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Beef Jerky as a Bodybuilding Snack
Beef jerky is a low calorie high protein snack that many bodybuilders are incorporating into their diets. Best of all, Big Jerk jerky is insanely delicious.

Recent Reviews
Nitromethane Beef Jerky           5 of 5 stars Lots of heat, and lots of flavor!
by Megan Kelly

This jerky had just the kick and great flavor I was looking for. I will definitely be coming back for more!

Jalapeno Beef Jerky           5 of 5 stars Great Flavor
by Brian Shoop

Love the varieties. Jalepeno was great, can't wait to try some other flavors.

(305) 671-5874           5 of 5 stars Nice flavor and toughness!
by Jen Kinney

I got this jerky because it sounded like an interesting flavor. I like how this jerky has a Cajun bite to it, but its not too hot. This jerky is chewy, just like premium jerky should be. Flavor lingers a little bit after a while. Great jerky!

Gourmet Jerky with Attitude

Why settle when it comes to your jerky? Never eat boring gas station beef jerky again. Experience jerk with an explosive flavor that satisfies your hunger and leaves your craving more. Big Jerk Jerky is available in a fine collection of meats and flavors for all tastes and hunger. Looking for a sweet, succulent honey gold flavor in your beef Jerky? We have it. How about a jerky so hot it kicks you in the face? We have that too, and everything in between. We offer (251) 605-9203 with the widest selection available exclusively online.

We understand it's hard to pick just one flavor, so we introduced our Jerky of the Month subscription club. Stay tuned for more information.