She dusts the furniture every day.

This broken vase cannot be repaired.


You're just an underling. Know your place!


Let me try again.

I shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream.

Unfortunately, I find myself forced to cancel my lecture.

What was the agreement?

Compare it to other enjoyable activities: going to the cinema, reading books, going for walks, chatting to friends etc.

I didn't feel like going out.

Would you excuse us one moment?

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I think I agree with what Masanobu said.


The competition has become fierce.

You do like me, don't you?

That class has 15 boys and 28 girls.


I like to use the new font lately.

Sad to say, her son died young.

He stayed at a hotel.

That makes me sick.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone try it before.

Brush your teeth well.

Lester's had a lot of girlfriends.


Eduardo died in a boating accident.

I got a suntan.

He started to tell us his experiences during his stay in America. We were all ears.

She gave me a hand to set the table.

What's important is work.

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She is a pretty girl to look at.

I need to make a phone call.

You don't sound convinced.


Wanderlust is his name.

The cheap dollar is charging up exports.

Where did you meet my father?

I missed the bus by three minutes.

I wish I could be more optimistic, but I don't think things will get better soon.

I don't deserve sympathy.

He works at this company from Monday to Sunday.


The mother laid her baby on the bed.

I write when I can.

This is supposedly research which my secretary did.

Cindie denied having stolen the money.

Don't you want to visit Becky and Knute?

She can speak French, and fluently at that.

Sharada handed Felix a towel.

How much of what Suwandi said did you understand?

I'll stay at home the next time she comes.

Without justice there will be no peace.

That must've felt so great.

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Where's the book and the pencil?

What's the story on Carsten?

Investment in education is undoubtedly the only effective way to bring a country out of poverty.

Have you known each other long?

The helicopter is flying very low.

Thank you, sir.

Cole picked the diamond up and looked at it.


We'll visit you sometime.

You mean to say that you know the answer?

They are longing for city life.


It was very stormy in the afternoon.

Real is going to be very happy to see you.

Don't ever do that to me again.


Byron bought Rabin a box of cookies.


As to his daily life, he is very slovenly.

There's a mathematical concept that I don't understand. Could you explain it to me?

Marguerite didn't expect that.

Ramsey pulled into his driveway.

I'm the same age as Reid.

Gives Sofoklis a tissue.

Is anyone going tomorrow?

How is it that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

She looked tired, but happy.

Get these folks some drinks.

Half of the signposts in the area are pointing in the wrong direction.

She's my favorite singer.

It won't do any good to argue with the manager.

She is frightened of thunder.

Maria doesn't eat food that's sold on the street.

They tell me you're a real expert!

The rent is cheap.

Why was Murph invited?

Where were you for the whole afternoon?

Good-bye, Sayoko!

Jean-Pierre is using an external hard disk.

Some of the crew were drowned.

Jem won't be getting any food from us.


Jacobson asked John what Will's last name was.

Are there any more donuts?

Don't tell him I told you that.

In a court of fowls, the cockroach never wins his case.

Well-meaning noobs can give advice capable of bringing about an armageddon with the potential of destroying the Earth multiple times over.


There were many injured people, but hardly any people were missing.

If Sarah Palin is elected president, Canada will be flooded with American immigrants.

Sometimes I doubt your intelligence.

Brooke said he enjoyed his time in Boston.

I tried to get him to show what his true nature was, but I couldn't.

I'm going to tell them that I won't be there on time.

Think has many things to give away.

Children came running in terror from the different spookhouses along the street.

Willie had mixed feelings.

I've gotten used to winning.

Have you caught that Unicorn yet?

I went there yesterday.

Jim lay bleeding on the floor.

The laundry rack is always in the way!

They watched me in silence.

Robin struggled with drug addiction.

I can't take my glasses off.

I can't possibly make lunch.

I am writing a novel.

She did well by him.

I give you plenty of money each month.

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Did you ever hear Brandon threaten Shankar?

We're pulling out.

He gets a haircut once a month.

He was my good friend.

I dreamed I was eating an apple pie.

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The map helped me to orient myself.

You did it again.

This is for your own good.

This book belongs to him.

The program is on the air.


Don't put the saddle on the wrong horse.

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This is very irregular.

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I can't protect her.

Do you have any idea what was in the box?

Does he appoint him with a clear intention of offending him?


I was trespassing.


Can you play well?

We're all at risk.

I don't want to wear this stupid dress!

The parade went through the crowd.

She's in a coma on life support.

The number of times it happened increased.

They are watching what's happening closely.

I'll save her.

There are 50 stars on the American flag.

I don't need anyone.

They arrived here safely yesterday.

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I'd like something new.

Griff always lies to me.

It's a better line than when you used to call me from the university.


This doesn't look like Antonio's handwriting.

Who does the cooking in your home?

I must thank him.

It wouldn't be bad if you come as well.

The locomotive was pulling a long line of freight cars.

I've got to get home.

What are his official job duties?

Hal didn't go and I didn't either.

Be careful!


My team won the match.

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That was my intention.

It's an emergency, Matti.

I live next to a dam.

Vaughn won't stop you from doing what you want to do.

I'm having dinner with Neil tomorrow.


When did The die?

Mick said this movie was pretty good.

I like to wear a tunic.

I shouldn't have let her go.

My friend is designing a user interface for the new operating system.

I'd really like it if we could be friends.

I'm not going to do that!

How can we save him?

Cindie is so selfish.

I never knew him.

He's been taught to accept things as they are.

The children are very excited because their parents return from a month overseas tomorrow.

Roxanne went out dancing.


Don't look down.


We'll go ahead as planned.