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Guild News, 2018

November 15 - Rotator updated

Noticed that occasionally the rotating image was missing, and some odd warning messages in the log file. Seems some NULL characters were finding their way into the rotator sequencing file and causing issues. Should be corrected now.
November 10 - Audit added

Coded and enabled the guild audit feature; but Battle.net isn't updating the character audit fields for BfA yet, so it's not accurate. IE: some gear that shows missing enchants isn't actually enchantable, and ring enchants are missing.
October 28 - Major case of the blahs

Just haven't felt like playing much lately, but jumped in for some Hallow's Eve fun and made a small update to the character acivity page; it now shows equipped and average item levels. Looked into adding achievement points too, but the points count in the character profiles appear to be an account total and not the character total. For instance, ASA's profile count is 18690 but on the offical site (and in-game) it's only 16270. The difference is 2420 but no idea where it comes from.

Also created and uploaded a new batch of banners.
August 31 - No time to update

Seems I've been too busy playing Battle for Azeroth that I neglected to code the website for the new level changes. Think I'm done with that now.

There's a bunch of screenshots that still need converting to banners; will do that as time becomes available.

Not sure when it happened, but the WoW Companion has had a facelift and works with your BfA followers now.
August 17 - Guild's first level 120

In the past, we gave prizes for the first 5 players to reach max level after an expansion was released. With so few active players, the guild master decided not to run the contest for BfA. The guild's first level 120 was ASA, the guild master himself. (Edits) Followed by Lovichas (8/20), and Auroura (8/26). Next was Styrn (8/31), and the final winner, Sysgoddess (9/20). Congratulations to all winners of the non-contest!
August 15 - AGRO!

Good grief, my warlock is pulling a lot of agro. My voidwalker seems to pull everything out of the woods at once, it's almost as bad as Rift was. At least I'm not starvng for mana, but it's been awhile since I had to heal a minion.
April 1 - NOT April's fools

Had to step away from everything for a few weeks due to some health issues. Mostly better now.

The wife and I have both been invited to the Battle for Azeroth alpha.

BfA loader
(Image edited to hide account name.)

Release date is scheduled for September and some areas are live and working, but there's an absence of battle pets and lots of LUA errors. It's an alpha release, so these are expected. There was no NDA, so I'll throw some screen shots into the forums later. So far cloth classes are wicked, and party buffs are making a comeback! The MAJOR stat squish seems to be good, and the new graphics engine and spell animations are really good.

The previous changes to the news system seem to be acceptable, so I'm pretty much done changing that layout around, but I am implementing another chage that may not be seen. There will be an option to limit the rotating banners to just 5 or so, but change those 5 every hour.
January 11 - More better items

Changed Guild Activity and Character Activity pages to show actual item dropped instead of the item's base information.
January 5 - Mostly Harmless

Think the last issues with the script pages have been addressed and corrected. Just have to set the activity log to self prune, and I'll start moving the forums in next.

I have a design change planned for the home / news page though, but haven't decided how to implement it yet. I'll throw something up and make revisions on the development site. Oh, and feedback now works.
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