Tim is dating one of the lifeguards.

I came because I thought you might be here.

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Well you can indicate everything you see.


The surface gravity on Mars is more than a third of Earth's.


Don't interrupt me when I'm talking.

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What time does the train for New York depart?


He often cuts classes on Monday and Saturday.

The merger created the first largest bank in Japan.

In the first place, we must have capital to begin it with.


This is Arthur's grave.


The old man passed away this morning.

Why was Will doing that?

Men and women must respect each other.

Rudy took me under his wing.

Pam has a huge cock.

The Diet is now in session.

Why is everybody hugging him?


The decoration of the church is beautiful.

What time does class start for you tomorrow?

It's wrong.


From the look on your face, I can tell that you have good news.

I believe that the preacher could not speak "Amen."

My name is Agnes Black.


If the boss finds this out, I'm done for.

Without our mistakes we are nothing.

Jochen doesn't wear makeup.

I suppose that she was happy then.

I want that turtle home!

We're just where we're supposed to be.

You will ruin your health if you drink too much.

Don't bother. It's a waste of time.

We were walking on the deck.

We were jealous.

Galen works eight hours a day.

The ear canal sends sound waves to the eardrum.

We speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.

Do you have classes with Kelvin?

I couldn't have helped Vistlik, even if I'd wanted to.


It wouldn't take so much time for me to do that.

You'll do no such thing.

Politicians are always censured for outrageous or inappropriate behavior.

Why would Kyu think that?

He is always looking for innovations rather than for isolated technologies.


She unbuckled her belt.

I met him tonight.

Are you trying to speak with that person?

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It's warm.

No wonder he failed the exam, after wasting so much time like that.

She likes French more than German.

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I've been very lucky today.

Personally, I like peace.

Mr White wanted to help them.

Kurt faced the media scrum.

I had intended to hand the document to him, but I forgot to.

Much time was wasted.

The street is full of cars.


Don't let him distract you.

What difference does this make?

It's been a bad week.


I know Laurianne loves me.

Will you please be seated?

What can I do to make you happy?

Don't worry. She doesn't understand German.

She hung her head low in shame.

There are 7 main chakras.

The moon circles the earth.

Jeff and Jeanne are no longer friends.

It is necessary that Nancy attend the meeting.

The privacy rules we used to follow just don't apply anymore.

Edith came to see me.


I think he has a small penis.

I'd like to be more like you.

All the passengers were saved from drowning.

It no longer seems to be a perfect circle.

You must allow for his youth.

My TV has quit working.

I'm sure you'll like him.


Old might go to the game with Chip.

I need it right away. Please hurry!

Please hurry up.

That's exactly what I think.

Call me when you can.

I made my way to the luggage office to collect the suitcase I had left there.

These goods are available to members only.

He went outside for a breath of fresh air.

Strap yourselves in.


Will the groundhog see his shadow?

Don't see life in terms of money.

How many were there altogether?


That is the American about whom we talked yesterday.

I've been waiting a long time for this.

My watch needs to be fixed.


He was tricked into doing it.

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The goal was offside.

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Jenine had never seen Clarence so busy.

You don't seem to have any problem.

What's your favorite sitcom?

The dog drank some water and went away.

I'm no longer afraid of snakes.

I kept hoping I'd meet Olof.

Lex and Don used to be close friends.

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I wouldn't hurt Donne.

Teresa was better today.

Whether we go or not depends on the weather.

Whenever Lila did poorly, his father would exclaim that it was an embarrassment to the family.

Even if your enemy is an ant, consider him an elephant.

Edwin made no attempt to answer the question.

Alf was kidnapped by pirates.


Though she did not wear expensive clothes, she was neatly dressed.

We're shorthanded now.

That accounts of her delay.

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The ship changed its course.


Ross got pregnant at age fourteen.

Mercury is the planet nearest to the sun.

The purple alien had 4 arms and 4 legs.

I made him my servant.

I heard voices through the wall.

Darryl ordered prospectuses from four different universities.

I agree with everything you just said.


Revenge is sweet.

Elsa couldn't convince Sassan to buy his car.

They won't all be like this.

Teriann promised me he would be here by 2:30.

We'll do the same for you.

Every person has a right to defend themselves.

I like none of them.


Elric wasn't upset by what Sergeant did.

Did you recognize any of those people?

You always tell me to think for myself.

You can rely on him. He never lets you down.

Marshall picked up a piece of the broken mirror.

I almost dropped my sandwich.

He's a woman now.

He wrote the article "Psychological Fitness for Colonists in Martian Habitats."

A musician friend of mine gave an impromptu performance of a piece he had just finished composing.

The sick child's mother implored the doctor to come immediately.

Don't put the baby in the bag!

My boss is a jerk.

Remember what we talked about.

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We've searched high and low for this book.

That could work. Let's try it.

I really wanted to see it.

Mulberries bear fruits in my garden.

I'm glad it's not me.

Takayuki took Marion's glass of wine.

Open bag carefully and away from face, as bag, air and contents are very hot.

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I won't go back.

Sid's request was refused.

I'm not accustomed to getting up early.

No matter how much you lap coal, it stays black.

I was startled when I saw him.

We have a lot of work left to do.

She is willing to do anything for me.

Renu sensed someone was behind him and turned to see who it was.

The longest night will have an end.

I'm taking my book with me.

What are you doing out so late?

Brooke refused to tell us what had happened.

This shouldn't take too much time.

Let me show you how to chop onions without crying.

He was able to get home before dark.


He's always laughing and having fun.

Tareq learnt from Mr Ogawa that many people have scorn for the nouveau riche.

Everyone sat down.

We were winning.

Vincenzo is far too young to be doing this.

Don't you have any beer?

I should've put on some sunscreen.