The retro feel of this cafe is a hit with young people.

Santa was in jail.

He's so dull!

Freud's insights into human behavior led to him being honored as a profound thinker.

Who wrote such an unrefined article?

You have to get past this.


People should get more involved.

He removed his sunglasses.

Do you know where Rayan's staying?

The man is good.

The sea gull glided on the wind.

Have you ever been to London?

Lisa accompanied me to the door and closed it after me.

That isn't acceptable to Ed.

It's a terrible problem.

I beg your pardon, could you repeat what you've just said?

You can't be a woman.

Religions are the biggest lie ever told.

This song makes me homesick.

He was dazzled by her beauty.

That's so terrible.


You must be absolutely quiet.

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Take a book from the shelf.

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I don't want to talk to a counselor.

The same may be said of other people.

Can I make a suggestion?


Professor West is almost as old as my father.

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Leif and Jennifer congratulated each other on their promotions.

Ira was able to get home before Real did.

Why do they do this?

My father has decided to quit smoking.

I don't want to lead a dog's life any more.

Jaime is usually a stickler for the rules.

He turned this island into his own little country.


Noam will be happy.


Raigad was the first capital of the Maratha Empire.

You could've been really hurt.

I just wanted to protect you.

He's sleeping like a baby.

He wants to be a tennis player.

What do you think so far?

It's clear Jean doesn't want to deal with it at this time.

He had a strong stance on the subject.

I'd never let you out of my sight.

I didn't know you were staying at this hotel.

When we borrow money, we must agree on the conditions.

None but the brave deserve our respect.

Jarl is convinced that Rodney is wrong.

Not all police investigations necessarily lead to the arrest of a suspect.

I kept working.

Is it open to beginners?

It's done.

I wasn't stealing anything.

Do not mention the accident before the children.

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"Where were you?" "I was at a friend's house."

I don't care why.

But soon he would not be able to walk, write, or even eat by himself.

Get back to work right away.

The noise hasn't stopped all day.


Filling out all these forms is a pain in the neck.


I wasn't careful, and now I have sunburns all over me.

Graeme handed me the phone.

Don't try to deny it.


Let's not watch TV.

I've risked everything.

Check this translation with the original.


He assumed that the man was hiding something from him.

The mountains are beautiful.

What he did wasn't wrong.

Pravin doesn't seem to be interested in politics.

I have just returned from the post office.


It was almost funny.


Griff seems to be prepared.

Textile News has a large following among those working in the textile industry.

Why should I care about Heinrich?

I'll take my chances with you.

Stop avoiding me.

I'm beautiful in my way because God makes no mistakes.

He held me while I cried.


I used to tell Jeremy everything.

I wish you'd stick around for a few more days.

They're strangely close for two guys, don't you think?

Working hard made Jack what he is.

Andy is never late for a date.

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Solid water is called ice.

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Why are you with a pig?

At which hour they are starting?

You'd probably be disappointed.

The timing is right.

Please excuse my being late.

These are good questions.

Do you want to talk about it or not?

Would you like to go for a walk with me?

This laptop is thin and light.

Are you aware of what's happening?

Much to my surprise, my song appealed to many young people.

That's what I told him.

Poor girl. She called me about ten times last night.

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Kimmo wants to move to Boston.


I talked with Amanda for over an hour before he said something that made me realize he wasn't a native speaker.


This sentence may be interpreted another way.


I proved him wrong.


He's a good kid - very quick on the uptake and he does whatever needs to be done.

He is fresh from college, so he has no experience.

I'm very sorry about this.

The ambassador will be recalled from his present post soon.

Is there an ATM around here?

We're going to send them home.

She is reputable, rational and above all pretty.

Just don't take offense to my question.

You buy stamps at the tobacco shop.


Izchak was horrible with children.


Won't you have another glass of milk?

The mosquitoes are annoying.

He has rough manners.

Here you are.

Let's not talk.

Takao will be here until noon.

You'd better do it before Jennifer gets here.

I shall see him in less than a week.

Do Irvin and Huey know how to speak French?

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That's very good news.

How much have you made tonight?

I still haven't decided.

The hat fits her perfectly.

Roxanne and Bret were nowhere to be seen.

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We told everyone about what had happened.

That's all I can tell you at this time.

That will teach you not to bother others.

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The store opens for business tomorrow.


I wish you'd let Susanne finish his story.

Go do something else.

He lives in a mixed japanese western styled house.

This isn't about him, is it?

She lost a lot of weight.

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My plan is visiting old castles in Scotland.


I'm not softening them.

I don't think I like that.

We're pretty pleased with that.

There is no persuading him to join the club.

Jelske doesn't know which colour to choose.

They say that Firefox is downloaded over 8 million times a day.

'Polynesia' is a Greek word that means 'many islands'.

I don't hang out with him.

I want to know how many people will be at the party.

Anthony isn't tough.

I want to watch TV.

I think Hohn is going to be late.

I said you could go.

Let me show you how Shirley does it.

You can't see her today.


Your cat is so adorable.

I would rather stay at home than go alone.

Marion appears to be sleeping.


He took Merat on a fishing trip.

We've been expecting her.

I said hello to Debby but she totally ignored me.

Matthieu was sick in bed yesterday.

Have you heard anything?

Let's go all together!

I wanted to wish you well.

A gentle wind made ripples on the surface of the pond.

His house is by the river.

We should understand the underlying premises.

I thought you were in Boston with Rodent.

In the meantime, the majority of the Germans demand Wulff's resignation.

I trust Pete completely.