


We are sick.

That says a lot about you.

They both want the same thing.

There was no blood on Dan's shoes.

Tracey is probably a lot busier right now than I am.

Can you fill out this form?

Jerald is improving.


Can you please do my hair?

It is somewhat curious that the three persons whose names are the most universally recorded were of very obscure parentage.

You've seen this before, I can tell.

A lot of our mistakes come from a lack of patience.

She asked him how to turn on the machine.

The plural of anecdote is data.

I don't really care about it.

Nanda tried to tell me something, but Varda interrupted before he could say anything.

Tell us how we may help you.


That tie is too expensive.

The pronoun "hen" is approved in Sweden.

We must fuel the machine.

Please speak French.

Lori didn't have the courage to tell Boyd the truth.

I hope that you give this book a read.

A man of industry will succeed in life.

Native French speakers often add spaces before punctuation in other languages even though it is usually incorrect.

Alan wasn't in the office.

Dinner's ready already. When are you going to be home?

It was not conclusive.

I'm a bit down because a blogger friend of mine has decided to stop blogging.

I thought as much.

It looks as if Patrice is trying to slow down the negotiations.

Sjaak gave Rudolph the wrong book deliberately.


Don't go far away from me, who knows what may happen.

Forget what I have just told you.

Well, should we get started?

They arrested a man named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ralf wasn't scared of the police.


One of her three cars is blue and the others are white.

Sir keeps enough money for a taxi fare home tucked in his sock when he goes out drinking.

The town in ruins, burning, people and children being killed.

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Hiroyuki dropped out of school when he was thirteen.


Let's list all the reasons we shouldn't do that.

This job is a good one, but the trouble is that I cannot study.

I talked to her.

Hardly had I heard the news when I felt like crying.

When only death remains, the last resort is to beg for food.


"Thank you!" - "You're welcome."

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It's a joke.

I'm running a little behind schedule.

Clean the dirt off the mirror.

Akira can play tennis well.

He pretends as though he had nothing to do with the case.

Andrew freaked out.

Kristian voted for Obama.

Call me.

Do you know who invented the Ferris wheel?

You have three options.

I've got to talk to you.


She's a dancer.

She learned Latin in school.

I no longer study French.

What impressed Spencer the most?

Mom is making a cake.

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I wish I were on the same team as Margot.

I was introduced to everyone else at dinner.

Because he doesn't want to marry her, she felt a distance between them.

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I just wanted to be with them.

Mr. Sato collapsed from exhaustion.

I pay fifty pounds a week for board and lodging.