Alvin & Grace's Wedding

Our Story


I got to know Alvin at work and we have been together for slightly over 2 years. He didn't attract me at first sight but gradually, I was won over by his kindness and thoughtfulness. He walked me to the car one night after a movie outing with our colleagues. "Hmm...Alvin is such a nice guy..." was my thought then. We went on our first date and hit it off from then.

When he proposed, I was so surprised that I could only respond with a nod. I was excited and overjoyed but at the same time scared of this next big thing that I just agreed to.

Alvin has seen the ugliest in me, during my lowest point, when I was hit with a major depression. He was my pillar of strength and was very supportive along my long and difficult recovery journey. In spite of my unloveable condition, he still loved me all the same, or I should say he loved me even more. I'm thankful that I found him. I'm thankful that I found love. I look forward to this new chapter of our lives together.


I met Grace at work. My initial impression of her is that she is a very quiet and shy girl. I wasn't interested at first but to me, she seems to be someone whom I can trust even as a friend.

We started to chat a lot, right until the moment when I first asked her out for a date. I enjoy her company as I got to know her better.

I believe fate has brought us both together. That's why I have zero hesitation when I was about to propose to her. I'm glad I did and I'm even happier that she said "Yes!".

Now, I'm looking forward to the many many years we're going to spend together as husband and wife.



(By Invitation Only)


Oriental Pavilion

P1-04, Level 1 Podium, Jaya 33
No.3, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya.

- Sunday -

30 November 2014

7:00 pm


GPS: 3.110354, 101.637255

  • Ample parking spaces available. Parking rate at RM3 per entry.
  • Take the lift to the first floor. The restaurant is opposite Ace Hardware.

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