My socks aren't here.

He likes to smoke tobacco.

He was asking for it.

Give Brian a big hug for me!

I wish it was Valentine's Day!

Jeff stopped crying as soon as he saw Eric and John.

She's very impressionable.

When did it occur?

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Just follow my lead.

We'll resume the meeting after tea.

I'm not going to lie.

Sir was looking out the window.

The girls were bewildered when they discovered their dad in his underwear sitting on the roof of the house.

Do you have a sister, Lucia?

She had no idea what to expect.

Gordon propped his bicycle against the wall.

We have found the Messiah.

We want to do the sights of the city.

One of the subjects that run all through the movie is the subject of urban romance.

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There's no life without hardships.

Let us know how we can help you.

You cannot catch a heavy box with one hand.

I'm in the countryside.

Kusum told a joke, but nobody laughed.

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I left him behind.

I really should get some sleep.

I was definitely out of line with the terrible accusations that I made.


Round about noon a friend of mine popped in.

Her cat was lying on my pillow and didn't want to come off it.

I love you people.

The audience clapped loudly after his speech.

That is the way things went for a while.

Press the brake pedal to turn on your brake lights.

Tell me where you plan to go for your summer vacation.

Scot is alive, isn't he?

Is Hilda still working as a doorman?

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He couldn't bring himself to shoot the deer.

She set the table for supper.

I ran all the way, otherwise I could not have caught the train.

Why do you say these things, my son?

Mac knows how to use this computer.

Even Kate was having fun today.

We must get over many difficulties.

I like to take photos.

I cannot start till six o'clock.

No one really knows what happened that winter night.

He said he had lost his vigor at forty.

You often need to spend more time doing something than you anticipated.

Every student has access to the library.

Please make a cross in the appropriate box.

The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

I feel lost without you.

My house is near the church.

Let's just pretend like we don't know each other.

You're the only one who's talked to Sally.


I've finally found you.

Hear what I have to say.

A time bomb went off at the airport and killed 13 people.

The referee showed him the yellow card.

Who else was present?

Why would Griff want to impress me?

I'm very, very lucky.


Mahesh offered to help us do that.


Rabin doesn't look particularly pleased.


However ill she is, she always works.

Your hair is perfect.

Friendlier people are not necessarily dumber people.

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Busy right now.

Tolerant will be there.

Myrick deserves a second chance.

Ask the waitress for the menu.

Apart from cats, I like animals.

The question was hotly disputed in the meeting.

I don't want to throw this away.

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You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.

I've got a weakness for homework.

I know his brother well.

Today's going to be a hot one.

Deborah asked the teacher several questions.


Mayuko entered the room.

I'll do my best to persuade Kikki to help.

The horses pull the carriage.

I can't run as fast as Jon.

Dan met Matt in prison.


Do you want to go to a ball game?

He ate breakfast alone.

I am extremely unpleasant.

I heard some reggae music playing in the distance.

James can't change the way Jorge is, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

I tried to change the subject.

This car is as American as baseball.


Her financial support is indispensable to this project of ours.


Would it really be that easy?

I won't tell you Svante's phone number no matter how much you try and pry it out of me.

I'm so glad you like it.

We've got a good team.

There was an explosion.

I dreamt I was a bird.

Not a bad picture!

Are you able of swimming?

Bill got up so early that he caught the first train.

He slept until ten o'clock.

Would you mind waiting outside for a minute?

The questionnaires were distributed at random.

Are you sure they won't talk to each other any more ?

The derivatives of space with respect to time are velocity, acceleration, and jerk.

Kusum doesn't speak French very well.

What would you like us to do?

She decided to go shopping by herself.

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I have short arms.

Could you excuse us?

Do we have to protect her?

We're pupils.

They believed in me.

I expect this is your first time for this.

I'd like lettuce and tomatoes on my sandwish, please.


Can I borrow your shovel?

He's coming home again.

The sky will soon clear up.

That place is worth visiting at least once.

Shake the bottle before using.

Murray felt a bit woozy.

You should hand in your homework by Friday, at the latest.


I have recently seen James.


Weather permitting, I'll depart tomorrow.


It's been raining non-stop for three days.

What exactly are you implying?

The fog made driving difficult.

I'm washing the dishes.

After weighing all these considerations, the promoters will present their scheme in the form of a private bill; however, they might find themselves forced to alter the route in order to meet criticisms in Parliament.

I am delighted to have you on board.

I don't like to add wrong examples to Tatoeba.

I spent all day in the library.

I fell asleep on his shoulder.

She thinks about her next trip.

I have heard the story.

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She doesn't want forgiveness.

I'd like to watch this movie again.

What does that even mean?

Let's go! It'll be something to remember.

I could come with you.


Can you do without an English dictionary?

I used to be a cheerleader.

The old man is near death.


I am extremely envious of those people.

Where's my food?

Dan met Matt in prison.


She's not as innocent as she seems.

I have known Raanan since I was a little boy.

It looks like Valerie has given up.

I went ahead on the road.

You haven't told Rolf, have you?

They knew a lot of songs, too.

Just don't let it happen again.


This river is dangerous to swim in.

He did the work better than anyone else.

Jeffrey isn't going to talk.

You should wash fruit before you eat it.

I want everyone to remain very calm.

She sounds disappointed.

I don't see what else we can do.


Car exhaust causes serious pollution in towns.

Lloyd ran home as fast as he could.

She left the last page blank.


Ross is a lot like John.

Do we need to bring our dictionaries to class tomorrow?

He's done it in the past.


The geometry, for instance, they taught you at school is founded on a misconception.

I want to live close to the station.

It's my CD, isn't it?

I'm still just a kid.

Steven is on the ship's deck.