Mindfulness, Gratitude and Generosity

Achieve inner peace and harmony, then share it with the world together

Welcome to Peace Garden

Guided by Buddhist philosophy, we organize and support charitable social causes on local, national and international levels.

We raise awareness and funding through our activities and retreats. We get involved and inspire good ethics in beneficiaries to build a powerful self-support network for peace!

Practicing Mindfulness

First make peace in your own soul

“Who wishes to see peace in the world, must first make peace in their own soul” We practice and teach Mindfulness meditation. Come find balance, peace and harmony with us.

Charitable Causes

Supporting others

We’re a community of volunteers wishing to better the world we all share. Peace Garden is a non-profit NGO welcomes local and international peace makers. Greater good.

Activities & Workshops

Enrich your life and others

Enhance your mindfulness while supporting good causes through activities and workshops. We have hold a variety of activities at Peace Garden weekly.

Our Social & Community Impact

All proceeds from retreats, products and donations go directly to organizing and funding great causes. Your generosity fuels local, national and international community and social development projects.

  • Health
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment

Sponsors & Partners

Become a volunteer

Want to get hands-on to help others? Come and get involved at Peace Garden in-person. Lend us your time to support good causes together.

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Become a Sponsor

Would you still like to help others from afar? Become a sponsor or make a charitable donation to support impactful projects.


Apply as a Beneficiary

Involved with a social or community project in desperate need of support? Contact us and see if we can provide a helping hand.

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