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TechBee Program

Launching TechBee Program for Class 12th students to acquire skills with guaranteed placement opportunities with top MNC based in Noida.

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Why Alethia Education?

Alethia Education Services is an Education Solutions Company. The amalgamation of Alethia Education’s ever accessible professional expertise, the quality of our blend of students, a pan-India and international presence, partnerships with global universities, and most importantly our corporate liaison has been responsible for our success.

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HCL TechBEE Program

HCL TechBEE Program

Now academically brilliant Class 12th students can directly become IT Engineers with HCL.

“ Alethia helped by getting into one of the best Business Analytics Degree programs around. It helped, not only, by upskilling but also getting better job opportunities.”

_Shashank Sisodia,

Front-end Developer

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