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Darren is drop dead gorgeous.

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I was so scared that I could hardly think.

You always forget your money.

Kinch made the company what it is today.

We students can also become famous journalists!

It's nice to see you.

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That dog is too dangerous to be left loose.

Shatter can't see anything with his left eye.

I'm ready!

We'll let you try.

Are you warm enough in such thin clothes?

You can't understand how much I love Syd, right?

Jim says he's busy today.


I cannot let them catch you.

It's getting larger.

There's a bus stop neighbouring our school.

Hume must still be at school.

Jurevis felt hungry.


Your face makes me punch you.

I wonder if Dwayne is trying to kill me.

She is a woman of noble birth.


Won't you come to dine with us?

He told me a sad story.

How does it look?

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Fiona's letters gradually came less and less.

I'll be back in less than five minutes.

I don't want to live the rest of my life with a woman that I can respect but can't love.

Seeing the woman with the yellow hat reminded me of a story.

Maybe it's the low air pressure that means you get drunk more easily on planes.

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We live near a big library.


You aren't afraid of ghosts, are you?

They're crazy, those Romans!

Judges don't have to shoot from the hip. They have the leisure to think, to decide.


The dinner was so good!

Last winter, it was so cold that water froze in the wells.

Elias likes milk very much.


I've returned to Boston.

Your students have given us new hope.

Please call him.

Miriam seems to be narrow-minded.

An athlete must keep in good condition.

"If you really loved me, you'd do it." "But I do love you." "Then why won't you do it?"

Parliament has been dissolved.

Why is that so hard to believe?

Among the guests were the mayor and his wife.

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Your question is hard to answer.


Let's keep things as simple as we can.

We wish Roger continued success.

Why didn't you come tell me?

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Shared joy multiplies itself.


They aren't alone.


The chairs were spaced out two feet apart.

We should observe our traffic rules.

You have only to read a few more pages.

I told them I could do whatever they wanted.

The tears of the past fertilize the future.


To begin with, you must be honest.

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Have you ever met him?

Slartibartfast ought to admit that he was wrong.

Did you eat your spinach?


The rich are different from you and me.

Kinch is a little taller than me.

Bud didn't discuss the problem with Lanny.

This is an ordinary task.

We should've bought three bottles of wine.

I wish we had enough money.

I'm sick of hearing Daniele and Cindie arguing.

You had better set off at once.

Adrian offered to help Evan pay for a babysitter.

She got the thief.

The boy appeared to be in bad health.

Amarth looked down at what was in his hand.

There was a big fire near my house last night.

The pilot closes the door.

Kristian had never hit me before.

Lar stole the ring.

They didn't hire the ugly candidate.


Tell us more about what you did when you were in Boston.

Have you decided already?

You don't have to do this alone.

Winston's quite good.

Sehyo needs to do something.

We'll have to do our best.

You can make up to 80,000 yen a month in that part-time job.


He is now almost as tall as his father is.

I fully understand your frustration.

Why do I have to work with her?

It only happened once.

Has he told you anything definite?

Carl said nobody had been injured.

You're the best mom in the world.

The matter comes under MITI.

Rakhal is sending a fax.

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He said that he was happy.


Thanks for the food.

I advise you to be careful in making notes for the lecture.

When children play Go, they use a board with 5x5 or 7x7 lines.

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Most Japanese eat rice every day.

I saw the ship sink in the sea.

Pilar is not going to like it.


You can go wherever you want.

The guards grabbed them.

I will take both this one and that one.

The doctor advised me not to eat too much.

I was shot.

See how much more carefully made these are compared to those?

The worst riot was in Chicago.

I am his junior by three years.

Won't you join me?

I don't want to see you here again.

Now I know why Vice hates me.


The bath is free.

I almost fell for it.

A week has seven days.

The police officer flashed his badge.

I just don't know.

Raj is not a bad person.

The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945.

Whose are these pens?

Floria is a Vietnam veteran.

Is it safe to skate on this lake?

Deborah told us not to do that anymore.

I don't blame you for the accident. It wasn't your fault.

Randolph was incredulous.


Do you really think Del will help us?

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It looks like Mitch got sick from eating the spoiled food.

Marla said it was difficult to choose.

He calculated the speed of light.

Susumu and Michelle acted like children.

Isaac is already up.

He promised to meet her at the coffee shop.

If you want to know God, read this book.

I ought to be able to do something about that.

Why do you think she came to see you?

I wonder whether Jill is actually in Boston right now.

Nici and I both like you a lot.


He made ten mistakes in as many pages.

He had a stroke.

I know a very nice place to drink.

I'd like to buy eye drops.

I recognized Eddie at once by his voice.


Please stop yelling.


Driving too fast is dangerous.

I had fun here.

Can we have a word outside?

Move over a little if you please.

Possibly, the accident will delay his arrival.


My brother saw to all the arrangements for the party.


In the past month, three houses, all in good condition, have been torn down.

Why would I think that?

Gravity stresses the human body.

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Bob understands exactly what Himawan wants him to do.


He came without notice.

Raphael won't see me anymore.

The Sacramento Chronicle writes frequently about that old trapper.

Byron lives outside the city.

She screwed up the work.

Pierre, come here!

I hate pretending I like Sergio.


Their school looks very bad.

You mind your own business.

He explained about the accident.


I won't be going with you to Boston.