It being Sunday today, we have no school.

Barbara thinks he's smarter than anyone else.

Foxes scare me.

This is the bar where I drank my first beer.

I thought you said the police would never find us here.

I am thinking about buying a new parasol.

You are the guilty party.

She's an important part of our family.

We're starting to work today.

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Much wisdom is to be found in the Bible.


Please scan the diary for clues.


Canada is awesome!

If you don't want to answer, you don't have to.

Trust me. You don't want that.

The sun is red.

I think you've been listening to some very bad advice.

He sauntered through the park whistling a tune he'd learned in his youth.

I confided my troubles to him.

I didn't tell Sheila anything.

I owe my life to Alastair.

Very tall people can often be ungainly.

When's the last ferry?

Sarah hurt himself yesterday.

Why would you want to hurt us?

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If you want to fire me, fire me.

During our stay in Nice, I plan to go swimming in the sea.

What a surprise to bump into you here!

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Would you prefer to go to the zoo or go to a movie?


Are you sure you don't want me to talk to Alejandro about that?

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There's no point in living any longer.

Where did you glue them?

In the heart of the city, there is an institution having a golden history.


I only eat vegetables that I grow myself.

Do you have anything else to order?

We can't let our guard down yet.

If Clara isn't careful, he's going to get himself killed.

Will something like this affect our health?

We're not going to find him.

Weeds are nature's opposition against the rule of the gardeners.

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You told me to give it to them.

The time has come when we must part.

Why don't you go over your sums?


I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

I don't even want to hazard a guess.

I thought we could get together later.

There is an album on the desk.

In my opinion, staying up late is bad for one's health.


Ancient people liked to tell stories of bravery.

Training flies sounds very fun.

Coventry is a concrete jungle full of chavs!


He is suffering from toothache.

Some of the photographs lack definition.

Skeeter says he wants a puppy for Christmas.

I wish I'd met her.

She'll carry you.

These garments are made of 100 percent wool.

I do not like to make mistakes.


Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Barrett can't remember exactly what he was supposed to do.

Nobody can help us.

Could you teach me Macedonian?

The man caught the girl by the wrist.

I'm not going to stay here with you.

How is cheerleading practice?

My house is near the school.

You're artistic.

The hamburger is a famous American dish.

The current national anthem of Georgia was accepted in 2004, when Saakashvili came to power.

That's my car.

My ideas are always great.

I don't have to tell you squat.

Not knowing anything is not your problem.

Gregge is setting by money to go to Japan.

Your own decision is important before everything.

Jerrie loves his job.

It's easy to have a clear conscience when it's not used.

I don't know if he'll come.

It is impossible for you to be too careful of your health.


No one knows whether his love for his sister was sexual or brotherly.

It is difficult for us to get along with her, because she is hard to please.

Our best efforts weren't of much help.

Knute isn't in a good mood today.

Who is the manager of that baseball team?

She is mad at you.

I abstain from voting.

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I have lived here.

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I don't often ask questions.

He checked in at a good hotel.

It is impossible to express it in words.

She cut up the cloth to make bandages.

Sanjib is hiding something.


Do you think he still wants me to stay with him?

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Humans descend from apes.

Tandy just kept winning.

My parents have kicked me out of the house.

I think Jochen is conscientious.

It was snowing thick and fast.

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He wants to pay off his debts.


They're crazy.

My elder brother is an authority on philosophy.

You just need to stand there without moving.

Does anyone else have a problem with that?

You did your part.

How many do they need?

You don't want to ask Laurence that question.

I can't keep myself from laughing anymore.

Frustrated with the European languages, which he considered "too boring", Christopher Columbus invented "Columbian", a language so complicated that only he could speak it.

Two pictures were doubled.

This law only affects foreigners.


The news upset me.

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I know how to take care of myself.

Nou, you're a terribly superficial woman! I thought you loved me because of my personality, not because of my appearance or my possessions.

The audience was close to a thousand.


I wish I had a million dollars.

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Who's the lawyer handling the suit?


These paintings are beautiful.

You will be called Cephas.

It's a present for you.


Since then, I haven't heard of her.

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The Japanese and Chinese pronunciation for kanji is very different, isn't it?

What am I going to tell Hsuan?

I'm not going to tell you where Marty is.


Natraj lost his balance and fell.


Will you shut your trap for a minute?

I want to hear you sing.

He stood for freedom of speech for everyone regardless of color.


Louise gives me the creeps.


I was on the road.

What do you need it for?

In spring days are not always warm.


We all see the same thing.

Randolph means what he says.

I'll stay in the house today.

I graduated from Harvard.

I think we all learned something today.

I wish things could've happened differently.

You're only making things worse.

Anna's hair is brown, but Magdalena's is blonde.

I'm accustomed to getting up early.

I wet the bed until I was ten years old.

A good mastery of these idiomatic expressions and skillful use of them in writing essays.


Dan questioned Linda about the whereabouts of his ex-boyfriend, Matt.

So what is it you want me to do?

I had no idea you could dance.

As we entered the shopping district Haruna's gaze darted about, just like she was a rustic from the hills, as she looked over the area.

Max will be back in an hour.

Check the enemy's progress before they reach the town.

I don't want to talk to anybody today.

I am sure I met him somewhere, but I do not remember who he is.

We study French.


If one day you realised that you are good for nothing, what will you do?

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Are there any pens on the desk?

I love penguins because they're cute.

We can play either tennis or baseball here.

Can you guess what I have here?

She took what he said as meaning agreement.

I don't want to buy anything.

He stood gazing at the sight with his mouth open.


I liked this book.

It exploded with a loud noise.

Jagath calmly reloaded his pistol.


You needed a coat.