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Tell him where he should go.

Gregg's alcoholic father often beat him up.

Do you want to talk about the affair?

I'm sure Lum wouldn't mind babysitting your children.

I usually sleep at nine.

Cindy must be over thirty by now.

Lindsay doesn't want to be late.


Soohong waited until 2:30.

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Something did happen.

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.

It is time to shut the gate.

Today I'll point out the pros and cons of outsourcing.

Duncan can sing very well.

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I'm doing what I want to do.


The Secretary of State administers foreign affairs.

He accepted the nomination.

Don't lend money to someone who can't have a morning erection.

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I think I'd be a good teacher.

I broke the wedding vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

Stacey went to Boston on business.

I owe what I am today to my parents.

I know you probably don't want to go.


He kept a diary during the trip.


I lived in Japan for 2 years, but now I'm living in California.


Take a short walk every day.

Here is a picture to show you.

Terry is a professor of Chinese literature.

Your prediction finally came true.

Do you know what's causing the problem?


My father told me to do so on my own.


The bank has raised its dividend by 20%.

He can't be single. He's too good-looking.

He insists on things being done in the most efficient way and he usually does them that way himself.

A democrat is, at the end of the day, one who admits that an opponent can be right, and therefore lets them express themselves and allows for reflection upon their arguments. When parties or men feel sufficiently persuaded by their own arguments that they allow the silencing of those that contradict them by means of violence, that isn't democracy.

They didn't come here, did they?

The bill passed the Diet.

I've been accused of murder.

For a start, he was the illegitimate son of an unmarried mother.

His opinion is reasonable.

We were given the privilege to use the liberty.

The trouble is that I can't remember where I parked the car.


I just figured out who you are.

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I'm not sure if I'm right.

For your own safety, just stay here.

He foisted a bunch of hard work on me.

Linda became pregnant with Dan's baby.

It was I who met him.

He came just after you left.

I don't get it either.

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Cowards die many times before their deaths.

Audrey wasn't the first person here.

You'll feel better after you get some rest.

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Isn't there any way to predict how he'll act?


They held a congratulatory banquet.


He expected great success in the project from me.

Don't run yourself down, Seenu.

Does your father know?

He picked up a handkerchief from the floor.

I am waiting for the train.

I was reading a book.

It's been a long day.


Bruce is about thirty years old.

The principal theme of the book is the American Revolution.

Sorry, we didn't mean to make you feel left out.


I want you to do that as soon as possible.

Elias's death has been officially ruled as an accident.

Today I learned a lot of Spanish words and now I know how to say "cheek," "chin," and "knee."


I bought a commemorative medal on my trip.

Wait just a moment.

How are you gonna deal with it?

His report proved false.

Robin will be happy to show you the way.

I'll try to say it in English

Randal asked me where he could put his coat.

Do you want to see what I just made?

Sandip eats lunch at the school cafeteria two or three times a week.

There's a whole lot of shaking going on.

The story has in it something of the element of tragedy.

I really want you to hug me.

Brent started sobbing.

Hey, what did you actually think, when you agreed to that?

It's all gone.

The postmen sort the mail each morning.

I prefer speaking English with a native speaker.


My interest was piqued.

It sounds like you two had a problem in Boston.

We have come to the clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. Necessitous men are not free men. People who are hungry and out of job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.


I love lazy Sundays.

I have a son in junior high school.

Let's look under the bed.


We need to be realistic.


I guess I could get a job there.


We'll be out of here in a few days.

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How bad did William get hurt?

Do you have any sightseeing tours of this town?

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi.


Take as many cookies as you want.


Both of the parents did try hard in search of their daughter.

Loyd is charming.

It looks like no one's home.


Siegurd was happy to see Ramon again.

If the phone rings again, I will ignore it.

They defeated our team by three goals.

The teacher said he did not know the answer to my question.

Norma didn't know when he'd be back.

They offered their sincere apologies.

To some extent I agree with you.

Why are you miming Scot?

Don't worry my child, go to sleep.

Can I buy you a drink?

I eat meat almost every day.

We chose this one.

Some systems, such as Burroughs B5500, do not use paging to implement virtual memory. Instead, they use segmentation, that divide virtual address spaces into variable-length segments. A virtual address consists of a segment number and an offset within the segment.

I'm going to a conference next week.

I'd never do anything to hurt you.

Not all birds can fly.

I have a business proposition for you.


This year's harvest will fall short of last year.

I want to know what's good.

The government of the State will invest more than R$ 100 million a year.

You shouldn't always believe what Judy says.

We're wasting time here.

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You can see it from here.

He acted on the matter.

You must practice grammar.

Kent didn't want talk to Cyrus about work.

Hey Shankar, will you get out of the bed, or what?

I think Gordon must be hungry by now.

Such things as the textbook controversy, lack of recognition of historical events, and the prime minister's worshipping at the Yasukuni Shrine have caused discord with China.

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He makes himself accessible to all who seek his counsel.

Beth was looking forward to meeting him, but he never showed up.

Malaclypse had a brain tumor.


Why was Spencer so upset?

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I can't believe she did that.

It's me again, Ritchey.

I wish we weren't always so busy.

I'm kind of full.

I'm going to look after it tomorrow.

Camels have either one or two humps.

I read it in a magazine.

Roman has been sober for ten years.

Are you trying to prove something?

Reveal your secret!

Marla has lived here a long time.


Let's get rid of all this stuff.

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What exactly are you asking us to do?


The ice is so thin that it won't bear your weight.

Why the hell is he going to accept that proposal?

I've decided to go a little further.

What good does that do us?

Barton kicked Thomas.

This is not a table but a chair.

I have some butterflies in my stomach.

The cat is watching the one fish.

The boy was good at mathematics so everybody considered him a genius.

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There's something you don't know about Cathryn.


Hundreds of people were killed or injured.

As regards the result, you need not worry so much.

Hurry up, guys.

Giovanni was sure better times were coming.

She carried a suitcase.