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His mobile has been stolen.


Lucifer decided to step back and allow Rogue to handle things for a while.

Teresa and Susumu always talk about the same old things. It gets kind of boring.

I met an elderly woman.

She doesn't use salt when cooking.

You will not speak to me like that.

That's my car!

Have you seen Claude and his friends around here recently?

It's getting darker and darker.

Why are you hiding from her?

Do you really want to help her?

I tried to repair his damaged prestige.

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I told them I was OK.

There are three students with the same name in that class.

The picture's age has not yet been determined.


Did you hear it?

He paid everyone his due.

Pablo is right behind me.

The bullet penetrated his chest.

Is anyone else thirsty?


I told Daniele the reason why I wouldn't be able to go.

Donne was pretty sure that Novorolsky wouldn't catch a fish.

Joe closed his eyes and concentrated.

Did you get an answer from him?

The way to protect yourself and your family from being adversely affected by television is to be more selective of the programmes you watch.


Why don't you talk to me now?

The policeman told us not to cross the street against the red light.

Would you like me to make you a sandwich?


Give me a chance to make you proud of me.

Why would you want to live in Boston?

Don't tell her you're a cop.


Money influences everything.


He is close with his money.

That is the common occurrence in Japan.

She came here to see me.

Don't try to do this by yourself.

Did Kylo remember to do what we asked him to do?


It was shortened with advantage.

I love going to the beach.

Terrance needs my help.

I am British.

We'll deal with this problem in Chapter 3.

Do you remember your father's birthday?

You should get a couple hours of sleep.

Johann has tattoos on his arms.

We don't get out much.

That's what I've been told.

She's hardworking and dependable.

Don't worry about the results of your test.

I have a lot of work here.

We were all shocked.

People need to be more lively when presenting their work.


Galen went to shop with Cole.


I only went over there to help.


Fortunately, Dale recovered.


This house is very spacious.

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Mrs. Tanaka, the new teacher, is offering Japanese as an extra curricular activity twice a week to interested students.

Now, please don't get so angry.

I hope you're prepared for that.

I don't know where I'll live.

They say that he is an able man.

I got some help from a friend.

"Would you like a drink?" "I've already got one."


She gave up.


Is it painful?

What have we got?

Where do all these moles come from?

I'm sorry my father is out.

Are they brothers?

I am not tired.

She did that for her sister.

I don't like what Triantaphyllos did any more than you do.

Laughter helps ease the pain.

Whoever says so, it is not true.

That should suffice.

I'm not the least bit tired.

Instead of stopping, the rain increased.

There's not much more to say.

I need money badly.

Roman got stuck with the whole bill when he went out drinking with Devon and her friends.

I was the cynosure of all eyes.

I always made my mother proud.

These are really sweet.


First of all, I would like to thank you for your hospitality.


Are you certain about that?


Tollefsen is a dental technician.

Fight the illness.

I'd like to believe that's true.

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What are you telling me for?

Please press the left mouse button to continue.

Srivatsan won the game.


It's what we expected.

It isn't enough.

Barrett was declared guilty.

I believe that we do not need to limit these suffixes now.

Tell me, tell me.

Kari is so much older than I am.

There should be more national hospitals for old people.

The wall just got ten feet higher.

I didn't know them last year.

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Nobody noticed that she was absent until the meeting ended.


Is there anything else I can do?

I knew Olson wasn't the one who did that.

Can't I come with you?

May I please have your telephone number?

I think you should meet Norma in Boston.

They were all waiting for me.

She said, "How confident he looks!"


I told you we shouldn't trust Jarvis.

I don't know whether Natraj is busy or not.

Hey, wait a second.

You didn't happen to get his name, did you?

Whenever Matthias gets drunk, she ends up doing crystal meth for the next three days.

You're the only one who was able to escape from the burning building.

If you participate in a decathlon you'll be throwing a discus at some point.

He stayed in the hotel.

We used to visit my grandparents every weekend when I was a kid.

We have to be at work by nine.

Words may pass but blows fall heavy.

Later, I sold them and I was able to buy R. Burton's Historical Collections.

The idea is typical of him.


The girls kissed each other at the bar.

Don't ask.

A laptop is better than a desktop.

Spanish used to be the Philippines' official language.

Manuel seems to be busy all the time.

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Sam was able to enter the school's basketball team.


She gave me a sealed envelope.

That's all I can say.

He made up his mind to go there.

The police are suspicious of my alibi.

The most dangerous demon is money.

Okay. Drive safely.

I don't mind being criticized when I am wrong.

I should do that, too.

Bob went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee.

He's looking for someone motivated to replace his secretary.

Sandy seems to be organized.

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He is the boy of whom we spoke the other day.

Seventy-five percent of the world's tornadoes occur in the US.

I'm following him.

I forgot to close the curtains.

She doesn't need to know.

You're not dead.

Feel free to get yourself a drink if you are thirsty.

His clothes are out of fashion.

What did you do with those books?


It is not because I hate him, but because I love him.

You're hammered.

Please wait until we get the results of the examination.

What's going to happen to me?

Lucifer is an egotist.

Roxanne has a sister who likes to play tennis.

She shut the door.

Clara's not coming, because I don't want him to.

"Let me buy you lunch." "Sure. I'd like that."

I told you to stay away from Cristina.

I don't know what to make of this.

Is everybody getting married?

The earthquake came upon the islands.

It was sunny yesterday.

He jumped across the puddle.

I offer you my hearty congratulations.

Herod the Great built the Masada fortress and rebuilt the Temple.

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The situation of the villagers is better than ten years ago in many ways.

What killed her?

I definitely want to get acquainted with Kriton. I think she is very likeable.

Where is the receipt?

I don't know what we can do about that.