You should ask a doctor.

Show me what you've done.

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Michiel died from a scorpion sting.

Whose footprints are these?

Vladislav showed his photo album to Beckie.

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Most meteoroids are no bigger than a pebble.

Maybe you should lie down.

We do not need a new auxiliary language, the English language already fulfills that role.

She defrauded me of my property.

I was anxious for her safety.

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I have a stone in my shoe.


He doesn't know how to ride a bike.

The new boy is distant because he does not know us.

Jill is grown up now.


The journey was brief.

I guess my luck just ran out.

I will graduate in two years.


Have him meet us here at 2:30.


Do I need an operation?

What's Sue been doing all day?

That is money down the drain.

Can you give me directions to the subway station?

We got an interesting piece of information.

Can you write that in hiragana please?

It is important that a lawyer should leave no stone unturned even on minor points and harp on the same subject to achieve a break through in an impasse.

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France won the World Cup in soccer in 1998.

Randall and Jelske will have their 13th wedding anniversary soon.

What're your plans for the weekend?


Stuart wanted it this way.

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I remember my mother when I see this.

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I wish for your success.

I'll tell Johnny to stay outside.

Liisa isn't really sick; she's only putting it on.

I'll have to tell them.

Jem couldn't rest.

We're only friends.

I'm a little bit insecure.

Jean-Christophe made some bad investments.

That's why I asked.

It's his favorite Italian word.

Why did you lie to Neal?

Hsuan was complaining of back pain.

It's an ongoing process.


I meant what I said.

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Rayan and Rodger both shouted as loudly as they could.

He mistook me for my younger brother.

Why would you do that?


How will you get away?

I don't speak fast.

This book will do you more harm than good.


Teenage boys are more likely than girls to be less engaged and do poorly in school.

Mayo broke up with Giles last summer, but now he wants to get back together with her.

I suspect Mikael is a spy.

Surya is a hemophiliac.

Margie didn't really want to go out with Stanly.


I encourage the translators of my books to take as much license as they feel that they need.

Jamie is too old to work.

This girl has very good judgment.

My husband makes a hundred thousand dollars a year.

They are thirty minutes late according to the planned timetable.

Let's go by train instead of by bus.

I know what you've been up to.


He loved her, but she didn't love him.

Do you not like Chinese cuisine?

I now know it's possible.

Terry isn't familiar with that subject.

Daren unscrewed the light bulb.


We're overreacting.

Do you have something to declare?

I made you coffee.

Please turn off the gas.

Excuse me for a second.

"Let's go to Tim's for muffins and hot cocoa." - "Why should we? Mom's been baking goodies all day, and she gets a kick out of people enjoying her cooking." "That's true." "And I'm sure she could use a rest, to put her feet up while you or I make hot cocoa for everyone. I think this place is better."

I will introduce you to my parents.

You need a car.

His behavior angered the policeman.

There are a lot of vitamins in oranges.

He's afraid to involve himself in paying large sums.

We bought (it).

And afterward?


I'd be happy to take care of your baby.

Help me lift this.

Can we please go home now?


I used to think it wasn't a problem.


How did you find out where Marnix was?

He threw a piece of meat to a dog.

We had no end of fun.

I'll be back by seven or eight o'clock.

Vicky was the black sheep of the family.

"I will grow many trees here", he said to himself.

We must take his illness into consideration before marking his exam.


Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.

When he tried to back into the garage, he mistakenly gunned the engine and backed into the wall.

Clare wants to get her belly button pierced.

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You should've gone home when I told you to.

My father went nuts when he saw me hanging out with her.

This is one of my favorite movies.

My parents died when I was a baby.

In a democracy, the people elect their government officials directly.

Did you change your mind?

When I was traveling from Boston to New York, I met a nice girl on the bus.

Prepositions are not like other words. The separable prefixes of German seem strange at first. Later they seem like a great idea.

She was very bored during the lecture.

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You ate an apple, yay!

What's the difference between a violin and a piano? A piano burns longer.

I'll learn German.

The train leaves in ten minutes.

Marco got home later than usual today.


To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

A cold beer would hit the spot!

Nobody said this would be easy.

Would you mind giving me your chocolate cake recipe?

That king ruled wisely.


What do you want to know about Turkey?

I don't have a penny to my name.

An infant is not capable of speaking, so it just screams until it gets what it wants.


Both read the Bible day and night, but thou read'st black where I read white.


Except for some modifications, the project was approved.


Janos is dumb, but not that dumb.

The United Nations will deal with that international problem.

I almost got caught a few times.

Where did you meet him?

It sounds easy, but it's not.

We've got to stick together.

It is the things that we do not possess which seem to us most desirable.


Books are lying about on the floor.

Shopping malls are quickly mushrooming in this very urban city.

Alexis is eating for two now.

As a measure to prevent another period of inflation, our government has jacked up interest rates.

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

Janice bragged to his friends about all the girls he had slept with.

I do remember meeting you before.

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I admit having done wrong.

Good wine gladdens the heart.

Sumitro doesn't like soccer.


She has a screw loose.

It was the midnight of Friday, 13th; nothing of ill omen was apparent.

We're still stunned.

I'll see you again before then.

Do you usually use a pick when you play the guitar?

We need to decide today.

I consider her a good friend.


To all appearances, she is healthy.

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I still haven't paid Jisheng.

Cut the shenanigans!

We need somebody.

Dan didn't even mention Linda's name.

He peered at the small print in a newspaper.


I decided to tell the truth.

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You're gross.

When she was three years old, her father died.

What can I say? I'm a bad mammer jammer.

Who do you think is the tennis GOAT?

I saw a horse pulling a cart.

The second book has more errors than the first.

"Can" is the right word to express ability and "May" to ask for permission.

Didn't you hear the alarm?

Brian was lucky yesterday.

I am studying English now.

This song always reminds me of my school days.

Are you bringing anyone?

Vadim might be badly hurt.

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If Ritalynne can do it, I'm sure I can do it, too.