This makes me very happy.

I think Romain probably likes you a lot.

I wonder who made all this.

Max is an amazing woman.

What's your favorite spring flower?

Finding an optimal solution isn't trivial.

So this seemed pretty important to me.

Why was I the only one asking questions?


It is very important for us to love a river.

You still don't get it, do you?

Did you get lost?

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I want to eat a fried egg and croissant.

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She lives nearby.

Do you want me to massage your shoulders?

I am about to take my last voyage, a great leap in the dark.

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Perhaps you will seek his aid.


I am a co-founder of the local stoat lover society.


The principal presented each of the graduates with diploma.

I'm being punished.

Kent retired when he was 65.

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Just sit over there with them.

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Masanao is in his office, packing books into boxes.


Mitchell will probably be making more money than me this year.

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If I knew an answer to this question, I would tell it to you.

Two high school boys beat Wilmer black and blue.

He had been walking for hours.

Many years ago, I visited the center of Hiroshima.

An elevated seaside bike path collapsed in Rio.

Barbara's been so busy lately he doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

Do you want to do something?

She did not go out often after the babies came.

Had I taken that plane, I would be dead by now.


They catch a lot of speeders around here.

I know you're working part-time.

Jaime has just finished cleaning his room.

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I swear I didn't see him.

Sigurd died of liver cancer.

Danielle took off on his bike.

She will write to me as soon as she returns to her country.

Amedeo told me that he wanted to stay single.

I'm tied up now.

His family is very large.


I don't like his boasting of his success in business.


She is mixing with the wrong crowd.


He's not breathing!

You had better make use of the opportunity.

This was on the doorstep.

What did you hope to accomplish?

Saul confused us.


Did you say you had a cat?

The weather cleared up, so he went out for a walk.

The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity.


Jennifer often eats breakfast here.


His words are totally believable.

It's a really good school.

I think that Miriam and I overdid it a little last night.

Albert is engaged in foreign trade and often goes abroad.

Freud originated psychoanalysis.

Dan tried to escape from the police station.

She has a purplish face.

The number of fish in the ocean is steadily declining.

You have paperwork that needs to be done.


Let's be off now.


Let's give her a hand.


I think we could help each other.

The beautiful princess fell in love with the prince.

Your clothes were used.


A trip to America was equivalent to a two-year salary for her.

Have you ever been to Guam?

It's nothing worth considering.

How do we get Toft out of jail?

You're not being very helpful.


The article deserves careful study.


I don't feel like talking anymore.

What do you think is the best way to learn French?

Kuldip is extremely fit.

I am a fanatic of ecology.

Loukas knew who Clay thought was going to win the race.

Let's build a bonfire!

I love you so much.

That would've hurt.

I just fired Ross.

I'm sorry. I will be 10 minutes late.

I was afraid of my father.

Please don't listen to him.

Christophe is almost thirty.

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The health sector is one of the biggest problems for the country.

It was long before he knew it.

Why is love so difficult?

Gary admitted that he was no match for Tollefsen in golf.

Jianyun said he didn't know when Joshua would be arriving.


He's sure that he'll be able to pass the next examination.


Thanks for the cup of coffee.

It's important that you understand.

Sonny was lowering a heavy box with a huge crane.

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Let's not waste any more of each other's time.

Nou will be here in a minute.

There are few apples in the basket.

The ship rode over the waves.

Harris said he would buy something for Sharan to eat.

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I've become friends with Jane.

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We can travel together.


Dan's dog was sniffing a dead rat in the street.


You'll have to start at once.

Get away from them.

By reason or by force.

If the price is reasonable, I want to buy the car.

This company is indifferent to the safety of its workers.

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She used a compass.

We must do away with such bad customs.

Ben has been roughed up.

They closed up shop and left town.

That store is exceptionally expensive.

Would you mind sparing me thirty minutes of the day?

It might keep on raining.


He's rich. He doesn't need money!

I don't watch these sci-fi shows for the sake of a child audience. I watch them because I'm personally interested.

I don't drink.

What is your marital status?

They might go.

I am going shopping.

I spent all day with them.

I'm fully recovered.

No one's body is perfect.

I'll give you all a little more time to finish your homework.

He's angry and paranoid.


It took us ages waiting for you.

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Coleen dismissed what William was saying.


According to Einstein, everything is relative.


The rainbow has seven colors.


Great was the sorrow of her parents.


The boy is petting the cat.

I think I'm in danger.

Can I speak to you?

The people on this earth are all mortals.

She doesn't even notice me.


I asked him to teach me French.

She comes from one of the town's most respected families.

Mayuko was very tired.

Those photos are hers.

Duane is assembling a machine.

She's too old for him.

It's for your own safety.

I don't intend to flatly reject suicide, but I really wish parents would not make their children join in with them.

The noise hasn't stopped all day.

A detailed report will be sent you by next mail.

Could you bring me something to eat?

I'm sick and tired of his lack of taste.

I went straight to bed.


You should apologise to Hurf.

It's like the knife.

Tiefenthal is still working as a bartender, isn't he?

In America 'rebate' is widely recognized, generally as an incentive where makers give back directly to consumers.

You're going to fall in love with Brazil.

Happy is he who desires nothing anymore!

Did you like that?


We demanded that she should make up for the loss.