I don't have time to explain in detail.

Lorenzo had nothing to do yesterday.

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Sean was covered in mud when he came home.

Jack doesn't know what went wrong.

Everyone's looking for Earl.

Or rather it seems, Kensuke arrived at the studio at the same that I and the other two were still coming.

I don't like it when mathematicians who know much more than I do can't express themselves clearly.

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I don't want to be a burden to my parents.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

You don't necessarily have to go.


I don't have to go any further.


His failure is not to be ascribed to want of diligence.

Bryce challenged Konrad to another game of chess.

The dog needs to be fed.


He felt hedged in with rules.

I'm sorry, I don't buzz in people I don't know.

Illness prevented me from calling on you.

He drove his car to Yokohama.

I don't think this was such a good idea.


He failed in the attempt to sail across the Pacific Ocean.


"I consider this fair, since effort will get one farther in life than ease of understanding anyway." "Says the man that seems to have skated by through a majority of life on ease of understanding...?"

I don't want your sympathy.

He is being harassed by a flood of questions from his students.

Only animals should wear fur.

I think I've got something you might want.

A little more to the right, just like so!

She felt her heart turn over in her chest.


That couple spends quite a bit of money eating at nice restaurants.

You're not backing out now, are you?

Whoever steals his neighbor's shirt, usually dies without his own.

Let me pay for it.

It seemed like the right thing to do.

I think your hypothesis was correct.

I need a new pair of sneakers.


Ram has earned it.

I've made so many mistakes.

The manager complimented him on his achievement.


I have a photo of my girlfriend on my nightstand.

Pravin is bound to be on his guard.

Kristian is thinking it over.

I think most people are better off now than they used to be.

There are rats in the kitchen.

He is worthless.

Man is water.

Where did you beat them up?

I lived in Vancouver for two months.


Isn't it enough?

Tuan and his friends sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows.

I am fed up with everything.

Don't let Wes hit you.

We must stick together.

The news of her arrival excited the crowd.

I had to show Nils something.

We're realistic.

In this tale, the god of rain, storms, and lightning is called Chac Mool.

I think we should make a deal.

I think I liked you better the way you were before.

You'll be receiving the results of your test in the mail.

That is why I'm compelled to wank.

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I am going to fell the palm tree.


I have evidence.

We're not going to make it, are we?

Knapper's pitching was outstanding.

The question is whether Mike knew the fact or not.

We want to work.

I'll give her the message.

He knocked on the door.

She is not tall.

Why can't I love them both?

Jacob and Miriamne went away for the weekend.

I really feel for you.

It's a volatile situation.

After seeing how bravely he acted, his friends thought better of him.

He divorced her after years of unhappiness.

He is present at the meeting.

I can see how you might have that misconception.

Yes, she's our manager.

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No explanation is needed.

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The handsome prince fell in love with a very beautiful princess.


This sentence has five words.

Don't you find it interesting?

I never dreamt that our company would expand its business to the U.S.

I can't translate this article into Arabic.

Takao sat on a stool in the corner.

Jinny bought presents for his children.

I want to be the first to do that.

They say that every problem has a solution.

The horse began to protest as soon as it was hitched to the cart.

He decided to write in his diary every day.

The girl kissed her father on the cheek.


That may be a concern.

This has nothing to do with you.

Werner usually drinks red wine.

This no longer matters.

You must keep this machine free from dust.

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Is that fair enough?

What you have done is absolutely inexcusable.

Money doesn't worry me. It calms me.

You have to defend yourself.

Now, please don't get so angry.

Louis and Woody don't seem to be hungry.

Vincent has braces.

We need the police.

Jeremy tossed and turned all night.


I won't be bothering you anymore.


I know what's happened to him.

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It's fascinating how many sentences you can create with five words.


I'll pick them up later.


The thief stole the jewels last night.

Do you think I can't handle this?

Who else is with you?

No one can do the job better than Ram.

This must've belonged to him.


I want his help.

The slats move out from the front of the wings to make the wing space larger. This helps to increase the lifting force of the wing at slower speeds like takeoff and landing.

That was very important.

Try not to buy anything on impulse today.

Try to work together.

I'll peel an orange for you.

Son is a big man in the company.

What's the right spirit to adopt when learning a language?

The magazine Look is no longer being published.


I shouldn't have trusted in someone like Michael.

Candles will be provided.

Someone should do something about that.


He begged us to go with him.

We both looked at them.

Sassan said he'd see what he could do.

I like this better than that.

Changing the system is difficult, not to mention the interpersonal relationships.


Darin and Shankar were too tired to argue with each other.

He kissed her passionately.

Christina's a grouch.

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I stayed home all day long instead of going to the movies.

Don't challenge someone who has nothing to lose.

We didn't find him.

Of all the countries I've visited, I liked Australia the best.

I still remember you.

I'm not much of a drinker.

It's a fact.


I think we've waited long enough.

You're extremely ingenious.

How is it possible?

She smiled at the sight of her mother.

There is some milk in the fridge.

They broke down the house.

You can't afford this.

First of all, I'm very worried about my daughter's health.

We've got to share this.

Henry will come of age this March.

She doesn't understand sarcasm.

Just a moment, I will come right away.

I'm really not good at that kind of thing.


How hard they work!

The professor spoke too fast for anyone to understand him.

You have translated all the sentences.

Maurice said he could hear Lord and John arguing.

Per is not a communist.

I am 24 years old.

I told Anatole that everything was going to be OK.

I found a pair of gloves under the chair.

I've heard a lot about you.

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I know all the signs.

Clifford might have visited Nicolo in Boston last week. I'm not sure.

The school has turned out many inventors.

Life would be empty without you.

Might is right.

These days, many vineyard owners use a machine for harvesting, but when it comes to champagne, the harvest must be done by hand.

Blessed is the one, who thinks they are right.