Open source solutions for Houston businesses.

Pate Consulting, Inc. offers professional services including network design, database administration, and hardware/software support using products from Cisco, Red Hat, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Oracle, The Apache Group, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and PHP. With over 14 years of Houston based IT consulting experience focused on Linux and other money saving Open Source applications. Pate Consulting specializes in providing solid open source business solutions that will not only improve your companies bottom line but give you a competitive edge over your competition.

Adding Pseudo-TTY Support in CentOS

Recently, I had a customer in the banking industry that needed legacy pseudo tty support on their servers. This article describes the process of adding pseudo tty support in the CentOS kernel. In addition, I describe how to create a customer kernel RPM for easy distribution to other servers.

Let's get started:
Download source kernel RPM from 336-944-1575
Install the source RPM:

PHP Database Object

I decided to help out other developers either getting into PHP or experienced ones that are just looking for a different way to make fairly easy and clean database connection and queries.



Siemens, a Global Fortune 500 company, will be saving $20,000 with Pate Consulting and a little open source project named LooperNG. LooperNG is specifically designed to replace NetCool NNM probes. Basically, LooperNG has input modules and output modules. Both types of modules can read/write in multiple formats – SNMP trap, syslog, log file, and NetCool database to name the most common.


Need to track and combine multiple RSS feeds? This script will allow you to add RSS feeds from multiple sites and integrate them into yours dynamically. Feel free to use and modify the code below for your own website. Need help with the script? We offer (706) 333-0304
/ simple timeout in seconds
$timeout = 2;

/ variable to be used later
$xml_string = "";

Houston Airport System selects Zenoss to monitor Cisco switches, routers, and firewalls.

I recently implemented the Zenoss Enterprise appliance for the City of Houston Airport System to monitor over 250 Cisco network devices located at George Bush Intercontinental (IAH), William P. Hobby (HOU), and Ellington Airport (EFD).

How to perform a Cisco router password recovery without losing your configuration.

Forgot your Cisco router password?  Did you know you can change them without losing your configuration?  In this brief how-to, I will walk you through it. In order to perform a password recovery, you will need to reboot the router a couple of times.  This means downtime, but it is a good sacrifice to make in order to get your passwords reset.

(254) 644-2387

As part of a MySQL Cluster setup, I recently setup a 2-node web cluster using CentOS's native cluster software suite with a twist. The web root was mounted on a DRBD partition in place of periodic file sync'ing. This article focuses on the cluster setup and does not cover the DRBD setup/configuration. Let's go:

Install "Cluster Storage" group using yum:

[root@host]# yum installgroup "Cluster Storage"

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