Please report discrepancy in data.


All the cookies have been eaten.


He is good at riding a horse.

There was a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

When I was working for a public school, I had ten-fifteen students in a class.

I wasn't innovative enough.

Lori lent me thirty dollars.

There are certain expressions which are now only used ironically.

I was bored.

In Latin, "gallus" means both "cock" and "Frenchman".

We hang out together all the time.

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Raphael isn't wearing any shoes.

He divided one million dollars among his five sons.

I thought she wouldn't notice that he wasn't here.

With a shortage of midwives added to that of obstetricians it has become clear all over again that our country's obstetric care is in an extremely grave situation.

He speaks English with a Russian accent.

I do things at my own pace.

We can't sleep because of the noise.


May I know the date of you departure?

Hirotoshi is being evasive again.

Lukas plays tennis every day.

Even though it's small, it's still my apartment.

Ken is the taller of the two.

I just want a little more time.

We ignored her.

He became bad-tempered, continually criticized his wife's cooking and complained of a pain in his stomach.

A million years encompasses a thousand millennia.


Ernst criticizes everything.

Don't scare the children.

What's Byron's concern?

I'm sorry about what happened.

Can I set a place at the table for you?


You can eat up all you've got, but not tell all you know.

Dennis laughs at Wilson's round face.

We're very concerned.


How can they do that?

Did you know that Julius would be absent?

I think that helped me.


Michelle has a long beard.


Give me the file.

Sanche is now taller than his father.

Sugih is in some pretty hot water.


This is worth about three thousand dollars.

You know about him, don't you?

To the best of my memory, he always smoked a pipe.


Put Brent on a bus.

Which sport do you most enjoy watching?

The capital of the U.S. is Washington, D.C.

Are you going out in those clothes? How uncool!

Do you think he is dead?

The picture is on the wall now.

Ricky wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

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Care killed a cat.

This is the best party ever.

I think it's time to try a new approach.


The enemy flung fresh troops into the battle.


I used to keep my room much cleaner.


I told Scot that I liked Vladislav.

I cannot memorize such a poem. It's too long.

His remarks on the subjects are much to the point.

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"I'm fine." "No, you're not."

We'd all be interested in hearing your opinion.

Something has gone wrong.

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The idea that Japanese women are submissive and always obedient to their husbands is a lie.

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Are you having a nice time?


He helped an old lady get up from her seat.

Will you give this to me?

Are you now working part-time or full-time?

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We know you're in here.


Did Gail tell you about the fire?

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I will grow many trees here.

Yes, yes, of course.

You don't want me to sing, do you?

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During the President's first term, the United States more than doubled generation of electricity from wind and solar energy.

The newspaperman should get his facts straight.

We couldn't allow any interruptions.

Freedom is a state of mind.

I changed my name to Shaw Jackson.

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That's what I was hoping to hear.

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You shouldn't have borrowed Jurevis's car.

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I knew you wouldn't be able to do that.


My friend still continues to work at the police station.

There is an alternative.

It's cold there even in the summer.

The driver was so fortunate as to escape death.

Jason is afraid of snakes.

Tomas said he used to know Nick.

English is a language abounding in idiomatic expressions.


Betty beat me.


I'm only going to ask you this one time, Saify.

She was educated in the United States.

My brother has many more good books than I do.

You didn't tell him, did you?

My new dress is red.

I don't write poetry anymore.

Poaching is not allowed in national parks.

I have to go, although I don't want to.

The wrestler has a formidable grip.


Timo is going to stop by today.


The poor man is independent of other people, and only has to answer to his needs. The rich man is independent of his needs, but has to answer to other people.

I ate a Japanese rice omelette.

The human body is only made up of tiny cells.


His life after retirement was unhappy.

Sigurd looks more like a teacher than a student.

Sanity had a brain tumor.

Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the state has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied.

That's just not acceptable.

The dog's name is Ken.

My parents were satisfied with my grades this year.

His words gave rise to doubts concerning his true intentions.

It's fun to read my old diary.

When he finished running, he was happy.

Roxie said he would write to us.

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Once you start, you will never stop.

Sassan plays golf three or four times a month.

I prefer a lighter color.

He tried to convince them of his innocence in vain.

You're not really a teacher, are you?


You've upset Norbert.

Come on, hang in there!

It wasn't long before Svante fell asleep.


Hubert asked me why I didn't eat meat.

I was dreaming about her.

Did I do all that?

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Records are particularly scarce for this era, perhaps owing to a long series of natural disasters which befell the capital.

I wonder why Andy was so afraid.

Ron signed his name with the new pen that he got from Nicolo.

What we should do next is the question.

I like your hair that way.

Kathleen plants sunflowers every spring.

Let us think about it together and dream a little.

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It is in self-limitation that a master first shows himself.

I don't have time to do the laundry.

After you're done cutting up the vegetables, put them there. Don't know when I'll be back to cook them.


She was at the club at 8 o'clock.

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The concept has changed.

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Doug is a very good swimmer.

The paper is under the table.

You do not know anything about me.


I've lost my dignity.

The pilot controls the engine power using the throttle.

We're concerned about Loyd's future.


I just told you something I've never told anyone else.


Syd is very nervous, isn't he?

Did you do the homework by yourself?

This is just an idle threat.

Phillip loves to drink tea from the cup that Alvin gave him.

Byron needs to think of a solution quickly.

Miriam auditioned for the part.

I took my umbrella for fear of rain.


I'm glad to see you're doing better.


Dan doesn't know whether he should go to the party or not.

I never actually saw him.

He is the best father in the world, even as I am the worst son that can be found.