• Step 1: It starts with a Dream
  • Step 2: You develop it into a great idea!
  • Step 3: We help turn it into a Product
  • Step 4: You build a Company!

Our Services

Contract Manufacturing

We provide full contract manufacturing services.

Invention Development

We help inventors bring their ideas to market

Product Development

We work with companies of all sizes to bring their products to market

Contract Manufacturing

We can and have worked with direct marketing, private, small & mid-size companies. We have provided initial design/engineering services as well as packaging to compliment our contract manufacturing services. We also can suggest materials, processes as well as create time frames that can help you meet your deadlines, work with international holidays and suggest shipping options you might not have originally thought of.

We have established relationships with manufacturers in the following countries: China, India, Taiwan and Vietnam. Our partners can provide a variety of services from machining, die-casting, metal & plastic injection molding, metal stamping, fabricating and other services. We work in a variety of industries from consumer & luxury goods, to toys and medical products.

We can handle small, medium & high quantity orders on a one-time basis, monthly, semi-annual and annual basis.

Invention Development

Before you share that idea, did you even know that the United States changed a important part of the Patent System in 2013? The USPTO switched from the previous "first-to-invent" system to a "first-inventor-to-file" system for patent applications filed on or after March 16, 2013. What this means is that you need to be careful who you share your ideas with prior to signing a NDA.

We have worked with inventors who only had a dream and a sketch on a napkin. As inventors, we understand that "ah" moment. We understand the passion, drive and desire to build on your ideas! We know first hand that not everyone is familiar with nor knowledgeable enough about the law. We are not lawyers, but as inventors we understand the legal concepts previously mentioned. We also know that the not everyone has a clue about the design and engineering processes or that certain materials can complicate a new product from both a cost and manufacturing perspective. You only know that you want your idea to be created and can't understand why others can't readily see the features and benefits as you do.

We will work with you through all of the following: Idea Generation - Idea Screening - Concept Development & Testing - Business Analysis - Beta/Market Testing - Technical Implementation - Commercialization and New Product Pricing. Choosing an appropriate partner to help you is vitally important to achieving success If you are ready to discuss taking your idea or concept to the next level, we would be happy to hear from you.

Product Development

We are happy to work with any company needing product development services. We have worked with direct marketing companies, as well as small, medium and start up companies. We have worked with companies that didn't know what they wanted, to other companies who had design or engineering issues that hadn't been planned for.

Sometimes bringing in an outside party can rapidly bring about solutions that couldn't previously be seen. This could be because everyone was too invested with the original design or they envisioned using the product in a different manner. Whatever the reason everyone understands that time is money.

Using an outside party can also help bring a unique material, design or packaging concept to fruition that may not have been in the original concept. I'm sure you have picked-up or looked at a finished product as I have and wondered why the company didn't include an option, feature or color. Many times you might think or even utter these same things..."If I could redesign this product I would do this...." Sometimes a product comes out far differently than what was initially conceived and developed due to many different design or engineering revisions.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any type of product development services.

Our Projects

Here is a small sample of the products we have brought to market built from creative ideas and great design

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About Stat Ventures


If you are looking for contract manufacturing and or product development services you have come to the right place.

We have demonstrated an uncompromising commitment in offering excellent services and superior products in all stages of engineering & contract manufacturing services. Our emphasis is focused on exceeding your needs by under-promising and over-delivering. We can turn your idea into a product for sale or redesign your existing product.

We have relationships with many international manufacturers that can fulfill and provide quick quotes, constant updates, and track all necessary data to communicate and expedite your orders to your exact specifications.

Since forming, we strive to exceed all of your needs by under-promising and over-delivering on all of your manufacturing and or product development projects.

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