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My Reading List 2018: let’s see how many I can achieve
My Reading List 2018: let’s see how many I can achieve
July 26, 2018
For books I have read already, please visit here. For How to read more books?, please visit here. Discourses and Selected Writings: Epictetus The art of living On the shortness
Jingju at Swansea
Jingju at Swansea
March 29, 2018
This time, I was invited to perform at the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea. This was the first time I visited Wales, and the furtherest I have travelled for performance. Swansea is a nice little seas...
Affirmation Statement
March 24, 2018
From this moment on I commit 100% to my personal development and every aspect of my life. I know all the obstacles and difficulties are only temporary, in fact they are essential for me ...
Taste of Anatolia: good food doesn’t need to look perfect
March 11, 2018
Hawksmoor at Shoreditch is having a soft launch until end of March. But because we were too slow, all the places were booked out. Sad face. Never mind, but we decided to eat out today anyway...
February 14, 2018
Before I met you, I often spent a long time staring into empty space, pondering what life is all about. Life to me was just life: ordinary, boring and repetitive. Everyday was the same: eati...
Maidstone 2017: the last Kunqu performance…
February 13, 2018
Performing Chinese opera has become our annual ritual. It is the only time of the year, we get asked by people to deliver a show. We used to do some in the summer too, yet as the funding for...
Camera Story
January 4, 2018
          So on my journey of style and fashion exploration, I feel it is very important to get some understanding of photography. After all, cameras are essential tools in expressing arti
Backpacking through Europe Part 10: Salzburg
Backpacking through Europe Part 10: Salzburg
January 2, 2018
We left Germany, all merry and jolly and belly full of sausages. Now on our trail to Vienna, but before this major stop, let's stop over at Salzburg for lunch. Salzburg is the birth place...
New Chapter, new question: Can style be learned?
(585) 396-6525
December 31, 2017
Over the holiday season, I got to relax a little and caught up with some missed sleep. So as a consequence, my brain started working properly again and started asking questions. I watche...

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I am the books I read, the stories I heard and the life I lived. 26th July 2018 (55) The Art of ...
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15th January 2018 6th January 2018
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