Roxie isn't doing anything.

Is there a chance this will happen again?

He was always late.

As far as I am concerned, prison and slammer are different things.

I guess they speak French.

You might as well just enjoy life.


She doesn't want forgiveness.

Many women work outside their homes these days.

This is an extremely serious matter.

This is a major environmental disaster.

What can anybody do?

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I told you Sangho was busy.

We came to the conclusion that the ideology was behind the times.

You owe me for that.

It was stupid of you to believe it.

"Natto" smells awful, but tastes delicious.

Trent thought Don's joke was hilarious.

Whose textbook is this?


Pradeep had to pawn his guitar in order to pay his bills.


It is time you got married.

Cecilia went to a fortune teller.

It absolutely wasn't Kolkka who went with him to the art gallery.

We all miss you.

I want you to ignore the pain.

How did you know we were at Rich's house?

You should've stayed with me.


Every woman was shocked at the sight.

I like to play soccer.

I'm on my way to meet Ro at the station right now.

It is inefficient of you.

Wasn't that fantastic?

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Sri is a security specialist.

Fuck you, asshole.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, they went through the contract again.


Have I arrived too late?

I don't hang out with Vidhyanath.

I threw it away.

Judith sent a long letter to Isabelle.

You get more wisdom as you have more experiences.


Will you buy something?

Is your school far from here?

This car is as good as new.

Santa doesn't live at the North Pole, but in Finland.

It takes some time for sentences to be indexed.


I didn't get home until late.

Annard accused Rainer of putting something in his drink.

She made it in a total of 19 hours and 55 minutes, which is shorter than the previous record by 10 hours.

The land had never been ploughed.

At last, we arrived in California.

You've got your permit, right?

I once hoped that my mother would survive until I got married.

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To say is one thing, to do is another.

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I stayed home for a week.

We left four days later.

To drink or not to drink - that is the question.

You're going too fast.

I like to spread my toast thinly with jam.


In England, the subway isn't called "subway", it is called the "underground".

What can you give me?

I don't think I'm the person you're looking for.

Marlena obviously wasn't happy.

Perhaps this is all you have left to do.

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Why do you need it?

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We had a picnic by the river.

Do you have any idea what that is?

I've never made cookies before.

Who's taller, Henry or Clem?

The FTC nailed down new evidence in the fraud investigation.

New York is the world's biggest city.

I congratulate him, I congratulate Governor Palin for all that they've achieved. And I look forward to working with them to renew this nation's promise in the months ahead.

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They looked at him.


We're all scared.

I traveled about Europe.

We've got to evacuate.

There's a big pile of mail on your desk.

There are many stores in this area.

He will come back.

How nice of you to come.

You're in trouble if you ate that cake!

Raghu seldom wins arguments.


I owe her 100,000 yen.

We followed you.

You can get to her house in a variety of different ways.

Dawson must've been home at that time.

I cannot, however, agree to your opinion.

Phill has a couple of tattoos, doesn't he?

That can only be her.


I fell asleep while watching TV.


They led me to believe that there was no danger.

She has an acid tongue.

The kids were excited about the arrival of the circus.

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It's impossible for us to visualise four-dimensional objects.

We stopped to talk.

Juha used to do that.


I don't have a broken arm.

She is aware of my secret plan.

I think they saw me.

I don't want to run into them.

It looks like you've been crying.

Traffic lights are used to regulate traffic.

It was a busy morning.

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That boy's name is Leora.

Vladislav gave Kris some good advice.

This is where we're supposed to sit.


I'm not sure I feel the same way.

You're stepping into dangerous territory.

Step back, Satan!

None of these plans ever come anywhere near realization.

How many innocent people were killed in Vietnam?

Stop the car!

Who are all these people?

Any student can solve this problem.

You told me that you were planning on buying a new one.

Where is your child?

My mother was a dancer.


The school's dress code prohibits dyeing your hair a non-natural color.

Henry plans to be in Boston next Monday.

He couldn't come because he was sick.


I require your advice.


The book is expensive.


Whoever wants to join our club will be welcome.


Nothing changes.

I left out two sentences.

I studied hard so that I could pass the examination.

Spyros quickly closed the door before any mosquitoes could get in.

Why do you interrupt me all the time?


Francisco has been arrested and charged with Kenton's murder.


When Robin was a youth of eighteen, the Sheriff of Nottingham proclaimed a shooting match and offered a prize of a butt of ale to whosoever should shoot the best shaft in Nottinghamshire.

I only saw the apple.

Isaac knew there was nothing he could do about it.


Do you really think I can't do this?

I lent him what little money I had.

You shouldn't pick your nose in public.

It is cold there even in summer.

I still haven't told him.

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The poor have no relatives.


She is as mad as a bag of cats.

You must practice it at regular intervals.

Could you shut up?

Gary got good at tennis.

So they were married, and lived happily for many years, and reigned wisely over their kingdom.

Check it out.

Ahmet didn't want to eat after all.

I'll never do this again.

There was a castle here many years ago.


What if I say no?

If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell?

It was useful.

Francisco told us not to be afraid.

Maybe Sylvan can tell us what we need to know.

We haven't started yet.

It was almost like Christmas.

When I heard that song, it reminded me of my childhood.

There aren't enough chairs in the conference room.


I like news programs on TV.

Leo arrived in Boston at 2:30.

How many men are guarding them?


Boys and girls were parading along the street.

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He kicked the ball out of the ground.


It was fun while it lasted.

Nadeem misses Boston.

Antonella wants Olson to be more polite.