His conduct deserves to be praised.


The smoke from factories hung over the town.

Go wash your face.

You were never around.

He disappeared, taking advantage of the confusion.

He is being guided


The delegates voted six times.


Could someone translate the comment above to a language which I can understand?


I'm really flattered to hear that.

The sightseeing bus ran through a long tunnel.

I thought you said you were staying until 2:30.

Do you need an envelope?

Ming Xiao doesn't know yet where he will go next year.

She finally managed to get a hold of her old friend.

I often wonder if I will ever get married.

I called her about thirty times.

Why is love so hard?

A fine dress helps to impress, intelligence makes steady friends.

Norman is a guard.

This really isn't that simple.

Just look at him.

I don't think I'd like it.

It's taking too long.

At first their abilities are more limited than those of animals.

Heather won't get away with this.

Do you know who conquered Mt. Everest first?

Are you satisfied with Mechael's achievements.

What was the outcome?

I'm pretty sure this is a mistake.

I went to the bank to withdraw $20,000 from deposit.

Do you remember this movie?


You've hit the nail on the head!

Are you saying my life is in danger?

I can't figure out how Roderick managed to lose so much weight so quickly.


"I can see myself, I can see myself," said the narcissus. "Oh, how sweet is my perfume!"

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Congress refused to act.

Solar storms next year could prove disastrous for the electrical grid.

It was a piece of cake to solve the problem!

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We should leave while we can.

Thank you for everything you've done for Canada.

Son put our names on the list.

I don't want to buy any cookies today.

I know I have a biased opinion.

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Jerald is an outspoken person.


Naomi put on his tie.

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I assume you know the way to Leith's house.


The end justifies the means.

Go wake Kyu up.

Can't you see she doesn't want to talk to you?

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We decided to fight it out.

You need to take good care of your house.

He is doing well.

Marian and I have been friends since high school.

The river is polluted by waste from houses and factories.

They should let you see Skip.

Do you want to go out to a movie with me on Friday night?

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The meeting finished thirty minutes ago.

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I'm thinking of visiting you one of these days.

I have been to the barber's.

Alcoholics' children are more likely to have drinking problems.

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What symptoms have you noticed?

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You should focus on the road when you drive.

Meditation doesn't cost anything, but it takes time.

This tree bears no fruit.

Both teams have thirteen points.

I might not be able to help.

We welcome you to our club.

Hsi is better looking than I am.

The dictionary is an invaluable tool for learning languages.

Mwa has trouble thinking on his feet.


Don't be afraid to get your feet wet.

I couldn't help falling in love with you.

There is nothing I could do to change it.

We don't know what's happening.

Vadim is irresistible.

I thought it looked suspicious.

Dieticians are experts in the food industry.

Go easy on him. He's still new around here.

Let's give her some more time.

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Nothing happens unless you make it happen.

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Leora is going to be really mad.

I wish I had been there with you.

Mr Taylor wishes he had not come to the party.

Why do you always take his side?

She failed to keep her promise.


The class was made up of 15 boys and as many girls.

You looked at me.

Mat doesn't trust the police.

I fell asleep with a sweater on.

Someone stepped on my foot on the train.

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The line is busy now.

I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

She insulted him.

You've got my full cooperation.

He came back at six.

The residents of this town are deeply religious and patriotic people.

How are you going to help me?

I'm going to have some fun.

Isn't there something you want to say to me?

Daren can probably pull some strings for you and get you into that school.

Glaciers around the world are melting.

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May I walk with you?


I want time.

This clock strikes the quarter hour.

I just can't wait to go to school.

That was tight.

One views things differently according to whether one is rich or poor.

All the stores were closed.

A doctor was called in right away.

Learning collocations is one step towards sounding like a native speaker.

The two hugged.

How fast she swims!

Not knowing what to answer, I kept silent.

Did you get a reply from her?

The car is slow.

They were together three years.

Did you want to kill them?

He went abroad last year.

The sea was truly calm.

It is unfair.

How could you resist them?

Elisabeth didn't even apologize.

Like it?

Evelyn is here to buy some apples.

I dried the sink with a dishrag and now it's dry.


Soohong thought up an excuse.

I'm going to cancel in a couple of days.

Donovan doesn't seem to get it.

I cut myself with a hacksaw.

Rodger realized that Joseph must be seeing someone else.

I apologized to the whole team.

Those damnable pigeons have again dirtied my car.


We fixed that pretty quickly.

I won't wake up even if the alarm rings.

Heather should be all right.

I planned to tell Glynn about what happened.

I have to finish packing.

I have never called on him.

I read one time that reading is a threat to ignorance.


I have no idea what's happening.

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It seems hard for you to see him today.

How rich are they?

Fritz can't help but be jealous.

So what happened next?

Randell knew Eric didn't love him.

Admission will be free.

I broke the world record.

We never dated, but we kissed once.

Seneca admonished us: "It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult."

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We've always been told to do what's best for us.

Do you have an extra key?

Arlene told me to get creative.

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That does not prevent them from taking just as many books.


I don't want to miss the first act.

To our amusement, the curtain began to rise ahead of time.

A rat ran across the road.

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Mwa does excellent work.


Let's see if Moran can do that by himself.


Can we help you?

Never did I dream of winning first prize.

Two men are checking on what's wrong with the car.

All men are equal before God.

I've decided to stay where I am.


Johan has a beautiful voice.