But it's the rhetoric of failure.

You burnt nothing.


Use your head to save your heels.

This policeman has more than twenty years of experience.

"I am not going into the forest after bear cubs," said the elder brother.

He was wet all over.

Are both of you really named Cristi?

No one knows whether his love for his sister was sexual or brotherly.

Victoria wants to have a tea party in her room.

Art missed Tim a lot.

That's why you were always healthy.

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Mr Ikeda wants to buy a new car.

She lived in a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

Why can't you understand how I felt about Vance?

Do people accuse you of being disorganized?

There are 5 ICT rooms and a big sports field.

Peggy looked at his reflection in the window.

There isn't enough room to swing a cat in his flat.

It's gotten worse.

He walked at a quick pace.

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My folks used to tell me stories about that.

Polly made some tea for Shirley.

Go straight ahead and you will find it. You can't miss it.

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All those books are mine.

People used to think the Sun spins around the Earth.

Didn't you hear? Triantaphyllos says that Jef has a new girlfriend.


No one wants to feel different or left out.


Presley tried to convince Rajesh not to leave.

Nothing beats a good burger with fries.

We made inquiries into his past.

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I hope your parents are well.

We should keep ourselves clean.

Actually, she's very transparent when it comes to emotions.

It's still a long way to the top of the mountain.

I'm going crazy.

Stay away from my daughter!

I was called on in English class.

Is this real turquoise? At this price? Come on!

I didn't really mean that.

She is really a good singer.

Can you envisage Roxana's working in a garage?

I had my wallet stolen on my way to the office.

Why should Ed want to help Dimetry?

The last shred of hope had vanished from her heart.

He also saw it.

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Siegurd doesn't have any sisters.

She wants to go to Beijing to further her career.

Baseball is a team sport.

I don't like anything here.

Eight divided by two is four.

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Is she my friend?

At last, he solved the problem.

I went to see the movies yesterday.


We're speechless.

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Saad has been in love with you ever since you were kids.

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The election was in November.


Samuel urged Harry to be more careful.


Erick told me it was Brooke's fault.

Father took us to the zoo yesterday.

We're always learning.

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Will you teach me French?

These rules apply to everybody alike.

Mother is never impatient with us.

This table has a smooth surface.

The water will soon drain away.

May I have a bus route map?

I hope you do fine.


You'll get used to it soon.


His speech made a deep impression on the students.

End of story.

Would you follow me, please?

Can I dial directly?

You can't keep treating me like a kid.


Panacea wants Milo to suffer for what she did to him.

Donovan's parents let him stay out late at night.

Please drop in when you happen to be in the neighborhood.


I think Colin will get here soon.


I'm starting to feel hungry.


This is the most delicious pizza I've ever eaten.

I didn't realize you didn't have enough money to buy a ticket.

She is always courteous!

He hangs out a lot with the kids down the street.

That's as it should be.

Hughes has calmed down.

We're just busy enough to stay in business.


You told them yes, I hope.

I have a lot of initiative.

Not everything can be bought with money.


Hard work injured his health.

Something seems wrong.

Tell him I'm in the office.

Malus hasn't been able to come to school because he's in the hospital.

I handed the mike to Cindy.

Marnix seemed surprised by the question.

Your name wouldn't be Irving, by any chance, would it?

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The first time I tried out my new bike I overbalanced and fell off.

Less than a week after school started, Rafael already had a hundred friends.

Oranges signify a happy love while lemons symbolize an unrequited one.

I really miss my husband.

You remind me of my mother.


Are you ever going to wear these boots again?

Sylvan asked Tad some questions that she was unable to answer.

Why did you allow it to happen?

I know for certain that he is a man of great importance.

They're still together.

This isn't going to work.

We seem to have lost her.

Only one little boy survived the traffic accident.

Thus Do They All.

Where are they taking you?

The tile which fell from the roof broke into pieces.

Shuvra used to drive a bus.

This is not for me.

I am quite willing to do anything for you.

You have no way to verify it.

Paula has apparently been injured.

Did you see which way Claudia went?

I care about them.

If you hadn't had advice, you'd have failed.


He called out not only to me but also to my dog.

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You can't equate nationalism with fascism.

We shall fix all bugs today before leaving the office.

Jane studied herself in the mirror.

Please give me your attention.

I think it's just a coincidence.

Don't cheat me!

Lenny and Leith recognized themselves in each other.

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Antonio wasn't surprised at all.

After all we had done, he was still ungrateful.

Turn off the light before you go to bed.

There seem to be few people who can solve that math problem.

Jeanette believes it's absolutely necessary to drink at least a liter of water every day.

Klaus doesn't know what to do anymore.

That's not the way it's supposed to happen.

Let's go and ask her.

I wish I had learned this in school.

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I bought a tie for Dan and I'll buy a scarf for Elena.


Raghu's handwriting is hard to read.

Darin is an unknown artist.

A person of good sense will certainly not believe blindly.

I think I may have come here when I was a kid.

There were two children playing on the street.

He is coming to see me tomorrow afternoon.

Ronald spent long hours in the woods.

It doesn't get any easier.

There were quite a few rotten apples in the basket.


The world does not revolve around you.


The man chased the robber into the street.

He is liberal with his money and buys a lot of presents.

Nathaniel and Rajarshi have been friends since they were kids.

I wonder if Earle knows where Renu lives.

Allow me to express my deepest condolences.

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I guess that the beautiful girl will say goodbye to the shy young man.

Susan is two years my senior.

Mysore doesn't need to know why.


You don't understand anything about it.

I'll clean that up.

The national road toll has dropped, due in part to the fact that modern cars are safer.


We'd better find it.

You may be late for school.

Steen is in bad shape.

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Nowadays nobody believes in ghosts.

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How did you manage to escape?