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Rathnakumar wasn't waiting for me.

I wish you happiness.

How can a presentation be made interesting?

Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not, whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather, whether we like it or not!

He finally became the president of IBM.

Don't slurp.

We hired a crane to lift the new air conditioner and place it on the roof.

Which would you take?

Did Siping find you?

Isn't a problem at all, is it?

Crush the can before you throw it away.

You complain too much.

I'm looking for my watch.


The pupils learned many poems by heart.

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Almost no one thinks that we are sisters.

I cannot place confidence in his words.

You should ask your father for his advice and follow it.


It's very hard getting a taxi in this city.


I remember them well.

He lectured our class on literature.

You're the one who wanted me to come, Marilyn.

Mike had his teeth checked last week.

Please empty your pockets.

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I'm too tired to walk any more.

And so you think that's a good idea, huh?

It was hard for him to hide the pride he felt after his success.


She has scars that will last for the rest of her life.

I didn't know you played chess.

Bring me today's paper.

Jonathan didn't agree.

Jeffie sat with Miles.

I hate cooking, and you?

You'll have to pay a damn sight more than that for it.

I cross the railroad tracks every morning.

You have to stay positive.

Did you show your record of service?

I think I may know what this is all about.

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You have to stay quiet.

I plan to go to Boston next Monday to see Pradeep.

You had been supported by the elbows.

I didn't sleep enough.

I wash the blouse.

Moore knows how to make candy.

Angus should keep his hands to himself.

Luis drilled through the safe.

Since then, his faith has been severely shaken.

No one has time for that anymore.

Phiroze has enough on his mind without worrying about me.

You need to be more careful.

Why can't you just call them?

You haven't been returning my calls, Leung.

Give us something to eat.

I motioned to her not to smoke.

We are in a library.

I'm so overworked.

Root's room is full of toys.


I have a boss who's much younger than me.


Annard followed John across a cornfield.


You've got small eyes.

I left them behind.

Were those Eliot's exact words?

Today is my sister's birthday.

Santa Claus is dropping from the sky!


Don't feed the dog.


Robbin grinned when he saw Nathaniel.

I'm quite interested in philosophy.

Ole pretended to understand Lila's poem.


Is it raining now?

We meet in the evening at the bridge.

He developed his English skill while he was in America.

The investment advice we used to give just doesn't apply anymore.

Let me get us some more drinks.

Some say the boat got lost, others say it was swallowed by a whale.

It's a very big and busy city.

I am reading short stories.

She is getting well by degrees.

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I don't think that you did all this homework by yourself.

They did a good deed in helping refugees.

Don't make mistakes!

What is one and one?

To tell the truth, I have no money with me.

What did she actually say?

I've been shopping with Trey.

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse is gone.

Tanaka's teaching goes against the stream of history.

Vernon may not be as busy as you think.

The loss amounts to ten million dollars.

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Were you able to get there in time?

I'm going to be there from Monday to Thursday.

Now, before I say any more, listen to this;

I speak in my normal voice when I'm working the phone.

Having finished it, he went to bed.


May God hear you!

I'm not in the mood.

Tulips will be in flower soon.

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I'm sure you'll like them.


Jitendra works as a bouncer.

Nguyen never objected to me dating his daughter.

This belongs to me.


Does a Roman cat have a Roman meow?


She is not as tall as he.


Are they all prisoners?


I felt a bit uncomfortable at Len's party.


That's not going to happen, and you know it.

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He was groomed from a young age to take over the family business.

There's a bookstore across the street from my house.

That's unfair competition.

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He asked the policeman how many people had been killed in traffic accidents the previous day.

I'm trying to get a tan.

Trying is a nice guy, except that he talks too much.

Lenora used to go to school with Antonio.

Jerald's friends were very kind when he lost his job.


I just want them to get well.

I can't believe you'd do that.

Jared is still in a bad mood.

Certain industries advocated creating megastructures in space for habitation with artificial gravity.

Are you saying Rafik isn't from Boston?


Marshall briefly left his store to go get a sandwich for lunch.

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Eat your food.


You could say she has a sweet tooth.

He doesn't know yet.

I thought you were going to call last night.

A cobbler should stick to his last.

Tracy's father sold his Buick and bought a Cadillac.


You haven't fallen in love have you!? I won't have it! Having that man become my brother-in-law; I absolutely hate that!


Living in a large city has many advantages.

I think I'm drunk.

Don't worry. I won't tell them.

They tortured you.

You alone can do it, but you can't do it alone.


I think Andy should be warned.

Why is the store closed?

Nobody seems interested in dancing with me.

The flood prevented me from crossing the river.

I don't believe my eyes.

Military personnel are prime targets of car salespeople.

These people are prejudiced.


We'll meet you at the gate.


Vincenzo's overwhelmed.

Excuse me, I'm looking for her.

Jim is at work on his car.


She believes her boyfriend is innocent.

You should not judge people by their appearance.

It's difficult to keep traditions in different contexts.

Let me tell you a secret.

They fell in love with the same guy.


Nothing is more difficult and requires more strength of character than to find oneself in open opposition to one's time and to say: No!

I would like some envelopes.

The eyes of Europe are fixed upon us; she demands of us a living example of freedom.

Maria hates her job for many reasons.

Sassan is doing well.

We need to invest in clean, renewable energy.

I am going to speed up the video.

Piet can put away the equipment.

This is the first time I've ever lighted a candle with a lighter.


Bring your best game.

Everytime I look at him, he smiles.

I advised Lester not to go out after dark.

I have to say no.

Whatever is that noise?

You referred to my father.

You should plan to leave between 6:00 and 7:00.