We'll come and visit you.

He crossed over the sea.


Andrea brews beer as a hobby.

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The man stole my purse.


People listen to the whispering of a nice woman more than the loudest call of duty.

I tried to look innocent.

These shelves cannot support so many books.

I need to see them right now.

I can't bear the inconvenience of country life.

"You're pretty good at this, aren't you?" "That's why the boss hired me."

We enjoyed a long voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

Krzysztof is left-handed, but he writes with his right hand.

Taking care of the excretory needs of a patient you've just met is a very demanding job.

Kumi is playing tennis now.

You wouldn't understand.

Taurus asked me for my number.

I hadn't even noticed.

I'm the tallest one in the class.

Let's mosey on down to the river.

Julia lives just a few blocks away from here.

It is very important to tell the necessary from the unnecessary.

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He warned you.

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Hey Taro! It sure has been a while! How're you doing?


Do you have small change?


He was taken away by four police officers in the middle of the night.

The police were unable to cope with such violence.

You can't run away.

I don't remember that guy's name.

Robots shouldn't need roborants.


Kyle wasn't always there for me.


They claim this medicine is safe.


Were you blindfolded?

I really need to be alone right now.

He began singing.

Are you the one who spilled the paint?

He suddenly noticed his wallet was missing.


I didn't even get one letter from her.


Don't act surprised.

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I sent Sigurd home to Boston.

Do I have to bring my son to your office?

How many comments do you post on Tatoeba per day?

Stacy stubbed his toe.

He came to dine with us.

Our great-great-grandmother died the day after my elder sister was born.

I've reconsidered it.


Emily found me a good place to live.


I don't need to talk to you.

I dare say he will not come.

Susumu owned a ranch.

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Heidi told me he was going to ask you to be his best man.

I'm busy looking for an apartment.

What games do you have on your phone?


I don't think Amedeo has a driver's license.

How long have you worked in Boston?

Spudboy and Jaime went to the same high school.

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How old were you when your parents got divorced?

It looks like it's going to snow tonight.

We need to buy some time.

Liaison occurs in spoken French when a word which ends with a consonant that is normally not pronounced is followed by a word which begins with a vowel. In these cases, the consonant is sometimes pronounced as if it were at the beginning of the following word.

Are you all right?

Jeffery almost fainted.

The exposition is dedicated to photographs of ideal, natural, and grotesque bodies; conceives of sexuality as a part of existence; and presents photographed sexual practices, desires, and phantasms.


Is my laundry ready?

He read the entire Old Testament in one year.

I'd like to go home early today.

I'd like to speak to John Warner.

Fletcher doesn't seem too happy.

Rudy says he wants to buy a new car.

The fish I ate yesterday did not agree with me.

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I decided to stay a couple extra days in Boston.

This sound of danger lent me wings.

There is no need for you to stay here.

He only knows how to strum the guitar.

You might be able to help Bobby.

We could not find out her address.

My classmates are pathetic. They have studied for four years and yet they can't conjugate verbs! The only student who can speak well is not in the class anymore.

He is supposed to come here at 9 p.m.

He's a bad loser.


I was alone that night, making noises to trick you, that's all!


I think that fact is very important.

Jenine has several ornamental birds in his backyard as well as a garden gnome.

Marla is probably a little tired.

Jeannette really got a raw deal.

The result was far from being satisfactory to her.

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Has Adlai ever been to Australia?


Rape is a horrible crime.

It appears to me that she feels much better today.

The scholarship enabled her to study abroad.


That was a shock.

That's not so important.

There is no satisfactory answer a parent can give to this.

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They were under the magical influence of the night.

The cops are gone.

Trevor acted as if nothing had happened.

You should save some money against a rainy day.

Those are the leftovers from lunch.


I've never heard of this actor.

We enjoyed the quiz show on television last night.

Lawrence never saw Darrell.

They looked back.

I'd like a double for four nights from tonight for about fifty dollars a night.


Did you tell Marian about what Knapper did?


The English are a taciturn people.

They did not protest working long hours for low pay.

Whenever I go abroad, I suffer from jet lag and diarrhea.

Your generation thought sexuality was taboo.

Why did you side with him instead of me?

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The girl came into the room and burst into tears.

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One is new, and the other is old.

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I'm going to keep my side of the bargain.


The matter does not concern me.

Among the three of them, Ken runs the fastest.

Can I get you another one?

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Does Hubert already know?

How long are you in town, Clarissa?

With the heirless king going crazy and royal family poisoned, the general of the army finally had his chance to usurp the throne.

I don't know why, but I thought about you as soon as I read this.

What changes should we expect?


I immediately stopped laughing.

You've got to get out of here.

I'm from a big family.

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He raised his hands one after the other.

Tursun took a carrot or something of the sort from the fridge.

Hey, who's this bottle of champagne for? I haven't ordered drinks.

Daryl doesn't know how to relax and just enjoy life.

I just told Emily what time he needs to be here.

Tomorrow I'll go to his house to pick him up.

Look! Two boys are fighting.

Tait never fully recovered from his injuries.

I've never seen her.


Did you see the shooter's face?

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You're a coward!

You need to be there for her.

The Dow Jones average posted a gain of two points today.

She went for a walk with him this morning.

You have all the information you need.

I figured I'd find you here.

He agreed to take the new job.

Hein was skiing with his father when the accident happened.

I wasn't flirting.

Will you please explain the meaning of this sentence to me?

After fortifying the house, no zombie had a chance of getting in.

Ravi talked nonstop for three hours.

There's no red thread.

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During my entire life, I've fought against superstition.

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How's everything at work?


Robert came here to help.


You're resourceful.


It is rumored that secret peace talks have already begun.


It's a good thing you were here.

It was worth the wait.

If you listen, you can hear her breath.

I don't think Micky and Fritz will ever get married.

Cole brought Rainer flowers and candy.

Albert Einstein is considered one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century.

It isn't good.