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Our payroll cards make direct deposit easier...

The Payroll International Card makes direct deposit easier. Each pay day, your pay is loaded on to the card and is available immediately.


Global corporations as well as local contractors or companies will benefit from our universal payroll card programs. It is easier to electronically disburse your payroll to any number of payroll cards thru direct deposit, or SWIFT as best for your company.

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It’s the safe and convenient way to provide your employees with a universal MasterCard payroll card that can be used in any one of 205 countries. Our payroll card programs can be used to move funds via a card to card transfer all in seconds to anywhere where a loved one can obtain the funds such as a ATM or money remitter.

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There’s no individual enrollment fee, and no cardholder monthly fees. Activation can be accomplished easily and quickly for security. There is an implementation fee for the employer, that can pay for itself in the savings seen in just one month.

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Get Paid Faster on Payday. Send Funds Anywhere. Pay Bills. Do More!