The didn't appear to realize what was going to happen.

I can not understand how everyone said the Holy War occured for a good cause.

The phones aren't working.

He absorbed new ideas.

Don't you just love a mystery?


Roger knows what he's talking about.

She thanked him for his kindness.

Wendell could replace Stephanie.

I want to start now.

He has fallen in love with me.

It was typical of him to arrive late.


I didn't know where Himawan was taking me.


I have a few friends.


He has a heart murmur.

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Even a chief detective like Sergiu fails in doing his job, without the huge help of colleagues and associates.

He is just a kid.

Have you written a book?

You have no idea how I feel.

I have an aunt who lives in Osaka.

Prohibition is hereby officially prohibited.

As their conversation was in French, I could not understand a word.

For all his experience, he had no idea what to do with it.

I just had a talk with Izchak.

He got what he wanted.

How did you hear the news?

You look like you're having a lot of trouble setting up that web page. Want some help?

I'd like to be self-employed.

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You will take the second street.


I watched the movie.

A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.

How do you manage?

Part left right before Lievaart did.

Tell him the problem is solved.

Father takes a bus to his office.

Then I try to play the first notes.

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Takayuki knows what happened to Heinz.


When I asked him to return the money, he pretended that he didn't hear me.

It's not easy to prevent white flight from cities.

I've got nothing in my fridge.

I hope Kiki will like Edith.

An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, an adjective and sometimes another adverb.


It's part of the fun.

He looks more like a boxer than a pianist!

I'm over it.


Let's have a Coke to beat the heat!


He has enough willpower.

I hope that won't happen.

I was young and I thought that joining up the army was the solution to any problem.


Ami is finishing his work.


I hate it when guys do that.

They say that the difference between art and pornography is all about the lighting.

Mitsuna is very tidy so she often cleans up without being asked.

Please help yourself to the salad.

As far as I know, he is a reliable friend.

If you are interested in studying English with a native speaker, please contact me.

No one likes Jay.


He's not here right now.

Is everything OK with Urs?

There was nothing there.

He slept all day.

Dan doesn't have anything to do with that site.

What makes you so sure George will want to come back?

I risked my life revealing this.

She lives in comfort now.

He did right.

Now that you're grown up, you must not behave like that.

Would you like to hear about what I did last summer?

I was afraid Avery might get hurt.

Prince Charles will be the next king of England.

We've all heard the rumors.

After Audrey explained it in French, he said the same thing in English.

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I graduated from Kyoto University.

I'll send my man to you with the letter.

Ethan is normal.


How much are these gloves?

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As it happens, I don't have any money with me today.

Signing off, gonna take a shower.

I'm sure Marco will do the right thing.

The butcher was hacking cuts of meat from the steer carcass.

I keep your interests at heart all the time.

Don't do anything to attract attention to yourself.

Suppose for a moment that pigeons had something in their heads which could sense magnetic fields.

I'm going to rock the boat.

Bob writes to me once a month.

I'll check on her.

Maybe we can make a deal.

I feel like eating out tonight.

Why not see the doctor?

We'll meet in the theater.

He's seeking for solidariety from a friend.


I hate shopping.

It was very dark into the mine.

We lost the bet.

Giles scored three runs.

Which schools is Buddhist thought divided into?


"Let us begin today's lesson by opening our books to page 156," said the teacher.

Jayant is in bed reading.

What has brought you to this city?

Let's keep this matter to ourselves.

Some say that he was a musician in his youth.

My pet cat died yesterday.

I bought those.

I like crossword puzzles.

I appreciate your cooperation.

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You might well ask her why she dislikes you.


My glasses started to slip down my nose.

I'm telling you I saw something.

Gene would likely try doing this some other way.

Do it right away.

I agree with that.


He lies all the way. I ain't cheated.

He had his secretary make another copy.

Ore is enriched here.

I won't let Andre go.

List hacked Shannon's arm off with a sword.


I ran into a friend on the bus.

A family of gnomes lives in a small house under this tree.

She takes a multivitamin pill every day.

On election day, voters chose Nixon.

He killed time in a coffee shop watching girls pass by.

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We'd better wash up.

I have work on Wednesday.

A passing car hit a puddle and splashed water all over me.

Ben, if anything, is a sensible man.

What a sad movie it was!

I'm in charge until Shirley gets here.

I've never spoken with Donal in French.


What's your problem today?


According to Newton's second law of motion, a force is produced when a mass is accelerated.

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The mailman comes around every three days.

You know how busy we are.

Men are sinners.


Let's try another approach to the matter.

Evan came home covered with mud.

Do you need me to do anything?

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I'll take Moses.

I glad that you took that gun away from Presley.

There are no wheels on this suitcase.

Efficiency is the dominant idea in business.

Many of the inhabitants of this region are sailors.

Love is wonderful and beautiful.

I was stuck.

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It's not my fault!

He watched the drama holding his breath.

Rainer and Jin are in Jeany's car.

My father is economical of his time.

Both guys laugh.


She is over twenty.


A professor is teaching Czech.

The book that I bought on the internet hasn't been delivered to me yet.

He's playing in the garden.

We're nearly finished.

You can't leave us here.

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Now I am happy!

It wouldn't make any difference anyway.

He squeezed her tightly.

A warm, sunny day is ideal for a picnic.

You sound funny.

She has gone to the swimming pool.

I don't understand what happened.

Why does Surya need that?

You've already read the book?

I can't go on.

Coca-Cola invented Fanta, in the middle of the Second World War, for the German market.

There is a certain amount of truth in what he's saying.

Perhaps you don't understand fully.