About Me

I am a proud father born in a small town located East of Houston, Texas. At a young 10 years old, computers and programming came naturally to me when I gained interest in how a desktop was built and what computer languages were available to build software. I was spending the money I had to upgrade computer hardware so that I could write and compile programs faster. A few years after I taught myself more and more, it felt necessary to set a lifetime goal to learn as much as possible and make it a career. To simply put, it is my place and I passionately enjoy it every day. Check out some of my (828) 575-8248 and 210-981-5908.


  • Developed 50+ websites for clients ranging in many industries using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Joomla and other popular content management systems.
  • Reinnovated the website of a 1k+ employee construction company.
  • Implemented a custom Salesforce organization for an internal system of a 1k+ employee construction company.
  • Created the back end management system for an Internet of Things product. It is a wire-free display managed through a MQTT network and the web. As of now, it’s being marketed as digital signage.
  • Created the e-commerce website, customer portal, order management and company internal system for a food delivery company. It also includes functionality for delivery driver management.
  • Involved in developing a stock trading strategy builder tool for a stock company that sells 9 stock trading digital tools for customers to subscribe to and use.
  • Created a drag and drop tool to create graphic signs and downloadable images. You can use shapes, svg icons, and text as well as change color/size properties for each.
  • Built a delivery driver mobile application(Android/iOS) for a cookie company that now has 100+ stores nationwide. I also helped improve the internal system they use.
  • Created a web application for Lawyers to manage website leads, cases, clients and phone calls/logs with Twilio API. It is a work in progress.
  • Created a list manager to use for productivity and keeping track of items. Including shopping, grocery, supply lists. The intuitive options that I developed within the lists allows you to use it how you want.

Work Screenshots

Drag & Drop Designer Tool MVPsign designer mvp Lawyer Case and Client Managerlawyer case and client manager Lists Managerlists manager with custom list types Food Delivery Internal Systemfood delivery internal system Monk Law Firm Hailstorms Campaign Websitemonk law firm hailstorm website Ferguson Law Firm Websiteferguson law firm website Food Delivery eCommercefood delivery restaurant search Pantry Manager Conceptpantry manager application