Can you help me make a snowman?

No matter how hard you try, you can't finish it in a day.

My pencil is red.

They're coming together.

I would rather starve than work under him.

I've got to run to the bank.

I asked Sarah some questions and he answered all of them.

Let's find out what Daren needs us to do.


Please speak a little more slowly.


Have you heard such a story before?

You said you made a list.

I thought your shift ended a couple of hours ago.

My car is parked across the street.

Are you sure this is the spot?

I plan to get a job as soon as I can.

You have to account for your absence.

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They were hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

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The gang established their base at an abandoned building.

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There's something I want.


You won't get anywhere by arguing with a disturbed individual like that.

I hope you had a nice trip.

He and his brother are two peas in a pod.

After several delays, the plane finally left.

We probably don't have enough time.

He is given to music.

The taxi drew up to me.

Jerrie doesn't want anything to do with me.

We're trying to figure that out right now.


You look busy.


Patrick took a flower out of the vase while no one was looking.

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Thousands of candles illuminated the church during the ceremony.

I'm sure there's another way into the castle.

Let's get the other one.

Both our brothers are teachers.

We have to buy them from abroad.

Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

It is very kind of you to invite me to the party.


He told me to meet him at the restaurant.

That's how we want it written.

I feel safer here.

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I didn't know Spudboy was famous when we started dating.

Let me see your hand, that I may read the future.

We climbed higher so that we might get a better view.


I turned on the radio and turned off the television.

It is difficult to see her.

We can build a wall with bricks and mortar.


If I happen to end up going abroad, I'd probably go for France.

Does anyone here speak English?

The car kept swerving from lane to lane.


Actually, Wendell is now my ex-girlfriend.

I didn't want to look foolish.

The DNA here doesn't exonerate Mark.

Fear me, if you dare!

I went to college with him.

All communication is translation.

I had gone there.

My name is Anna, what's yours?

I saw wolves in the Appennines.

He explained by means of diagrams.

Grounding and other bog-standard punishments didn't get through to his son at all.


By all accounts, it is truth.

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They did it.

What would the king know of Diwali?

I hope Arlene is having a lot of fun.


Never use a cannon to kill a fly.

We need a car big enough for the whole family.

It was getting dark, and, what made matters worse, it began to rain.

Ram drank the water that he was given.

Who's the person sitting at the other end of the table?

I you don't fold your clothes or hang them, they will be wrinkled.

I ate way too much last night.


I'm not going to skate today.

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It's a real difficult issue.

While I was taking a walk, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Surya might want to consider purchasing a new answering machine.

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I was able to play piano very well.

Do you think Manolis is unpleasant?

Bucky didn't say who he was planning to go with.

I consulted her.

Unless caught stealing, one is not a thief.


Yesterday they didn't play tennis, because it rained.

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All that has happened before, and will happen again.

Women are often mentally stronger than men.

I think of you, and I smile. Thank you for the memories which fill my heart to the brim with happiness.

It is just an act.

I can't buy a bike.


Do you know what room Tal is in?

Do you really like your car?

We're sophisticated.


Lindsey could see Philippe was getting very nervous.

Jim can be said to be a man of many talents.

I figured you wouldn't want the teacher to know you hadn't done your homework yet.

Did you see what Robert did?

How long's it going to take?

The rise in house prices enabled him to sell his house at a big profit.

This is hilarious.

It's time to start over.

I like your smile.

His nerve staggered me.

These look like spinach plants.

I see that you've found your umbrella.

We may need to do more.

That's why I liked Roxanne.

It makes sense to pay off your credit card balance every month.

Do you know Part well enough to ask him to do this?

Dan is at the top of the list of candidates.


To tell the truth, I forgot all about your questions.

How's everything back home?

It's the first time I scream in presence of the manager. I saw a big cockroach on the table!

Lynn is a very likable fellow.

You can add sentences that you can't translate yourself. Maybe someone else can translate them!

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I only have a single daughter.

Have you lived here?

Nici gets up at the same time every morning.

He will telephone you immediately when he comes back.

Linley shifted uncomfortably.

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The old man begged me for money.

Pierette sat in the chair next to Ahmet.

I have exactly the same dictionary.

I'll leave this place trying not to knock anything down.

What's your beef?

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There's nowhere left to sit.

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Eileen wants to cheer Geoff up.

The minister appointed one of his cronies to a key position.

Don't regard me as your father anymore.


Is it really that bad?

Don't tell me you've forgotten Lord.

Kemal bought a small house in Boston.

It was just a joke!

Look up more.

A number of passengers were injured in the accident.

Naren has three beautiful daughters.

Could you show me another one?

I had an argument with Bryce about the use of marijuana.

Cats and mice are natural enemies.

I see my ship.

I arrive between noon and two o'clock.

Children shouldn't be spoiled.

Ben is three years older than I am, but he's shorter than I am.

The climate of Japan is not like that of England.

Luis Leal was a Mexican-American writer.

He was barred from entering this restaurant.

You, what do you like to do?

He's not from around here.

Mat became our manager in 2013.

I'm going to leave tomorrow.

One of Einstein's ideas is that objects cause the space around them to curve. He thought that large objects, like the Sun, curve the space around them more than small objects do. Objects moving through space follow the curvature.

Lowell and Roberto talked past each other.

You know the procedure, don't you?

Dan was ready to commit suicide.

It has to be near here somewhere.

If you need money, I'll lend you some.

Now beat it.

I have to examine you.


The chain of crimes are thought to have been committed by the same man.


So far my German is terrible, but I'll try to learn German well.

I'm probably going to enjoy being here.

She lived a lonely life.

I think there are a lot of beautiful women in Australia (YMMV).

The waiter was insolent.

There may be hope for you yet.

You despise Anatole, don't you?

He believes that there is a spy among us.

There'll be no second chances.


Courtney is very attached to the little girl.

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The reformed Labour Standards Act will be in force from Jan 1st 2004.