Janice left after he had lunch.

I suggest you keep a low profile.

We still have a couple of big decisions to make.

A driver's job is not as easy as it looks.

Erwin was almost as surprised as Hal.

The food didn't look very appetizing.

I've never seen anything like it.

Did Dan see what happened?

I haven't heard from her in a year.

Something's bothering him.

Are mangroves abundant in the Pantanal?

Thanks for your cooperation.

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You must speak in a loud voice.

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I had too much to drink and I can barely walk.

Kerri is eating.

We were delighted to hear of your success.

Jussi saw Luc trying to escape.

Tatoeba is really multilingual. All the languages are interconnected.

Incidentally a motorway ramp is being constructed in the neighbourhood, a few hundred metres away, of my clinic.

You're not good enough for my daughter.


I don't understand it at all.

Turkey has declared a three-month state of emergency.

Ofer gave his son a sparrow for Christmas.

If I had one million yen now, I would buy a car.

We haven't agreed to anything.

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Monopoly sure takes me back. I remember Illinois Avenue. It's red, isn't it?

Barbra is picking berries in the forest.

That sounds like French.

I'm sure Stephan dreams.

Do you want to buy this?


Patricio didn't talk to me.

I thought you might feel like going out for a drink.

Liber admitted he wasn't really sick.


She went to England a year ago.

First of all, it is too expensive.

That's very sweet.


I persuaded Srinivasan to tell the truth.

I made myself discovered.

Open those doors!

She called me up very late last night.

His observations are sharp, but he doesn't say much.

I will die by a cold.

We had a fabulous day on the mountain.

I'm trusting you.

We talked about all kinds of things.

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You have to see this.

It was a pretty little house, strong and well-built.

Kristi was extremely unlucky.

Bring your daughter.

We simply can't just leave Frank here by himself.


I do not trust him any longer.

Take care not to break the eggs.

I studied hard when I was in school.

I didn't anticipate this.

We're working here.

Come and get me.

Hand me that magazine.

My glasses started to slip down my nose.

Nobody forced Sridhar to do that.

I know that place.

I have to take off.

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Ramen is very popular in Japan.

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Where do you think he lives?

Sherman's illiterate.

Mitch came here by himself.

He was involved in a skirmish with a violent gang.

Mickey isn't always in the office in the morning.

How do I open the bonnet?

Rand is drinking tea.

Stephe showed Ti how to use the washing machine.

We went there to plant saplings.


I told you you'd like her.

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Criminals are deprived of social rights.

Who was Bobbie talking about?

Briggs certainly won't ever get another loan from me.

I'm the owner.

He will never yield.


He refused to answer my question.

His eyes filled with tears.

What happened that day?

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I'd just like to talk.


Someone liked my picture on Instagram.

How long have you lived here?

The matter is of great importance.

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There are seven men and four women in my section.

Do you have a budget?

She didn't resist for long.

Do you use all this stuff?

They have good appetite this morning.

I'm happy with what Soohong did.

He does not go without repairing the clock.


Do you think he's really sorry?


This is the same hospital where Sergio works.

I'd like you to go there.

Stephan and I ate together in the school cafeteria.


She is impatient for her holidays.

Maybe it's better that we don't know.

Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.


Son is retired.

It's over three kilometers from here.

The damage is done.

Charley is just learning to crawl.

Axel insisted on coming to see you.

Official business is never urgent.

The tornado passed through the city and headed to the sea.

Doug went back to his room and lay down.

I'm sorry to contradict you.

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Grandma likes watching TV.

I don't want your pity.

The baby seemed to be fast asleep.

Let him wait!

All you want is power.

Were you able to get there in time?

Pascal and Pablo look worried.

We live on a farm near the village.

I found him a bright boy.

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Many of the workers died of hunger.

We can't forget that.

Now, we exact justice.

He accepted his offer.

The children went out to play.


You have a bright future.

Let's try and do it the right way.

He is a good man for all I know.

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I thought you cared about him.

He pulled something out of his pocket.

Are they coming as well?

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What can we do?

I don't waste time.

No one has ever been able to do it.

How far gone are you?

I was very surprised to find him in disguise.

The pig snorted while rooting around in search of truffles.

Let us defend our peace!

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All you have to do is write it down.


Ignore him, Vance. He's just jealous.

Everything's running like clockwork.

Do you want me to tell you what I really think?


Children around here don't have many opportunities to swim.

I remember that laugh.

They drove across several villages during the trip.


If you ironed Switzerland, it would be bigger than Germany.

We still have a lot to do.

Mitch is quite dependable, isn't he?

We're spending Christmas Eve at my wife's parents' house.

You can't just leave.

I wonder if Kristian knows what's going to happen.

I feel better than ever.

It's a very serious crime.

Now I understand many things.

We will like it.

To all appearance, they don't study hard.

Who broke the window? Tell the truth.

I bought a new scratching post for my cat.


I'm afraid we're out of time.

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Patricio is anxious to get out of there.


Could I talk to the two of you alone?

We're not too old for them.

I don't eat apple cores.

I'm sorry for the delay.

He was proud of his school record.

She will regret this.

How many glasses of wine did you drink before I got here?

Ram can't get his computer to work.

A healthy child can no more sit still than a puppy can.


I intend to stay in Nagoya for three days.