It was a fair price.

We'll make a sailor out of you yet.

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It wasn't just that.

Ning folded the piece of paper in half.

I don't know what that means, Marvin.


Is Manolis going home?

Put it in the freezer.

The first day in Paris we saw our friends and the following day we went to the Louvre.


The price of rice went up three percent.

The official informed Bob that his request for a parking permit had been rejected.

Can this wait until tomorrow?

But my older sister is good at swimming.

That's what we did after lunch.


The weather is fine today.

The population is increasing by leaps and bounds.

I think I've been here too long.

Nick has a bookstore on Park Street.

Stop pushing me from behind!

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Have you seen their new apartment?

Easy on the mustard.

Linda should be in.

By then, however, it was too late.

Manuel should be easy to find.

Where shall I wait for you?

I hope Sidney goes home soon.

I thought I'd leave that to you.

I might tell her everything.


I think it's a waste of time.

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I am so lonely I think I'm going to cry.

What are you going to be doing this summer?

We're not so sure.

Your home was destroyed by the storm.

Jarmo thinks that women always tell their best friends everything.

I'll see you all next week.

There isn't one available.


The more we have, the more we want.

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Juergen was ashamed and apologised for her mistakes.


I'm surprised by the extensiveness of Kusum's knowledge.

Didn't you write a letter to him?

Taro, the supper is ready!

Alas, he died young.

Let's start early in the morning, shall we?

This river is about one third as long as the Shinano.

She speaks not only German and French, but English as well.

He was unable to completely give up on his hopes of marrying her.

Do you have any money on you?

I would rather go there by bike than walk.

Suzanne trimmed his mustache.

Does anybody in the audience have any questions?

Is that your cat?

Leigh speaks Hiberno-English.

As for today, I went out with my friends.

Sanjay has been staying with me the last three days.

You'll never get ahead in this place unless you go through the proper channels.

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There is a bottle in the fridge.

You should work hard while you are young.

I'll give it to her.


It might be useful one day.

This is important.

Frances isn't going to help Pontus.


He's the perfect man for him.

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I'm going to be talking to Nichael.

Nobody's accusing you of a crime.

What time are Sanford and Darin coming over?

They are dancing, intoxicated with the beauty of cherry blossoms.

He took a taxi to the station.


I don't want you to quit the team.

I lost my points.

It is needless to say health is above wealth.

I really hope you don't get sick.

Why have the apes evolved more than other animals?

Give her some flowers in return for her kindness.

His exhibition at the city museum didn't appeal to me at all.

"Educational autism" in the California school system apparently has looser criteria than the DSM-IV's series of autistic disorders.

Estrogen is a hormone.


There's a spider in the bathroom.

We have to rebuild.

I didn't have anything else to do so I thought I'd make myself useful.

He is proud of being a doctor.

Spy is certainly above thirty.

Sandy will stay with us for three days.

I am not from India.


The other day he said to me, "I will lend you this book tomorrow."

Could you wait here for the moment.

Stanley promised to sell me his old guitar.


I see you as in reality.

It'll be spring soon.

Kuniko is related to Mr Nagai.

Haven't you ever kissed a girl?

There's not much more to add.

The maid was dead tired of her household chores.

Check this out how I understand this question.

She changed the subject.

That's why you're still single.

The strange sound raised her from her bed.

Let it hang.

Jason blew Shean a kiss.

You're in danger here.

Could you please turn off the TV?

What do you think is the best way to learn English?


They're just amazing, but you're completely stupendous.

You should not have done it without my permission.

I know you hired me.

Most of them are foreigners.

The children are going to the beach today.


I warned you not to come here.

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I didn't have the courage to tell her the truth.

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That really scares me.

I think he should apologize to the teacher.

You're afraid to sleep, aren't you?

Isidore arrived just in the nick of time.

Do not throw anything out of the window.

Harvey says he's feeling better now.

Antony backed away from the door.

In France every restaurant has some method by which you don't have to pay, in China it is the opposite.

The pamphlet is free of charge.


He has been ill in bed for four days.

This is the first time I've ever sharpened my knives.

He doesn't know what to do.


Her decision shocked everyone.


Lucius intrigues me.

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Life is like a game of chess.


Their excuses were all alike.

Cut them with a knife.

Your singing would put a professional singer to shame.

I'm sure Bob will appreciate any help you can offer.

Dan appears to have had several surgeries in the leg.

It occurred to me that my watch might be broken.

My mouth is dry.


The bridge must be built in six months.

A new difficulty presented itself.

FIFA is composed of 209 member associations.

Hillel came a little earlier today than he usually does.

The teenager smashed the car into a tree while fleeing from the police.


Dan didn't even love Linda.

Do you think Byron saw it, too?

After battling cancer for several years, he finally passed away at the age of 87.

I think I understand now.

Is that a coincidence?

I haven't said anything.

Barney has tried every sport except swimming.

Do you have any idea what the population of Tokyo is?

The news came out of the blue.

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Reid played golf last weekend.

The beautiful woman is kind.

There is a kitchen garden behind my house.

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I'm not interfering.

I just want an affordable place to live.

I wanted to spend more time with Gideon.

They might be taller than you.

Knute won't survive three years in prison.


Each package contains a score of cigarettes.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

What do you hate to write in a letter?

You don't seem relieved.

He left soon after our arrival.

The girl talking with Ricky is Stan.

I come from a small town in Australia.

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Did you help?

The famous social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, are operating under the United States Constitution and the California State Laws.

It's considered to be an important matter.

One of the twins is alive, but the other is dead.

Let's go shopping downtown.

Are you going to say anything?

Caleb never tells Isidore anything.

Holly stabbed Cris with scissors.

The kernel of the morphism of groups always contains the neutral element.