The earth goes around the sun, it doesn't around the moon.

Presley is at home taking care of the kids.

Think about your brother!

I saw Jessie standing there.

What's making you so busy?

There is little water in the glass.


I have to say I admire your spirit.

Radek put the plate of sandwiches on the table in front of Jayesh.

You look on top of the world every morning.

It's only a stone's throw away from where I was born.

Miltos had many friends.

Each one does as he likes.

Can you help me down?

I really didn't want to play.

Let's go before I change my mind.

The new boxer outboxed the champion.

He is a gentleman. He cannot have said such a thing.

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Isaac wants his money today.

The man who lives next door to us is a famous actor.

Dan and Linda live in London where they both grew up.

Marty has been right all along.

He was humiliated by her.

Would you like me to ask around for you?

Keep her safe.

"Why did you do that?" "Do what?"

A large crowd had gathered on the street.

The metro station is quite far.

I don't know how to use this compass.

Gill was here earlier tonight.

I saw him today.

There's no excuse for his delay.

He is the very image of his father.


That child is a headache.


Use your weapons.


Do you remember what happened?


Do you think there would be a problem with us showing up a little early?

The old man is hard to please.

Why am I not surprised?

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You should check your blood pressure.

If you follow my advice, you will have no trouble.

I go shopping every morning.

Without sufficient atmospheric pressure, body fluids will start to boil.

He is saving up to buy a house.

Are you sure that man is a doctor?

I have only 10 books.

I just cleaned my room today. Why is it so messy?

I don't know how to change a nappy.


I'll phone you later.

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It's just not worth it.

Colors speak all languages.

He sat down near him.

Close that door!

Taurus hasn't finished yet.

We made a check of the student' records.

These customers are very rude.

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The village people called the old woman Meta.

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Is the guillotine still used by certain countries?

You must speak in a loud voice.

I can't fancy his saying that.

We can try again later.

The street is paved with asphalt.

You saved my life.

We're still in Boston.


In chemistry, "I" can mean both iodine and iodide.

This box was made by Ruth.

Christmas is coming.

I need to talk to them now.

But of course that was a long time ago.

I need to get away from her.

Let me reiterate what I've said.


Panzer answered carefully.

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I had been loved.

Jesus is said to have raised a man from the dead.

What kind of a place will we be able to get?

Ten years ago, around forty thousand girls used to go to school in Kunarr, but now this number has reached to seventy-two thousand.

Shel heard a voice whispering his name.

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I know you probably don't want to go with us.

Sanjay doesn't know what Jamie was going to do.

It would seem that the Chinese can't restrain themselves from speaking English with me, even though they know that I speak Chinese and that I'm not English.


Chris risks falling behind in the science class.

Glen left home with everything he owned.

She's acting on instinct.

How do you know so much about Juha?

Math is fundamental to any science.

There were soldiers on these ships.

Natraj put his arms around Pim.


I'll fix it by myself.


I want to have his only daughter for my wife.

The movie is now showing at a theater near you.

The bird flew into the woods.

Yesterday was Friday; the day after tomorrow is Monday.

You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother.


There are several irregularities in the nitrogen cycle.

I'd like to think that's true.

What kind of a person is Linder?


Hsuan does thirty pushups every day.

I've had quite enough of his impudence.

I hope this works.


I'm quite content with my life.

Ralf had to pay damages to the owner of the car.

This coat suits him.

Bread and games.

Why doesn't she help me anymore?

This isn't unusual.

I'm tired, but I can't fall asleep.

Where is the telephone book?

Janice was wearing a wire.


Paris wasn't built in a day.

Steen knitted Donne a pullover for his birthday.

You might want to try it sometime.

That gentleman usually wears a hat.

Claire is an office administrator at an electronics company.


I'm definitely going crazy.


Some people feel that hitchhiking is dangerous.

You'd better watch Marian.

Have more confidence in yourself.


Annard requested my assistance.

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He was too old to resist.

Spock caught a slight cold.

It's best to stay away from Harvey.

This afternoon I feel very tired.

I have many abilities.

The first casualty of every war is the truth.

Native Americans fought with bow and arrow.


Nothing's wrong with her.


With animals I wish to live my life; they're such great companions!

What can I do to make you happy?

Who should I be afraid of?

It doesn't pay to talk with him.

Tell her that I am joking.

Brush off the dust from your shoes.

We are, her and I, in the same class.

May I please be excused from class?

I do not know what to write in this sentence.

So, what do you want us to do about it?

We saw a lake far below.

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Jeffrey's injuries aren't life-threatening.


He put out his hand to me for a handshake.

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Teresa isn't really sick. He's just pretending to be.


It's really dark in here. I can't see anything.


Jess saw Vince standing at the top of the stairs in her pajamas.

Try to reproduce the music in your mind.

I'm pining for him.


Phillip rarely goes in the backyard.

Drew and Duke both know how to swim.

Can you believe Reiner is still just thirteen?

Tigger's busy.

We should talk first.


He smokes like a coachman and drinks like a Cossack.


Have you been here since?

Is this your son, Betty?

I'm from Austria.

Don't screw me over!

In my family, the one who gets up earliest is my mother.

Were you able to make it to the station on time to catch the first train this morning?

He despises the choicest gift of God to man, the gift of reason.


Bad wheat always makes poor bread.


What is the active ingredient in aspirin?


Did Syun finish?

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I know it's the right thing to do.