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  • SmartOrder

    Allowing your guests to request service through their own devices enables more efficient service.
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  • The Apps

    What do our solutions look like to your guests? That is up to your marketing team as they have full control over the content.
  • Bizzer

    Bizzer allows your Events and Banqueting staff to more efficiently tend to the needs of your guest.
  • Testimonials

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Your exquisite service,
at the touch of a button
A direct line of contact between your guest and staff allows for better communication and a more efficient workflow
When your guest is able to reach staff directly via their own devices, specific requests take less time to process and unburden staff.

Now on the menu: Innovation

Fully stand-alone, both Bizzer for meeting rooms and SmartOrder for Room Service do not interact with your existing systems. No costly integration, no difficult set-up.

  • Enables multiple languages
  • Easy set-up
  • Full control over the content at any time
  • Promote your establishment or deals directly to the customer
  • Innovative, adaptable solution for any Hospitality establishment

Our updates:

  • Bizzer for Meeting Rooms continues to be a solid solution for staff and guest
  • Bizzer is expanding into the North American and African continents
  • Proud to be setting up our first Paris location for Bizzer .