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    What is SMTP-Relay-Server?

    E-mail has long ago became a part of our daily life and routine, wether it is for business or personal use. We send messages to different destinations and if there is one single most important thing about sending mail, it is making sure our mail would be actually sent and finally make it to the intended recipient. This task is done by what is called a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server, or SMTP server. This server takes mail directly from you and guides it through the internet to the needed destination. SMTP server is like post or currier service that collects the package from you and delivers it to where it should go.

    Why do you need to concern yourself with the selection of an SMTP server? Well, if you are using a web-based e-mail service like Gmail or Hotmail, then you don’t - this task is taken care of by the service in question. However, many prefer to use dedicated email agents like Outlook, Thunderbird or Bat due to more features and flexibility these applications have to offer to help manage and organize your email. One of these features is the ability to store all of your messages right on your computer, as opposed to somewhere on the remote server as it is the case if you are using web-based service - we all know too well the dangers of keeping your email on the cloud as it could be broken by hackers and your correspondence may fall into wrong hands. There are other reasons people choose to use email agents and they are paying off. At the same time, such applications require you to configure both your incoming and outgoing servers, and the latter one is the SMTP server you will use to deliver your messages across the internet.

    What usually happens is that your internet provider offers you its own SMTP server to use, and it is totally ok, provided you will always send your mail while directly connected to your provider’s internal network. If your home internet provider is, say, a large cable company and you are connected to it by your modem, then you are totally ok to send your mail through provider’s SMTP server. But what happens more than often, is that you go outside your provider’s local network by travelling with your laptop or just going with it to a local coffee shop, connecting to a local wifi internet and trying to send mail from there. Suddenly you realize that your home internet provider’s SMTP server cannot be reached. Why this happens? Because many internet providers, due to security reasons, would block certain network ports from outside access, and usual victims are the ones that used by SMTP servers. Same story could happen if you would bring you work laptop home and try to connect to your company’s SMTP server over the home internet connection - your company’s policies may forbid the outside access to its SMTP server as well.

    The solution then is to invest into a dedicated SMTP relay service such as our SMTP-Relay-Server. What we offer is secure, reliable and easy to use service that will ensure your mail will get its way to your intended addressees, whether you are sending it from the comfort of your home or while traveling. To protect your privacy, we employ modern technologies of encryption and digital certificate. To ensure the mail going through our SMTP server will not be identified as a spam, we use Seder Policy Framework and Digital Key Identified Mail technologies as well as preventive measures such as address verification and others. Sign up today and start using SMTP-Relay-Server!

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