What were you doing about this time yesterday?

Jiri took Maria in his arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Timothy and I have a lot more in common than I thought.

I can't stop Darci.


I'll go tomorrow if the weather is good.

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The mouse ran underneath the bed.

The boy was bright-eyed with delight at the present.

I can't find my keys.

Small beads of sweat running down my back.

You never showed.

The 5% topical solution was ineffective at reducing eczema outbreaks.

Be vigilant.


They made him captain of the team.

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Did it go well?


It was nighttime.


Let's eat lunch.

Spy put his hands over his ears.

I've already informed Piercarlo that he needs to be here early tomorrow morning.

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He is a famous merchant.

You knew him, didn't you?

"Have you finished?" "On the contrary. I haven't even started."

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I'm thrilled about that.

Hey, what's that noise?

There has been no rain for two weeks.

Bjorne will be joining you shortly.

I can understand everything she's saying.

I didn't realize you didn't have a driver's license.

Easter begins next Wednesday.


What's Stacy's purpose in going to Boston?

She is a really nice person.

Nice to see you again!

Agatha is skittish.

We had a warning.


I think it might rain this afternoon.


The British people in general are extremely fond of their pets.

I have to sell my house.

Do you know what PDF stands for?

I won't go back there.

Ofer must've gone that way.


His halfhearted apology could barely satisfy anyone.

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Judge for yourself.


She likes classical composers such as Beethoven and Bach.

Why don't you just tell Blake the truth?

I'm convinced that you're right.


The inhabitants of the island are tall and strong.

Joel began to really enjoy jogging after a few days.

Vilhelm wants respect.

This TV show is catching on now.

Monty believes that the greatest fortune of man is a life full of purpose.

I made a huge mistake.

We would like to ask your help in clearing up our financial problems with your company.

It must be our lucky day.

It's wrong.

Find Charles and kill him.

We should be talking to them.

The number of visitors that he mentioned is very much exaggerated: there were a maximum of around one hundred people present.

Did you really do that?


What would you like Gilles to do?

I thought you'd decided against it.

Economic development proceeded slowly.

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I used to eat pizza.

London is the city he loves the most.

Urs switched the computer on.


Do you have any books about Armenia?

He can't be older than I am.

I have plans with them tonight.


We can't know what the future has in store.

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He looks as poor as ever.

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In the Dutch city of Maastricht there must be 53 churches; at times, some of them are used as stores, bars or museums.


Nicolas has been working on the problem.

I'm not an astrologer.

We came to apologize.


I desire this telephone.

Don't get panicky.

Florian looked at the message.

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He who wants benediction shall make it with his own hands.


We moved into a new house.


I rarely watch television.

Moving to a smaller place will reduce the expenses.

You'd better call the doctor.


Both the French and the English like to drink, but while the latter prefer beer, the former have a weakness for red wine.

The meeting is ten days away.

A boy ran off with some money.

Dan's truck got stuck in the sand.

Did Cole say why Joni went to Boston?

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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very happy to be here.


Shyam caught Damon stealing his money from the cash register.

Get your clothes on.

I'm working on a big project.

I said I told Spass to go.

The water is pretty rough.

I thought I heard someone in the next room.

Jonathan's mother died in 2013.

I thought you might want to look over these documents.

Once isn't enough.

Believe whatever you wish.

Don't you think it's a little too big?


Sjouke knew that he should study harder.

Rick is in a lot of pain, but he says that he can take it.

He's an avid art collector.

No consideration is paid to people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Do you want to go again?

If he had left at ten, he would have arrived here by now.

Tell him we'll be ready.

Mastering English is difficult.

I don't want to learn French.


I'm pretty sure it just wouldn't work.

I do think it's wrong of her.

Martyn told me that he wants to meet my parents.

His eyes roamed over the lake in the valley.

The industrious merchant worships his ancestors.

I had a rough day.

Unfortunately, the system is corrupted.

I thought I was going to feel guilty, but I didn't.

I resigned from the army immediately after I got busted.

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As well.

The young man wrapped himself up in a down quilt and dreamed of a heat wave.

Actually, I have no intention of quitting right now.


Our country would be better off if we had a new prime minister.

She greeted him cheerfully as she always did.

People say that he is the richest man in this town.


I expected Kazuhiro to offer to help.

Barium is a chemical element of the symbol Ba.

I went to the mall with my friends.

I also like cake.

Close all the doors and windows!

I admit that I was a little drunk.

We ate at many good restaurants, but your food was the best of all!

There's only one egg left in the refrigerator.

Give Cecilia everything you've got.

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Might I ask you a question?

Someone turned the alarm off.

I'm running Linux on my laptop.

What were you just doing?

When seen through a telescope, Saturn is one of the most beautiful sights in the night sky.

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Jos's not home yet.

You've parked in my space.

Terrence owes me three hundred dollars.


I've been working on an idea.


Do you have any books in French?

It's as old as the world.

Do you really want to run your own business?

The mother may well be proud of her bright son.

I still want to hear Kevin's opinion.

I really love the sun.

My body aches all over.


It's hard to predict what the weather will be like tomorrow.

He has written an antibarbarus.

Let's try this plan.

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Slartibartfast is much taller than you are.

I have many language books.

He got up enough guts to break the ice at the board meeting.

I'm sure Emma was happy.

Do you need help with your makeup?

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Gunnar knows he's not very good at speaking French.


This is very fresh.


Izchak is a loving and caring gentleman.