I'll pick her up later.

The ballots are being counted.

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She could scarcely gasp the words.

I'm feeling uneasy.

Please explain how to get there.

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We paid an invoice of more than one thousand dollars.

They seemed grateful.

She'll be back soon.


Ami has a very fine feeling for language.


That's what I hope for.

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Pria went crazy with excitement when she saw the squirrel-shaped cookies that Dana had baked.

Siegurd was dirty.

She is interested in Mathematics.

Could you try to be a little less selfish for a change?

Either Jess doesn't want to do it or he can't.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure he'll succeed.

I'll stop them.

The baby cried on and off all night.

The note is jotted directly on the envelope.

I have some stuff to do at home.

My son has a toothache.

She is always dressed in black.

You must be very proud of them.

Then his mother thought.

Sanjeev doesn't look busy.

Chess is a highly intellectual game.

The government is promoting the use of home products.

We aren't going to help them.

That man is too boastful for my liking.

I would never be your husband.

Will you promise me that you will never leave me?


Please give me a cup of milk.

Everything we've told you is true.

I'm sorry, but I can't accept your invitation. I have other plans on that day.


It tastes great.

Our car is rather old, but so is theirs.

She doesn't drink enough breast milk.

I don't know how Marvin did it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a bus to catch.

The advertising campaign generated a lot of business for the company.

You're not the only one who's afraid.


I think we can finish this later.

I'm probably not as busy as Amarth is.

What would you have said?

I've never trusted her.

That's entirely up to them.

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He wrote the letter with a fountain pen.


I thought of that.

It's no problem for me to help you tomorrow morning.

That's kind of rude.

This story is based on actual events.

Edwin has perfect pitch.

Let's just try it and see if it works.

My father is interested in ancient history.

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Dorothy's face lighted up with joy.

She refused to accept the money.

When I entered the room, she was playing the piano.

I was never in love with Liz.

She transferred from the bus to the subway.


Dylan is irritating because he always has to have his own way.

It was a great pleasure!

He never fails to write home once a month.

I'm returning your call.

He tried to use my computer without my finding out about it.

He entered the boutique.

What's another word for 'thesaurus'?


The suitcase contained nothing but dirty clothes.

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I don't want him to get the wrong impression.

The project, in short, was a failure.

Why don't you tell Edward what you want for Christmas?

I don't need to do anything.

Have you told her already?

He melts copper.

Dominic made me do that.

Do your parents still live in Germany?

Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

It's an ambush!

But for the doctor's care, the patient would not be alive.

I doubt it'll be very hard for you to get your driver's license.

She's been in the hospital for a month.

Today didn't go well.

Would you be kind enough to tell me the truth?


They were talking from 8 to 10 o'clock.

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They say ordinary can be extraordinary if you dig deep enough.

Thanks for showing me how to do that.

Anyway what are you on about? Going around sleeveless in this cold.

Ed was escorted out of the building by security guards after being fired.

Quality over quantity.

I've never done anything like this before.

The police officer pointed his pistol at the criminal, who, in turn, held his pistol directly pointed at the officer. Neither had the advantage, the position was a stalemate.

This always makes me laugh.

Dan could not get Linda to tell him what was wrong.

There's something about this translation that isn't quite right.

Do you refer to me?


What should we do to celebrate?

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My motorcycle broke down on the way.

You've got to help me.

There's no reason why I should become a physician because my father is one.

The English are said to be a practical people.

I can't remember how to spell her name.

I am accustomed to eating this sort of food.

She chose a hat.

So many people spend their valuable time in vain.

I consider myself fortunate.


It's a little too early for a drink.


She likes Nara all the better because she can feel at home there.

Do you trust Clarissa yet?

Do you still have the same number?

He looks a bit tired, doesn't he?

Where did you grill them?

I like the way you smell.

Dan fired Linda for ruining the plan.

Sorry to let you wait for so long.

Elsa is a danger to society.

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We consider him one of our closest friends.

I just made it up.

Children are drawing with chalk on the pavement.

Let's congratulate Joel.

Did you sleep well last night?


I didn't expect to see you.

I didn't walk.

Turkeer and his dad built this.


Lui did warn you.


Since it began raining, I ran into the house.


Maybe it's the same person.


She thinks she knows best.

I want Teruyuki to come home.

Your camera may be stolen if you leave it there.

Do you think he still thinks about me?

Why was this news released?

Robin can't live without a TV.

He came to my office yesterday.

This gift is from us.

I like this game.

Chen is not a businessperson.

Sysko hangs around in secret pubs at night.

Let's live life together!

How did you get tickets for the concert?


I will study abroad for myself.


I informed her of my arrival.


Roberto pretended he didn't know anything about it.

She doesn't speak English.

Numerous countries have signed a nuclear disarmament agreement.

She twisted a strand of hair around her finger.

He may have lowbrow tastes but at least he's not snooty and conceited.

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Could I check my bags?

Thanks very much for staying with me.

I didn't ask you to stay with me.

It sounds like she made quite an impression on you.

It's a brand new day.

I've never seen these people before in my life.

I'm worried about the baby.

She rides her bike to school.

There may be discussions about it.

What with the rain and a bad hotel, we didn't enjoy our holiday much.

Marek is a successful salesman.

This is the last sentence I added to the Tatoeba project.

I like that dress a lot.

The fire in the stove has gone out already.

Paula persuaded Lenny not to go.

Let's beat it before it gets too late.

He sent me a present.

Ronald can't seem to do anything right today.

I didn't notice anything strange.

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When did Floyd wake up?


Could you get me a glass of water, please?

Spudboy plays basketball well.

They haven't arrived yet.