Moses is good at handball.

I'm not just going to give it to you.

In Japan, only women are entitled to take the national obstetrics exam.

I'm sure Jean is aware of that.

We need to know what Ilya looks like.

The news disturbed her greatly.

Where was Marcel then?

Punishment follows swiftly.

I've been working since I was fourteen years old.

There has been no conclusive proof regarding extra-sensory perception.


This sofa is made of hemp.

Dan didn't even back his car to the door.

It is humanity that has lost the man. Say that this idiot would have been more happy as an animal, if he had been able to keep quiet. But no... he invented civilization.


I always keep my deadlines.

What are you so scared of?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days of the week.

It was raining hard in New York.

And I thought we had problems.

I don't agree with the premise of your argument.

The mountain is standing out in sharp relief against the blue sky.

Vadim is staying up late this week to prepare for her finals.

It took more than three billion years for life on Earth to evolve.


He caught the first train and got there just in time.

That's all I'm thinking about.

You started all of this.

It was very hard to anticipate how Alastair would react to this news.

We will make the payment by bank transfer.

Dan had numerous girlfriends.

I thought Jerald wouldn't recognize Corey.

We have corresponded with each other.

We're going out for lunch. Why don't you come along?

I think I've got a touch of fever.

I was ill yesterday but I am feeling fine today!


I'd hoped to speak with her.

Please smile.

My parents expect me to enter the university.

I heard you crying.

The new professor is in the classroom.

I want them to do it alone.

Now it's Sergio's turn.

The road dipped into a valley, then swept up over a hill.

My English is bad.

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I'd like you to look after my dog while I'm out.

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Luke felt uneasy.

Pontus helped an old lady load her groceries in her car.

He hovered between life and death.

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Are you a doctor?

I think my mom knows.

She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

Thank you for the dinner, it's so delicious.

The light was on.

A human body consists of a countless number of cells.

She is very negligent in her dress.


He refused to give them the information.

You may invite any person who wants to come.

We need something to eat.

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Leila picked up a pillow and threw it at Steve.

You will bring Micah, won't you?

She asked him if he was happy.


Everyone is very proud of you.


Do you offer any night tours?

I've decided I'm going to stay.

Where did you get the hat?

We searched for the two boys everywhere, but neither could be found.

He brought in over half of his company's sales, so he expected to be given a piece of the pie.

Can we see them now?

I think I just saw something.

You look marvelous.

Things just kept going downhill from there.

Dan shot Linda in the eye.

Why didn't they appear?

We don't need anyone else.

I don't like to take on any more work.

He held out his hand.

It's all paid for.

The computer terminals were lined up in one long row.

Why don't you have any money?


Question: Is Cookie a dog or a cat? Answer: A dog.

Are you going to tell me what happened?

Is Real done?

We took a long hike up to the summit.

Marty always leaves everything to the last minute.


A light, airy puff flows from this perfume.


It must be easy for him to find the way.

Hey, where is everybody?

I can't pay her.


She is getting on.

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I am listening to your CD this morning.

I haven't yet read the report.

I just came by to say I'm sorry.

We considered going, but finally decided against it.

I go for a walk every day, except when it rains.

Walt won't be able to go with us.

There are almost no books.


His new car looked all right.

Please, let somebody hear our voice.

He tried to pass himself off as a Frenchman, but his accent gave him away.

Dana pouted her lips.

You are in grave danger.

Can you teach me how to ride a horse?

And what about the grandfather, aren't you going to bury him?

I assume you agree with me.

Did you fall in love with her at first sight?

Isabelle looked straight at Manny.

Did Rudolph tell you the good news?

Have you determined whom you will invite to the party?

Nothing ever happens in that old village.

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He's circling the drain.

You're considerate.

What in the world got into you?


I've got no more than five hundred yen.

My mother objected to my going to the Middle East.

Bernard doesn't look nervous.

I want my sandwich with four slices of tomato and roasted, not raw.

Tell me where the police station is.

I'm studying voice at a college of music.

Someone's been here before us.


Moscow is the only city in the world, located inside the Moscow Ring Road.

I received a letter written in English yesterday.

Is it true that you've never had a serious illness?

She's young enough to start a new life.

They are making spare parts in a car factory.


Are you going to buy the car?

Encourage him to do it.

You're not taking it, are you?

He can't tell the good from the bad.

Fred wouldn't stop.

His jokes are not funny at all.

Sandy is really conservative, isn't he?

Don't let her get to you.

I love when things start falling into place.

He offered his seat to an old woman.

Our school is situated on a hill.

If you want to go out with Pam, you can.

Richard knew that that was a bad idea.


I just wanted to say thank you.

Meeks married his high school sweetheart.

Have you watched it?

He's trashed.

Konstantinos has lived in Boston most of his life.

Is someone waiting for you?

I think Claudio is doing a pretty good job for us.

Rafael wanted to come along with us.

It's foolish for you to swim when it's this cold.

He closely resembles his father.

What do you say to seeing a doctor?


Tovah said Seymour was down here.

That's cheating.

Let me put on my glasses since I can't hear you.

It's going to blow up!

You are going to go take a shower now.

This is the first time I've ever shaken with cold.

I'll fix it.


Can I get a refund?


I believe that people should be hardworking.

I'm not certain Matthias is the one who stole my bicycle.

It is the day of the traditional boys' festival.

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Her son is a genius.

The two little old men, each with his own wig back on his own head, shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives.

They were about 25 cents a pound cheaper.

Keep your elbows off the table.

Why do some of your people hate your language?

I didn't know Tai was a drug addict.

I did it all on my own.


I was going to do it yesterday.


What's Courtney's motivation?

Many tried to carry out the deed of the intrepid mountaineer.

Jef had my permission to do what he did.

Can I make a credit card call on this public phone?

He showed me the way to the station.

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Beer is not really so unhealthy, at least in moderation.