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Welcome to the Montova documentation site!

Our services

Montova Gateway

The Montova Gateway is a rack-mountable appliance that will be placed in the network of the customer who would like to connect to the Montova platform. It is the combination of a hardware device and a software service. The appliance is usually placed in the DMZ part of the network of the customer, and securely connects through your firewall with the servers in our datacenters.



The myMontova portal is targeted specifically to existing Montova customers, and SME's who want to connect to the growing network of already connected companies. Through the myMontova portal, you can benefit from the extended features of the Montova platform with any company you do business with, regardless of its size or transaction volume.


Montova Interconnect Server

The Montova Interconnect Server is a public HTTP server which allows everyone with proper credentials to securely send messages to any node on the Montova platform. There's a SOAP and a REST API, but even a simple webform can be used.


Our products

Montova Integrator/ESB

Montova Integrator is an extensible ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) written in Java. It can execute highly-configurable custom transformations of data exchanged between two applications. This is achieved through a strong focus on component modularity and re-use, inspired by Unix pipes, which contain many small components which perform clear-cut operations on your data.

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Version 4.1 documentation

Montova EDI Desk

Our Montova EDI Desk is a dashboard that facilitates and visualizes your EDI flow and monitoring. One environment that covers both the IT and business angle.


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