I know where they're going.

I don't understand this reasoning.

I need to finish reading my book.

We have made several failed attempts at foresting the local landfill.

That matter is the same one that we discussed the other day.

Is it true that you dated Lorenzo in high school?

I imagined him a tall man.


Please wait thirty minutes.


Paul couldn't understand why Wilmer laughed at him.

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I must get the television fixed.

After her sickness, she's only a shadow of her former self.

One good turn deserves another.

I know that for a fact.

I was mad.

Stephe isn't an idiot.

He said that he loves me and wants to marry me.

Can you bring her back?

This plastic squirrel was made in China.

Matthew is the night watchman.

I thank you very much for your help.

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The young lady has less fruit than the man.

We eat with our mouths.

I won't be coerced.


The half life of actinium-225 is approximately 10 days.

Do you know anyone who could give me a hand with my car?

Do you want to see my snake?

I was in the army once.

He wasn't exactly overflowing with enthusiasm.


An enormous number of insects hatched this year, wreaking havoc on crops.


I tripped.

The lifeguards are here to protect us.

I hope Jochen doesn't do that.

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If all went according to her plan, she would be in great demand.

Don't let me be misunderstood.

Naomi and List have a teenage daughter.


That's what I was trying to do.

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He does not wear a hat.

At present "consume all consumable resources" is assigned as the operational meaning of TETRA.

I would've liked to stay longer.

Susan says he isn't afraid.

We're not going to buy anything today.

When Frances was alive, he could protect me.

I have had no chance to see the movie.

Meeting many people is an important part of a party.

"Please put this on the top." "On top of what?"

Norbert decided to wait.

What kind of places do you like?

What a generous offer!

I had a great night.


I think you worry too much, Dawn.

I feel an army in my fist.

He's a tycoon.

The name of my country is written without any article.

Can you recommend your favorite shoe store?

You've never seen one before, have you?

I have no idea of what I want to become.

It is apt to get either cloudy or windy when the cherry-blossoms are in full bloom.

Karl always likes to joke around.

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One thing led to another.

He never came.

I'm afraid that in my translation, part of the original meaning has been lost.

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Do you remember the time we went to the zoo together when we were kids?

Next week I want to visit my friend.

I have three elder and two younger siblings.

I assume you're going somewhere with this.

This shouldn't be so hard.


Why don't you guess?

Who do you think wrote this note?

The insurance payments depend on the use intended (work or leisure).


Kim smiled sweetly.

Moe looked discouraged.

I think I have to get moving with some work for the exams.

Harris is a potter.

I don't handle ultimatums well.

You are a mean person.

I thought Mat was here to stay.

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Nobody watches her.

Supplies were trucked in from as far away as California.

I have to say goodnight to Marguerite.

We need to take them home.

Are there any knacks, or good sites, for downloading Japanese software?

Sugar dissolves in hot coffee.

He's accustomed to mountain climbing.

I taught Konrad everything he knows.

I thought you were going to help us.


You look awful. What happened?

Kelvin is my brother.

You've both been very impressive today. I'm proud of you.

Norma explained his problem.

People who talks for expressing his idea, who write books for taking down the significant words. So talking is for expressing ones idea, and writing books is for taking down what people said.


Charles could have done better if he had had more time.

My grandmother cooked a big turkey.

I don't know where this came from.

I'm very sorry, but I seem to have lost your umbrella.

How did it feel?


Here's a restaurant I eat at a lot.


We seem to have lost Jerry.


Love demands pain.


Sergei is old enough to get a driver's license.


A group of languages related via a common ancestor, or proto-language, is referred to as a language family.


You stay here.


Could Siping really be that devious?

He seems unable to swim.

He was not able to do what he wanted.

I've not seen him in a long time.

You must have made a mistake.

Who was looking for the record shop?

The rain came down in buckets.

Earnie told me he was afraid that Srinivasan might kill him.

You don't seem so hungry.

I need more power.

You can't have too much of a good thing.


The modern world is a crowd of very rapid racing cars all brought to a standstill and stuck in a block of traffic.

Where is everybody from?

I wasn't the one who hired her.


It's what Miriamne believed.

Israel certainly believes Darin is faithful.

How happy I am today!


It matters little if we are late.

He said they wanted to fight until every black man was free.

It was not clear what she really meant.


Do I look fat in these jeans?

I won't stop doing it!

Above all do not forget your duty to love yourself.

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That's kind of gross.

I've been running.

What's your connection with Monica?

If you don't want this, I'll give it to someone else.

We talked about Cindy and Jarl's relationship.

I seasoned the fish with salt and pepper.

Do you know them well?

Have you seen Teri dance?

I'll pop by at the start of the holidays.

I guess the battery must be dead.

I know nothing about Nathan's family.

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Stock prices could fall.

Before we begin, a number of preliminary remarks are in order.

I wouldn't be too surprised if you saw a snake.


Have you ever ridden in a sports car?

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Jenine is doing everything he can to help.

Has he failed again?

You could at least try.

She is concerned about her son's health.

The second course has chickpeas, chicken, meat, sausage and potato.


Without your help, I would have failed.


Are they brutal enough?


I've seen Isabelle play peek-a-boo with his baby.

I could do with a change of pace.

Do you want us to help?


I need something to open this crate with.


Have students read such books as will make them think more.

Why don't we have lunch together?

The two girls, quite unconstrained and careless, danced in the freedom and gaiety of their hearts.

Have you ever seen a bear in the mountain?

Do you like my hair?


I crave knowledge.


They've been marvelous.

I'm tied up with this job recently.

He was among the first to start feeling like this.