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It’s easy to look at yourself in the mirror and say “That’s it, I’m going to lose 20lbs”. The hard part is following through with it. Dieting, working out, calorie counting, crossfit, you name it, it’s usually easy to dedicate yourself to a new lifestyle and carrying it through. I have gone through the ups and downs. I have been 120lbs and reached close to 160lbs, but the one thing I found to work best for me was to simply decide that enough was enough and set out a plan and schedule to follow, under promise to yourself and strive to over deliver. Set realistic goals and anything may be possible. Once you start to see the first few pounds shed, you may find it to just get easier. Here are some of the books I read that helped me lose 20lbs in just under 90days. I’ll help you learn how to potentially lose weight and feel light! Keep in mind, nothing happens overnight, but if you are sick and tired of what your reflection is showing you, than make the conscious decision and I’ll help you along the way.

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