But for the modern medicine, I'd have been dead.


Don't take their word for it.


She doesn't look very happy.

The elevators which are on the tail section are used to control the pitch of the plane.

Should we wait here?


Without the slightest doubt, the dream was a memory from a previous life.

He stopped the car.

I am asking questions to my father.

I saw something weird on my way to work.

This metal absolutely must be tempered.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Lay it down on paper so everyone understands better.


Could you make out a certificate of health?


I hate you all.

Abolition of slavery made a big change.

How did you enjoy the play?

I'm asking you, who promoted this initiative.

I want to get married and have children.

I don't know how long.

Tammy got scared.

The refugees were having trouble finding enough to eat.

Patrick has made a very valuable discovery.

It doesn't look promising.

They saw it, too.

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I hate everyone.

Please put me through to Mr Smith.

We can do more.


Do you understand what's expected?

Luke and Jayant are married to each other.

Listen! They're playing my favorite music.

I was very impressed.

She has preternatural powers!

She doesn't understand sarcasm.

How many kilos may I take?


He said that the United States declared its independence in 1776.

Did you read that book I gave you?

We just got home.


I hate being called stupid.


Why don't you ever buy me stuff like that?

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Did you live in Sasayama last year?

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Is Dan going somewhere?

Check out these dank memes!

It is not crime against God in Islam that a man has two or more wives.

Skeeter knows what Loukas is thinking.

I don't want to let her down.

Fletcher has trouble admitting that he's wrong.

Why doesn't she write me back anymore?

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Here's a big map of Germany.

Wait until the tea leaves settle to the bottom.

Above all, be patient.

Shirley put on a pair of shades.

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

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She is not just intelligent, but pretty.


Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?

Jim looked left and right before crossing the street.

Harris was blindfolded.

We've got to find somewhere to hide.

Which is the capital of the United States, Washington or New York?


There used to be a restaurant in front of this bus stop.


Prepare yourself for a shock, Jim.


Tell me when Shakil gets here.

He doesn't always come late.

How deep is the lake?

I watched him cross the street.

Stay in here, please.

Jerome isn't going to let you go.

Of course, Merton was there.


I expected this to happen.

The price reflects the demand.

France can't be matched for good wine.

You guys were sad about the death of the dog.

The baggage animals extended a long away, because the road they were following was narrow.


Do you know what they're called?

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Suwandi went to Japan on a work holiday visa.

The lit skyscraper served as a beacon, welcoming those who came to the city.

Hey, are you really going to work at eight tomorrow?

It's unlikely that the boss would consider giving Major a raise.

The ships reached port.

Pierre lowered his voice so no one else could hear.

Patty is playing you for a fool.

Although Eri's suitcase looks heavy, it's actually very light.

Devon has seen it, too.

Barney and Tuan were sitting side by side.

Don't try to reform everyone you meet.

I started liking Bucky as soon as I met her.

Now, I understand.

How often do you watch TV?

It looks well prepared but you see there'll be a slip somewhere.

You will succeed in the end.

I don't know that many people here.


Sandip looks like he's drunk.


The man likes to play soccer.

It's the same for everyone.

He gave an excuse about why he had been absent.

Her sudden appearance in the doorway surprised us.

Vistlik said he would've come to the party if he'd been invited.

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Francois can't use that.


It's clearing up.

My success is largely due to your help.

Don't ask.


We've got a lot of friends there.

Hal could hear Torsten singing in the shower.

Foods rich in vitamin E include dark-green, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and whole-grain cereals.

Mario asked Susanne to throw the ball to him.

Pedro wanted some time alone.


Thomas and I usually talked to each other in French.

I need something to write in.

I just saw her driving away.

Please arrange the books on the shelves in cronological order.

It's a cargo ship.


Have you ever put your baby into bed?

Tracy needs some time.

He didn't start to paint until he was thirty.

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The point is that the mothers are too busy.

Where did you get your hair done?

The bus arrived ten minutes late.

I've been doing that a lot lately.

Murthy whispered into Maureen's ear.

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This is something I have to do.

I've got a bad memory for names.

She bought an album for me.


We're hungry.

I had fun while it lasted.

They claim that all their products are environmentally friendly.

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You're a bad influence on me.


I have a good sense of direction, so I don't get lost.

We have an agreement.

Kit has never been in a car like the one Gunter owns.

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Laurianne must've gone out.


Do you still want to go to lunch?

I feel like I was born in the wrong time period.

This will run.

I still remember them.

This CD belongs to her.

Roxane didn't want to do anything.

Sho probably thought I didn't know who he was.

List encouraged Margot to write a novel.

I think Miltos is wealthy.


The picture I took of you last week turned out very well.

Your orders have been carried out.

Shake hands with Ning.


He chose three beautiful roses for her.

Murph must've misunderstood Roman.

We have a good rapport.

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Light is as necessary as fresh air is for health.

The dog runs fast.

There was a pack of paper on the table.

We'll be ready.

Martin made up his mind to be a firefighter.

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Maybe Kent can tell us something.

Stanislaw should be given a chance.

I haven't eaten a home-cooked dinner in ages.

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He was an athlete in high school.


I saw him go out.

Today I'm paying for your lunch.

I told Pilot that I'd be late.


Pitawas was quite generous.