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What do you feel like eating?

Selena Gomez has just released her second album.

On hearing the news, everybody became quiet.

The chicken was dry.

You're such a tattletale.

Cynthia handed Sanjib a thick gray envelope.

Pay attention to what he says!


I hope that my accent's good.

If you break your promise we're through, right?

I find it difficult to express my thoughts with words.

I like the rain when I am in my house.

I told you to go home.

I disagree with them.

Because this is such a highly technical subject, I would like to point out in advance the likelihood that some of what I'm about to say may include information that is incorrect.

Jacques is a third grader.

I appreciate foreign languages!

Where do I go now?

A big wave swept the man off the boat.

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My friend's father is a famous novelist.

Go easy on the wine.

Can you tell what kind of apple this is?

How can you shorten this cable?

Stu tried to smuggle a hacksaw blade into the prison inside a cake.

We've got one hour to find them.

Both Greece and Croatia are amazing!

Next Monday, she'll have been in the hospital for a month.

Do in Rome as the Romans do.

Deposits on long-term leases.

I like him not because he's courteous, but because he's honest.


We must sleep at least eight hours a day.

Among all the men, there aren't many who know how to handle a sword other than him.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you're wrong.

My sister dressed herself for the party in a hurry.

His money was all gone.

Ned wished Kanthan the best of luck.

A power failure contributed to the confusion in the hall.


Josip may be late.

Desk work is just not my cup of tea.

Although most of us think of the brain as a single structure, it is actually divided into two hemispheres.

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Skef told me that the book was interesting.

Thai is an interesting language.

You must turn over a new leaf and work as hard as possible.

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... Aaah, just how am I supposed to cope with this I wonder?

We wish you a pleasant journey.

I think Mac doesn't have a dog.

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You have to understand that there's nothing I can do to help you.

How much longer before you arrive?

The well is in the middle of this plaza.

I'm not sure I want to go there by myself.

We don't have that kind of money.

Farm animals were taken away or killed.

I don't think that anybody knows the answer.


Elijah was looking for a vending machine.


The film was a great success.


Edmund violently kicked the garbage can.

What's he like? He's very nice.

At first, I thought they were sick.

This knife is used to cut meat.

That's scary.

I told them that I'd help them.

Polish girls didn't want Justin Bieber to come to Poland.


The manager dismisses someone almost once a month now, and I don't know how we can flip burgers any faster or better or with more team spirit or whatever it is that he wants.

We took advantage of the good weather to play tennis.

What's that tall man playing?

I had to fix the toaster.

Your father will be so proud of you.

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Give me the next one.

Ramadoss isn't very good at telling jokes.

It's harder than it looks.

I see her pretty often.

The artifact discovered at the archaeological site should be treated with utmost care.

I wasn't always happy.

The amount payable on the electricity bill was low.

I was horrified by what she had said.

We're wasting water.

You're impossible.

The policeman ran after the thief shouting "Stop!".


I saw my sister tear up the letter.

I've seen other people do it.

My mother's father is my maternal grandfather.

We're still in shock.

The squirrel died instantly.

She would rather go by train than by plane.

Could you direct me to the bus stop?


The problem here isn't him.

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Is the central heating warm enough in the winter?

I consulted a doctor.

In the evening, they would go to the theater.

We're counting on you, Morris.

Something tells me that you're hiding something.


The house could do with a lick of paint.

If labor pains would hurt so much as people say, everyone would only have one child!

He has an ambition to get a Nobel Prize.

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We hope to lower the tariff.

It was you that suggested seeing that movie.

She brought him up in the Jewish faith.

She pulled herself out of the water and waddled along the sand at the edge of the creek.

I think Sheila is too young to be dating.

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You aren't wrong.

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Doing that wouldn't have changed anything.

I damaged one.

My sister married her high school classmate.

My sister usually walks to school.

You need to go on a diet.

I've managed my nosebleed in just two days.

He is a seven-year-old boy.


At the time, she gave no thought to her mother.

The employees are overworked.

Had you been drinking?

This is not going to end well.

How many years did Alexander rule?

He gave up cigarettes.

John is my best friend.


The Germans and Celts had pants, but the Romans didn't have those.


We can continue playing, as long as we don't make too much noise.

Neal asked how much the ticket cost.

Did you hear Hillary's speech?

A French language edition of this novel has also been published.

Have you been out at all?


There was a strong wind that day.

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Naoko lives in the white house.


He began to get restless because of that noise.


You don't need to do that now.

Marion has chosen me.

I know I did a horrible thing.

Robots can withstand dangerous conditions.

Compared to tigers, bears are nice animals.

I can see that now.

We hoped he would come and help us at once.

Hohn has more money in the bank than I do.

I will go to Kumamoto to see Mr. Aoi tomorrow.


I have a son and a daughter. He is in New York, and she is in London.

Hold the ball with both hands.

She picked up beautiful stones.

They didn't swim because it was cold.

This is the first time I've ever greeted Marika in Finnish.

Naresh took some time off to travel to Thailand.

Jay is standing in the garden.

We've got better plans for you.

Where's my horse?

An ice hockey puck is not spherical.

She was thrown back onto her own resources.

He has a good name for reliability.

I'm going to tell you something.

They sang in chorus.

What do you regret most?


You must take into account the fact that he is too young.

He's rude, arrogant and ignorant.

How do you say "pizza" in Italian?

Do you need to do that now?

Germany has won the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

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I envy you so much.

I thought it was mine.

I'm painting the house.

Suyog swore he was innocent.

Kinch wondered if Po would understand that.


Why are you carrying a gun?

I wish we could go back home.

Iron Arm Atom protected the country from danger.

Even the finest fete becomes mere hogs swill.

Everyone wants to leave a mark.

We're willing to negotiate.

Why didn't you go back for him?

I've never seen you do anything like this before.

I believe in having a good heart and being kind to others.


You must follow the rules.

This is true love.

Penny's a dope.