I think you've been seeing things ever since that accident.

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I'll be seeing Omar again next Monday.

What was he doing here?

She didn't recognize me.


He finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class.

She always wins arguments.

She seemed to like him.

We're wide awake.

You hate her, don't you?


Too bad I didn't wait for your response before I added the sentences.

I think that would help.

What did Joon sing at your wedding?

Thank you so much for the help.

I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Write in the date yourself.

Once in a while, she is late for school.

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I shook hands with them.

It's 7:50 in the morning.

I came to work by bike this morning.


I think I know someone that might help us.

You can't give yourself a nickname.

Naoto is good-looking and smart.

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How much did you spend on this?

Do we have any chance?

For various reasons, it has not been possible to do that quickly.

Bruno took out his earplugs.

The overall output was tons.

She's getting suspicious.

I'd like to turn some photos of mine into a calendar. How should I go about it?

He is an ideal husband for me.

I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

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I never check my messages.

What web browser do you like the most?

What an idiot I am!

Pedestrian safety is being compromised by people looking at their mobile phones or other devices while crossing the road.

Enjoy yourselves.


When can I see Pontus?

Let's look at what the report says.

That's how I know you love Jayant.


Where's Hwa hiding?

I bought a new computer last month.

I'm residing in the house where my father came from.

You should marry her.

How long have you been in Brasilia?

I'd like to try some myself.

Who are your friends?


At least say you are sorry.


You can get ahead in the world.

Kanthan always seems so sure about himself.

Please move this stone from here to there.

Are you sure there's no solution?

Where were you for the whole afternoon?

It should be possible to change that.

Right now I'm training in preparation for the day we set off.

I thought Nichael would eventually realize Vivek didn't like him.

Don't smoke. Smoking can shorten your penis.

Bush thinks that he has been sent by God to establish justice on Earth.

Doesn't Lester's ex-wife often run?

When I'm with a crying baby, I end up wanting to cry myself!

They're a brass quintet.


She admitted that I was right.


In 2013, Part was a student in Boston.

I got shanghaied by those bastards!

Don't love two people at a time.

We all want something.

That isn't what I want to see.

Tell her that I'm sorry.

I understand the rule.

This sheet is light.

Miracles do happen every day.

He asked if I liked Chinese food.

Marian isn't a good teacher.


I think Trey is harsh.

Lori tapped Marsh on the shoulder.

For world peace, therefore, we must develop the consciousness that we are all one people of planet Earth through continual international cultural and economic exchange.

I was going to say that next.

Thanks for driving me home.

This is going to take some time to explain.

The book I bought last week was really interesting.

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Are you the one who wrote that report?

The front wheel plays an important role in two-wheeled vehicles moving without falling over.

I was disappointed in you.

We're likely to continue reading this book up to the end of the year.

Couldn't you help me first?


I never knew you and Per were so tight.

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What're you up to now?


Father went red with anger when I behaved rudely towards him.

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The face of an angel appeared in his dream.


I think I'll have to attend that meeting.

You own a yellow sports car, don't you?

All I need is three more days.


Granville stared at his reflection in the water.

This is not my idea of fun.

Erwin wanted Grace to come to Boston for Christmas.

Jeanette didn't want any of his friends to see his driver's license.

Do you have some wine?

He brings home the bread and butter.

That's exactly what I would do.

What you say and what you do are different.

I'm glad you approve.

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Stay out of this.

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You know you don't have to do this, Pitawas.


Do as you want.

The coffee is only lukewarm.

I think Donald could be right.


I don't get Japanese language grammatical structure.


We're confused.

She has an indefinite contract.

I don't like pineapple. It smells pretty sour.

The curtains are open.

I turned in a paper yesterday.

His joke borders on insult.

I really love my blue pen.


This is the best time of year to visit Boston.

Would you please show me your photo album?

I'm just here to say hi to Janos.

There is no hope.

You don't even know what I did.


Whom did you see at the theatre?

These watches are more expensive than the ones in that case.

I'm here, so do you want to chat?

I'll go back to Boston with Francis.

I think we need to be careful.

The girl doesn't like the red shoes.

She hit him with a hammer.


I don't know how I'd survive on my own.

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We wanted to listen.

Interpretation is the art of taking a spoken text in one language and converting it into a spoken text in another language.

He criticized me for neglecting my duty.


I'm going to miss having you around the house.

Anatole was shocked when he saw Skef kissing John.

I've climbed Mt. Fuji.

This law is unjust.

She left the room.


If you have a fever, it would be a good idea to go to the hospital right away.

An idea just flashed through my mind.

Let's live life together!


Let's find out what the schedule is.

I've never seen such dedication.

She is handicapped by poor hearing.

She should have the right to decide for herself.

I don't wish to steal the next speaker's thunder, so I'll finish at this point.

But my friends will laugh at me!

Will you show me how to set up a cot?

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In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is always stressed.

He will cope well with difficulties.

Thad is immoral.

Julian slapped Mehrdad on the back.

That's exactly what I expected.


John has been my best friend for a long time.


This dog is trained to save people in the mountains.

Are you doing this for me?

Amedeo went up to her room and didn't come down, even for supper.


She didn't tell anybody about it.


We always had fun.

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Can any of you tell me where Jerrie is?

He looks tired.

What does Tovah want me to do?

I'm part owner of this restaurant.

That was a beautiful speech.