Lloyd seems to be unwilling to accept the bribe we're offering him.

My father fell ill because he worked too hard.


I feel sort of dizzy and I feel like throwing up.

Who else is going to be on the show?

He didn't say anything else.

He will soon leave his parents' home.

We all hated her.


It's not like Takayuki not to call.


This is a beautiful tree.

We have a prisoner.

She never told me that I was the father.

She has lunch at home.

He has managerial talent.


I said that ages ago.

His biography is quite true to life.

She said to herself, "Where shall I go next?"

No one would have suspected it!

I was contributing.

Are you really as strong as you say you are?

You're my best customer.

Vaughn is still thinking about what to do.

Don't drop that cup.

Those who lived in that country could not speak out against their leaders.

What would you recommend that I do?

What really surprised me most was that I was the only one who got fired.

Edmund just told me about the accident.

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Please eat a little more.

You're annoying.

No heat or cold lasts beyond the equinox.

He is a little light for a sumo wrestler.

Hillel can survive this.


Remember what I said.

The weather is very bad.

We could've been great together.

Why are you in a rush?

My father-in-law is sitting.

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Jeannette never did regain his memory after the accident.

She wants to buy a pony.

Are you jealous of him?


What am I supposed to do with this money?

Do you think he still wants me to stay with him?

She's neither rich nor famous.


Ram ordered a bottle of champagne.

Now, wait a second.

I think we'd better help Kirsten.

William is improving slowly.

Hello, I am new to Tatoeba.

You weren't even paying attention.

Let me tell you something else I know.


Please cancel my reservation on JAL flight two to New York on May 10.

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Dan spent all his money on a car just to impress girls.


Kyung looks like he's drunk.


However much advice we give him, he still does exactly what he wants.

Should I really do it?

This half-year was very successful.

Morgan passed the examination.

She was overcome with emotion.

I cannot praise you enough.

Why are we hiding?

We could not find out her address.

You're really cute.

She must be a swindler.

Miltos is on the list.

Nobody was to be seen on the main street.

Try to think of something else.


Jesus likes singing.


You should've seen your face.


I've told you a million times.


I forgot myself.

I want you to keep an eye on Lorien for me.

She forbad me from joining the group.

Which flight centre will your sister work for?

The police are believed to have arrested the wrong woman.

I want the other one.

He usually was not involved directly.

I will soon be thirty five years old.

She is proud of never having been late for school.

I must get up as early as I can tomorrow morning.

With all the teaching and research, I have no time for myself.


Give me your honest opinion.


I'd like to get a little shut eye.

The Japanese are an industrious people.

I didn't say a single word.

This is not funny anymore.

I found my name written on the blackboard.

They pushed Svante forward.

The thermometer fell to zero last night.

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Lock and load.


I liked one.

She thrilled to his saying so.

The boy caught a large fish.


Don't stick your fingers behind the door. I might crush them when I close it.


It makes all the children happy.


Sam is going to study French next year.


No arrests were made.

I can't picture you traumatized.

The book that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.

This means you can reuse them freely for a textbook, for an application, for a research project, for anything!

Extinct volcanoes will likely never erupt again.

His face says that he lost.

Why do you look so sad today?

We look forward to your early reply.

How have you been coping?

God must love the rich or he wouldn't divide so much among so few of them.

We knew you'd come.

Save more.

I haven't given you permission to leave.

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What do you consider your greatest achievement?

He likes jazz.

We wouldn't be any worse off than we are now.


Why didn't you get married in Germany?

Do you still have feelings for her?

Vassos is well-liked.

Oedipus thought for a long while.

Are you sure this is where we're supposed to turn?

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Just pull the door shut. It'll lock by itself.


Dan didn't even feel embarrassed.

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Earthquakes are very common in New Zealand, with up to 14,000 being recorded each year, of which less than 200 are actually felt.

Theodore found he was less depressed when he spent more time with happy, positive people who had a good sense of humour.

He had barely enough money to buy bread and milk.

Lend me your dictionary, please.

Hon couldn't get the engine started.

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It was nice and warm inside the house.

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We partied into the small hours.


I'm very sceptical about their claims.

It's a Spanish book.

Though he worked hard, he remained poor as ever.

This is easy!

Alain promised Dan that he wouldn't get into trouble.

Father sometimes took me to his office.

Nut was the Egyptian goddess of the sky.

You are not in a legal position to demand anything.

What are you doing home so early?

How about tonight?

Mats is now looking very happy.

Don't forget to take your pills.

A small pond is behind my house.

Antonio is out of my league.

Ramiro isn't fair.

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I feel just like a kid in a candy shop, here!


It's dark inside.


I didn't even know that existed.

This sort of thing doesn't happen where I come from.

Delbert wants to become a vet because she loves animals.

My sister married a high school teacher last June.

There is a garden in front of the house.

Sergeant didn't have a brother.

She advised him not to buy a used car.

I don't think it will work.

Shall we go to my place or yours?

I am going to assert his guilt.

"This brand is very mild," Dad said.


You're not buying me out.

Pascal is drunk.

You take there and save inside this. Put it near that.

Griff has a full-time job.

All flowers smell sweet.

Who will you eat dinner with tonight?

I definitely want to go with Andrea.

Have you lost weight?

Suu ran as fast as he could hoping that he wouldn't miss the train.

We should not resort to violence.

We do not forget.