Join 3 Top Australian Engine Tuners as they cut through the BS on a range of engine tuning topics including:
  • E85 Fuel
  • Ignition Timing for maximum engine efficiency
  • NA vs Turbo tuning
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  Wolf Engine Management Systems - EFI Electronic Fuel  Injection and Performance Ignition Control Systems

An Engine Management System should be considered far more than just a fuel injection system.  Engine Management Systems control the Fuel Injectors and Fuel System, Ignition Coils and Igniters, Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission, Nitrous Oxide Injection, Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems, and More.

Electronic Fuel Injection Systems (EFI) are the prefered method of fuel delivery for almost all engine applications.  The flexibility to tune any engine from mild to wild makes all the difference to your project.

"I have used 3 different versions of the Wolf 3D in road race cars (RX-7's) in the USA. Started with version 1 3D now up to version 500. Great product but more importantly GREAT customer service!!!! Lots of people are making good tunable ECU's but NO ONE comes close to your support! - Gary M, USA


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