She won't live much longer.

A lot of Finnish know German.

I'll leave you two alone.

Dad made a bunch of Hamantaschen.

Thuan didn't write this.

The man is wanted for murder.

I don't think the police will ever catch Olaf.

Cary motioned for me to sit down.

How was Boston?

You abhor violence, don't you?

It looks strange.

My friends didn't do that.


What is your mission?

I can't understand how your father managed to see through that man.

I'm glad I was able to meet you yesterday.

Shane was captured in battle.

Quit talking, will you?


I'm glad you're my friend.

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Gretchen is productive, isn't he?

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Do you know he is good at making coffee?

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I just don't want to hurt Bea.


I had to decide right then and there.


There was something I needed to get at the supermarket, but I forgot to pick it up.

He was impatient to see his son.

She has a lot of English books.

I would like to make an appointment with the doctor.

There's definitely something wrong here.

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They'll take care of him.

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We can't just leave her here.

That's not why Rees did it.

One should bear in mind that time is money.


Did you close your bedroom's door?

How dare you call me a criminal?

Let him take care of it.

Steve has a weak stomach.

Linda offered a reward for the return of his lost dog.


Can you copy this for me?

He died soon after the accident.

We're doing well.

An American politician reportedly said: "All I know is what is on the internet."

I am busy.

I asked him not to bother me.

He solved every problem.


How was Los Angeles?

Terry doesn't often let Mahesh drive his car.

Jarvis is doing that now.


What are you driving at?


This room has fine view of the mountain.

Cathrin doesn't know anything about Real.

I'm as healthy as a horse.

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I can provide you with some statistical predictions of expected revenues.

Uri could've had a long life.

Sanand told Bea that she put up her Christmas decorations too early.

It's what you wanted, isn't it?

The boy is brave.

In what area are you experts?

He is the one. I know it.


It's fruitless to press him further.


Table salt is composed of sodium and chlorine atoms.


They survived, even though the building was destroyed.


He is as great a statesman as ever lived.


African folklore is very interesting.


Sundaresan probably does this every year.

Although I was tired, I did my best.

Mott stayed quiet.

I tend to forget what I say when I'm drunk, but I'm confident that it reflects my true feelings.

Our kids need something to do.

Is there any sugar in the pot?

I don't have one.

I calculate he will be late coming home.

That's the reason we have to leave.

Why do you laugh so hard at his jokes? They're not even funny.

A kiss in the woods is better than ten in hand.

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Have you ever massaged your legs with this ointment?

Do I look happy to you?

She ended off her speech with some jokes.

He goes in for the examination next month.

Douglas wondered if Jaime loved him as much as he loved her.

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Hank was in a quandary about who to vote for in the election.

It's boiling hot.

You are exactly like your father.

This can cause liver damage.

I didn't want that to happen.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate this.

The tetanus shot hurt more than the dog bite.

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What do you have on for tomorrow night?

You didn't give us a chance.

And it is right and natural for children both to have it and to show it.

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Tennis began in France in the thirteenth century.


Bill, give me a call this evening.


The room was so full of smoke that I could hardly breathe.

Do you have a cell phone?

French is her first language.

At best he may take third place.

Detroit is famous for its car industry.

Where did you find that strange thing?

She will harvest her wheat in July.

He settled down to his work.

They want to talk.

Marci made me write that letter.

I make you smile.

My mother takes a nap every afternoon.

Being a family is much deeper than this.

How much do you have to pay?

Many drivers have a cavalier attitude towards the rules of the road.

We only have simple wants.

We accused her of having stolen the bike.


Stanley trimmed the stems of the flowers Clarissa gave her so they'd fit into the vase.

He loves chili.

Carlos's already here, but Bill hasn't come yet.


I'll go let them know.


I thought you might be busy.

He uses the same books as you use.

I'm glad to meet you, too, Mr Ito.

Should I include Steven?

Are you American or French?

Whatever gave you that idea?

Thought is free.


They're heading this way.

I made a wrong turn.

Jussi is giving Amigo another chance.

I'll wait till four o'clock.

Where can I get my baggage?

I'm not worried about the price.

Turning to the left, you will find a coffee shop.

The teachers greeted the little boy.

Have you ever been to a costume party?

Don't you remember what you said?

I have a lot of ideas.

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Samir and Clay agreed.

Marilyn, you've disappointed me.

Have you found a cure?


Morris wasn't the only one who was staring at Rodney.

We should do this again tomorrow.

Where is the metro St. Michel?


I wish I had an apathy-inducing superpower, although I probably wouldn't care enough to use it.

No one's watching.

Do you want me to go away?

She likes attention.

Don't dodge the issue, I want you to answer my question.

When was the castle built?

Never confuse art with life.

His efforts in studying have paid off and his grades are improving by leaps and bounds.

Heat up the water until it boils.


Tonight I'm getting drunk!

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I wrote down the information.

I liked Arnold, but I wasn't really his friend.

Should I let Jason kiss me?


Neal left us this map.

Gregory is working late tonight.

The teachers could not decide where to build the new schoolhouse.

He caught hold of the rope.

I'm not interested in the same things I think you're interested in.

I don't like any of the songs that you sang.

I'm sending her to California.

I wonder why they chose them.

The minister refused to give an interview to the reporters.

I'm afraid he'll kill me. There's no telling what he could do.

Either he is wrong or I am.

I can never get my son to eat any vegetables.

Dan often borrowed money from his friends.


These woods are haunted.